Dream of Hybrid Human/Animal Creature and Zombie Attack!

zombie sea lion woman dream

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Hello folks, I pray that all are well.

I had another bad dream last night, and I thought about just discarding it as a nightmare, the last one I wrote about was on August 18, “Bloodshed and Violence”.  This new dream keeps popping up in my mind so I thought it would be wise not to push it aside.  The Lord has also given me confirmation that I should reconsider and pray about it.  I believe that God is giving me a message.

The Lord speaks to us in many ways, and one way that He is freely able to communicate with us is when we are sleeping.  Our mind is open and unobstructed by external and environmental disturbances.

This is the dream, and keep in mind that this dream was very real, vivid, and in color. 

“I was kayaking on what I believe was a river with my ex-wife (I will refer to her as my wife).  As we were getting close to shore, a very large sea-lion kept knocking the side of the kayak.  Once my kayak hit the sandy bank, the sea-lion began attacking me by jumping onto the kayak and overturning it.

Just then I noticed that this was not an ordinary sea-lion, but a hybrid.  It had the head of a women!  It was half sea-lion and half women.  I don’t know  if you are aware, but sea lions are much larger than seals, depending upon the type and sex, they can weigh anywhere from several hundred pounds up to thousands of pounds.  This sea-lion was quite large.

Once my wife came ashore, we were both able to free ourselves away from the sea-lion.  We ran to a small apartment complex, with the sea-lion quickly following us.  We then ran up a flight of stairs and into a second floor apartment.  We were unable to shut the front door due to the sea-lion being right behind us.

For some reason the sea-lion went into another room, then we shut the door behind her.   However, she was able to quickly break the door down.  We then ran into the living room and closed a small half-door behind us, however, she was also able to quickly break it down as well.  We ran further into the room, and there was a strange man there who suddenly attacked my wife.  He grabbed her and slammed her into the ground, then began to eat her!  Yes, he was taking large bites out of her neck and chest.  I jumped onto this man and attempted to fight him off, I yanked and pulled to no avail!  I noticed something about this man, he was no ordinary man, but zombie like, he was crazed and had super human strength.

I tried to save my wife, but it was too late, the man had killed her, then both he and the sea-lion creature both ran after me.  I was suddenly met by a young boy, and we both ran out onto the second floor balcony.  I jumped over the railing and onto the grass below.  I yelled at the boy to climb over and jump, I told him that I would catch him.  He jumped and I caught him, then we both ran quickly away.  I was then awoken from my sleep.”

This was a very strange dream, but it was also very real.  It was though I was really there while all of this was happening, actually, this is how all of my dreams are.

At this time I am not really sure of the dreams meaning.  I need to pray about it, and I need more time to reflect on it.  Usually, if I take some time the Lord will give me the meaning.  But I will tell you what I now believe some of it means.

I believe that the sea-lion/woman creature could refer to several things.  It could actually be that there are or will be hybrid human/animal beings in the world.  Back in the days of Noah, there were Nephilim, giants created by the union of fallen angels and human women.  These Nephilim along with the fallen angels dabbled with DNA, and I believe created hybrid beings.  I believe that this was true then and probably now as well.

I believe that the zombie-man represents just that, or it could be a representation of people now or soon becoming like him.  We have already seen similar incidents in the world over the past few years in which people running naked began eating live human beings!

By reading bible prophecy we can see that there will be some very strange and unusual creatures unleashed upon the world during the Tribulation period.  Maybe this dream was a warning that the Tribulation period is getting close!

Why were these creatures attacking me and my wife?  I am not sure, but I do know that demonic spirits will attempt to attack and harm believers.  Why did he kill my ex-wife?  I’m not sure, however I do know that she is not a believer (or I should say was not while we were married, now I do not know).

Who was the young boy in the dream?  I do not know who he was or why he was there.  But, we both got away and were safe.  Maybe I helped or will help to save someone or some people?  I’m not sure why.

