Being a Believer!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

Holy Spirit you are welcome here!  Come fill this place and flood the atmosphere!

I love it!  God is good, He shall reign forever and evermore!  Jesus Christ our Lord, our God, our Creator!

Without God we are doomed for utter destruction and disaster!  Our lives are left with an empty void, a void in the shape of our Creator.  There is no hope, there is no future, only a passing away of what is temporary, and an eternity without God!  How could that be enticing to anyone?!

On the other hand, with God we have been given a new life, we are new creations, given a living spirit, and filled with God Himself!  By the grace of God, His favor bestowed upon us, although we are all unworthy.  Why would anyone turn away from that?!

Being a Christian is so much more than most believers realize!  None of us are worthy of what God has done for us, yet by His grace, He has favor upon those who choose to believe.  He wipes away all of our sin, and replaces it with eternal life!  He makes us righteous, holy, and pure!

And if that wasn’t enough, He then comes into us and dwells with us!  The Holy Spirit of God Almighty living within each believer!  How amazing is that?!!!

But wait, that’s not all!  He gives us power and authority through His Holy Spirit!  Yes, we can do what Jesus did here on earth.  We can heal the sick, perform miracles, and yes, even raise the dead!  Jesus told us that we can do all of these things, and if our faith is there, then we can!

But it even gets better than that!  God loves us so much, that He also will bless us and give us the desires of our hearts!  Can you believe that?!  After everything else that He has done for us, He still wants to bless us!  If we do His will, if we build our relationship with Him, if we seek Him, and if we have faith in Him, then He will have favor upon us!  That means that we will be in His good graces, we will have God helping us by giving us blessings, protection, and the opening of many doorways!

And that’s not even all!  We will have life in heaven and on a new earth, forever, forever with God!  No one knows what God has prepared for those that believe!  I can’t even imagine the great and wonderful things our Lord has prepared for us!  I can’t wait!

We will not only get to live with God, in person, we will get to reign with God!  We have been made kings and priests of the Most High God!

Being a Christian is not just going to church, praying once in a while, or tithing!  It’s a living, personal relationship with God Almighty, the Great I AM WHO I AM!  Having God as your Friend and your Comforter!  It’s building this relationship into something which will last forever!  It’s knowing that God is real, and even if you don’t see Him, feel Him, or sense His presence, you know He is there with you!  It means having your faith turn into reality, and relying on God in all things!  It’s knowing the miracles that God performs in your life, no matter how big or how small.  It means listening to God, letting Him lead and guide you.  It means that God is the most important thing in your life, above all things!  It means loving God more than anything, and desiring to know Him more and be with Him always!

This is what Christianity is all about.  It’s wanting to please God, to love Him and adore Him!

God is love!  Love covers a multitude of sins!  Love was sacrificed on the cross to pay our sin debt.  Love will last forever!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

2 thoughts on “Being a Believer!

  1. How great is God’s love for us! Thank you Gordon, for putting it so nicely.
    He is Our Creator, this alone should have us show reverence to Him and Him alone!

    Life is not easy, but with the Lord by your side you forge on, anticipating the rainbow after the storm. God bless.

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