The Door to Eternity is Open!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

Evil feeds on more evil, sin on more sin, which breeds destruction and chaos.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look around, what do you see?  There is an evil and wickedness in the world which is spreading like a cancer, and lies are becoming truth!

Would some one please answer me a few simple questions?  After Kim Davis was incarcerated for standing up for her Christian faith, where was our President Barack Hussein Obama?  I mean, after all, he has claimed to be a Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ has he not?  Why hasn’t he spoken up for Mrs. Davis?  Why hasn’t he spoken up for Christianity?  Where is the fruit of his spirit?

Obama claims to be a devout Christian.  The following are excerpts from an article from the Jerusalem Post on January 1st, 2015:

US President Barack Obama defended his adherence to the Christian faith on Tuesday in a speech in New Delhi, India.

Barack Hussein Obama: “In our lives, Michelle and I have been strengthened by our Christian faith.”

This my friends is part of the deception of the world that we live in today!  Lies, untruths, and people being double-sided, speaking from two parts of their mouths.  Delusions in the world, made to look like the truth, when in fact they are nothing more than lies!  I don’t know Obama’s heart, only God does, but we must not be naive or ignorant of the facts!

If Obama were a Christian then why does he never stand up for persecuted Christians?  Why does he support gay marriage and abortion?  Where are his Christian beliefs and values?

My point is that we must never be so gullible as to believe everything that we hear.  We must test it against the word of God!  Test all things, test all spirits, test all that you see and all that you hear!

The world is evil and wicked, stopping at nothing to destroy the works of God Almighty! 

We are about to see the increase in violence, crime, social injustice, and the persecution of Christians in America!  The days gone by are just that, days gone by, forever.  The days ahead will be like none other in the history of the world my friends.  Prepare yourself for what’s to come. 

The wicked shall attempt to bring down those who are holy and righteous.  They shall place blame on the innocent, and degrade what is good.  They will twist the truth into something that it is not, and will replace the truth with lies!  They will fill your ears with unsound doctrines, and sprinkle them with just enough truth to make them sound righteous and holy!

Do you think that I’m just making all of this up?  Think again!  It’s happening now and only going to get worse.  Those who rebel against God will continue in their wicked ways, they will bring upon themselves the further hardening of their hearts, and the blinding of their eyes!  They will not be able to see what is right, or to discern what is wrong.  They will be made to believe the lies due to their turning away from the truth.

The closer we get to the return of Jesus Christ to earth, the more this will happen, the more evil we will see, the more lies we will hear.  But, this will only happen for a short time, God will not permit this to go on for much longer.  His wrath is coming upon the world, to destroy the sin!

God uses doors for many things.  He uses them to let us in, and to keep us out!  He uses them for opportunities, and to keep us from making the wrong decisions. 

God opened the door of the Ark prior to the flood, so that those who would believe would enter and be saved.  Even so, God opens the door for anyone who believes, so that they may now also be saved!

But I tell you this, God will not keep the doors open much longer!  The time is soon coming for the doors to be shut!  Like the five foolish virgins who did not prepare, the bridegroom shut the door to the wedding!

So if you do not yet know Jesus, then what in the world are you waiting for?  Are you waiting for the doors to be shut?  You may not have another opportunity to accept Jesus Christ.  You may not live to see another day!  And then what?  The door to eternal life will be shut forever!

Accept Jesus Now!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

4 thoughts on “The Door to Eternity is Open!

  1. Thanks for your comment Anonymous! Yes indeed! Time is getting shorter, or should I say moving faster! Things are moving so fast that I can hardly keep up. As we near the end, time will continue to speed up, at least until the beginning of the Tribulation period.
    God bless!

  2. One thing I have noticed more junk going into the junk mail and its seems to be on the increase.

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