God does give us dreams, and the prophet Joel said that in the last days old men will dream dreams.  We must not cast aside dreams, they may just be warnings from God! 

I don’t know why God gives me these dreams and visions?  But He does. 

If and when God gives me understanding and an interpretation of this dream I will post it as soon as I can.

God bless my friends, and know that God loves you dearly, that He is with you to the end!  Maranatha!

23 thoughts on “Dream of Hybrid Human/Animal Creature and Zombie Attack!

  1. I have no clue what your dream could mean. I know they are making humanized mice with aborted fetal tissue and I have no doubt they have experimented with mixing human and animal DNA. The bible also has many descriptions of animals with different faces human being one of them. Maybe read those scriptures and see if God reveals something to you.
    I rarely have nightmares but keep having a reoccurring one where I am chased by demons. They are trying to possess and kill me. I have to cry Jesus’s name before they will leave. It is a very scary dream. I woke myself up several nights ago screaming “In Jesus Name.” I had my fist up in the air. This happened during this nightmare. I know there is an increase in spiritual attack which even occurs in our dreams. I have begun praying on my armor before bed. Evil is accepted and rampaging our world. As things get worse I have no doubt that attacks will also increase. Im glad we serve a big God and that evil no matter how big and scary can even phase him.

  2. Thanks for your comment Rebecca.

    I also rarely have nightmares. I usually know if its a message from God if it is very vivid, if I can remember the details, and if it stays in my mind after I awake. I have had so many from the Lord that it is much easier for me to know the difference now.

    Yes, you are right, I need to search the scriptures and see what God tells me.

    Maybe this reoccurring dream that you are having is a message from the Lord. You should pray about it and see if God gives you any confirmation, understanding, or interpretation. For some reason God seems to give us dreams which don’t always make sense to us. He uses symbols and scenarios, just as Jesus does with parables. Sometimes other believers are used to interpret our dreams, and other times the Lord will give us interpretation. Sometimes our dreams make sense and the Lord gives us a clear message.

    God bless!

  3. I dreamed of a new disease that will be created and released into a University school.

    God also has shown me that there will be a lot of flooding in America.
    He also showed me that there will be nuclear radiation released into America, I don’t know how, maybe a nuclear attack.

  4. Gordon the pictures you use (especially the demon ones) freak me out! Eek I have to scroll up so I don’t have to look at them lol. I hate all scary things and can’t even watch comercials of horror movies. I’m so glad I don’t have your vivid scary nightmares. Do you think that when CERN is active this month it will open up a demonic portal? A friend at church was just talking about this and I thought of your pictures.

  5. I’m sorry for that Rebecca! I’m just trying to show as close a representation of what I see in my dreams, so that others can see what I am seeing. I don’t like horror movies at all, and I don’t like disturbing, evil, wicked, pictures either!

    I don’t know what will happen with CERN. I can only speculate as to what could occur. Could it open a portal to hell or the demonic realm? Yes, I believe that it could. However, I also know that demonic spirits are already here! Satan has dominion over the world and the airspace around it. However, there maybe certain demonic spirits or entities which are bound until something like this happens.

    We do know from scripture, in Revelation 9 specifically, that when the bottomless pit is opened there will be locusts unleashed upon the world to torment the unsaved for five months! These are not ordinary locusts if you read the description of them. Scripture tells us that they have a king over them and his name is Apollyon! From an article that I read, CERN has a statue as their mascot, this statue is the ancient Apollyon, the goddess of destruction! How weird is that?! Just coincidence?

    I don’t see anything good coming from CERN! What are they trying to prove, that God does not exist? That the big bang theory and evolution are true? And even if the big bang did happen, it didn’t happen without God! CERN could cause all kinds of havoc and destruction, not just opening of a portal to another dimension.

