Will September bring disaster?

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is experiencing crises at an alarming rate!  One after one, day after day, as the dominoes fall so does the world.

It’s absolutely astounding at how events in the world are playing out, as if to follow a script.  Tell me bible prophecy is not being fulfilled before our very eyes!

On Friday the US stock market took its biggest hit, dropping over 500 points!  That’s the biggest decline since 2008.  All of this amid the news of the Chinese economy taking a nose dive with the devaluation of the yuan.

North Korea is threatening war against South Korea and the United States.  South Korea is evacuating citizens along it’s border with North Korea and contemplating pushing their troops into North Korea.  The tensions are mounting each day.

Civil unrest in the world and the United States is rising each day.  Protesters are becoming much more aggressive and violent, as the “Black Lives Matter” campaign is growing and spreading around the country.  The world is experiencing civil disobedience due to food shortages, economic turmoil, and political unrest.

Israel is being threatened at it’s Northern border by Hezbollah and Iran.  Military arsenal and weaponry is being built up as tensions grow.  The nation of Israel is on high alert, as these terrorists increase their threat against the Jewish State.

The Islamic State is joining forces with Boko Haram in Africa.  As the world stands by and watches horrific acts of violence performed by these evil groups, they continue to grow and fester!

Wildfires continue to consume the Western United States with no end in sight.   They are getting so bad in Washington State, that the government is now asking for civilians to volunteer to help fight the fires!

What’s going on folks?!  Tension in the world is mounting, civil unrest is on the rise, nations are rising against nations, wars and threats of war are increasing.  The talk of new and spreading diseases continue, global food shortages mount, and the lack of fresh water is diminishing!

Does anyone see a pattern here or is it just me?  Take a look at the bible, read the words of Jesus, the apostles Paul and Peter.  Read the old testament words of Daniel and Isaiah.  What they said will come to pass in the last days is coming to pass now!

How much time do we have before the rapture of the church?  How much time before the beginning of the Tribulation period?  How much worse must it get before these things happen?

Men’s hearts are waxing cold, they are prideful, arrogant, and self absorbed.  They scoff and mock at end time signs.  Good is being seen as evil, and evil as good.  Apostasy in the church is increasing like never before, deception in and out of the church is great!  Nation is rising against nation, wars and rumors of wars are at an all time high.  Civil unrest and disobedience is out of control.  Man-made and natural disasters are increasing as never before.  Morals and values have degraded into full blown sin and rebellion against God.  The persecution of both Jews and Christians is increasing daily.  Confusion and chaos is now ruling the nations, there is no more common sense!

Jesus told us to watch for these things to happen, and when they do look up, for your redemption draws near!  I don’t know about you, but I’m looking up, waiting for my Savior to redeem me!

There is much speculation about what may happen in the month of September.  After all, there are many biblical signs occurring in that month.  September will usher in the fourth in the series of blood-moons, the Jubilee year, the Shemitah year, the voting by the US Congress on the Iranian nuclear agreement.  We are already seeing a drop in the US stock market, the devaluation of the Chinese yuan, will we see an even greater collapse of the stock market then in 2001 and 2008?  Is the last of four blood-moons really a sign for Israel?  This is not just the last of four blood-moons, this is also a “super-blood-moon”!

Things just look as though they are all lining up for great global disaster.  For the need of a One World Economy, One World Religion, and a One World Leader.  Can you see it happening?  It doesn’t seem that far fetched anymore, maybe twenty or thirty years ago, maybe even ten, or five years ago it did!  I can see it all lining up, as though it was all scripted.

No one knows what will happen in September, but I do know this, these things will happen!  Maybe not next month, maybe not this year or the next, but they will happen, and I believe sooner then later.

God is good, and He is in control.  Fear not what the world can do, fear God!  Listen to the Lord and follow His lead.  You must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven!

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

2 thoughts on “Will September bring disaster?

  1. Very straight forward is your estimate of what’s happening in our world. And yet people can’t seem to grasp the true meaning of why. It’s amazing to me. If only preachers start preaching/teaching or people in general read the books of Daniel and Revelation and looking for other clues among the other books of Scripture, they all will see that what is occurring is in those pages is what’s happening in our lifetime. We are in the last days the Prophets, Apostles, writers of the Scriptures’ and Jesus himself said will happen, is.
    Among it a Shemitah year which means a time of judgment. Our we not seeing it unfold.. Our world is in bad shape as you have pointed out G. The love of God and neighbor is sorely missing…

    Gordon did you realize that this is the 70th year of not only the Jubilee but, the 70th anniversary of Congress General Assembly, 70th year US entered the United Nation, 70th year US Congress unrestricted the Jews immigration to Palestine, 70th anniversary of the nuclear strike (aka atomic bomb) was used, killing a large population of Christians and Jews in Japan. The 70th year WWII ended with they’re surrender. Then there’s Daniel’s 70th year…. Are you beginning to see a pattern here. Amazing!

    Man’s rule on earth IS coming to an end, my friend. Our redemption is near. Keep looking up for strength to endure with prayer everything that September and the years to come bring. And remember man is the one who painted Satan to look ugly red with horns and a tail. But Lucifer is a beautiful created angel. He will copy Christ in order to deceive the world into believing he is the Christ and has brought God’s kingdom. Satan will disguised himself (2Cor. 11:14)
    Above all do not loose hope, do not give up, do not let the enemies convince you everything is fine with the lies of ‘peace and security’, do not fall for this fake impostor. Jesus himself told us this will happen first before His own arrival. Let’s continue to be watchful and ready. God bless.

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