    Somethings to think about, but we must always remember that God is in control of all things, that He is with us and will never forsake us! Amen

  6. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad I came upon this. I would like to share a vision from another man from 1987 regarding Alien/Hybrid Attacks, Etc. Interesting to note as well is that in the Simpsons Season 24 Episode 9 = 9/24 Date. at the very end a comet is soon heading towards earth with Zombie like Beings on it… – Now if you research Sept 24th a comet passed right by Earth and was noticed by NASA as well as a ton of freaked out people assuming it would hit.. But that’s just interesting to review but I believe the zombies are the dead rising filled with demonic spirits that are able to pilot these bodies and bring it back to function.

  7. Thanks for your comment Wise Debater. I will try to watch the video if I have time, yet my internet speed is lacking (Satellite service).

    God bless!

  8. Thanks again for sharing your dream believeacts2!

    As you already know, I too have had many dreams of what I believe the Lord has given me as warning signs. We all need to prepare and be ready at all times!

    God bless my friend!

  9. Yes, there will be hybrids. Men with pigs faces, dinosaur reptilian things, mutants, all kind of mixes between humans and animals. Also, the nephilim giants will return. They are cannibals. They have six fingers each hand and two sets of teeth. Frightening creatures who could be as tall as 36 ft.

  10. i do believe the dream is a warning to us all you need to step back and see that the devil is telling us what bis ton come and what is going on .exsample= There has been reports of a girl who believed she was pregnant with baby jesus she’s not pregnant with baby jesus they chech no baby was found but she feels pregnant.I understand because at times i feel something inside me i too thought i was pregnant again. I went to the doctors and wasn’t. Look at boyance pregnant and acting out revalation 12 a sun head dress and a yellow cloth covering her almost ready to be delieveried not jesus or anyone to worship.The belly keeps going bigger then smaller whatever.So yes i believe that it true that something is happening with us women but no baby no sex even needed.something happens in our sleep.THE LORD did it with the holy spirit to inpregnant the virgin mother mary.The walking dead is something they are preparing us for .So many things have come to me and im not quit sure how to share it. I also had a dream where fire came down out of the sky like lightening but huge in size almost the size of a tree burning orange .And since a little girl ive been having the same dream occuring where there’s military police pulling people out of there homes and as i got older i seen more i was running and scream wheres my kids people were screaming and i remember a women sitting in the street with her kids crying as her babies and children scream white stuff fell unto them im not sure if the solder was throwing it on them or if it was coming from the sky it seemed as if the soldier was throwing it .They are going to try and get us in a whole new world / and it is awlful i’ve seen it .So yes sir you are correct on all parts and so much more if you pay attention you will see. I have writtten so much down and wish to share but everyone tells me be careful and with all this bad stuff i keep to myself. But i think we need to get these dreams and everything out to warn others.PEOPLE PUT THE LORDS ARMOUR ON FOR THE DEVIL IS HERE LIKE A LION HUNGRY AND READY TO DEVORVER US ALL

  11. Thanks for sharing earthboundlife!

    Very interesting post that you wrote. We both know that fallen angels copulated with women, that they produced hybrid beings, the Nephilim. And I also believe that they intermingled the DNA of humans and animals as well, hence mixed creatures such as the Centaur, Minotaur, etc, could they have actually existed, I believe that they just may have. It would not be a shock to me to find out that the Bigfoot creature is also perhaps a hybrid being or like you said a manifestation of fallen angels. And I do agree that the “alien” and some if not most “UFOs” are actually demonic beings or fallen angels as well. I do not believe that there is another race of beings from another planet or solar system in the universe. I believe that we are being deceived!

    I forgot that I had this dream, I had to go back and read it again. It was very dark and eerie, but it seemed so real, and I do believe that there is something to it, that it does relate to hybrid creatures via fallen angels in the end times. The bible even tells us that there were giants in those days and “afterwards” (Genesis 6:4), and who were the giants but hybrid demonic creatures.

    God bless! Maranatha! Gordon

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