Has God abandoned you?

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

Do you ever feel alone?  I mean, do you ever feel like God isn’t there, like he abandoned you?  Sometimes I feel that way.  I feel as though for some reason, God walked away from me.  Even though I know in my heart that isn’t true.

All believers at some point in time may feel this way.  We may feel like we haven’t been good enough, or that maybe something we did or didn’t do made God abandon us.

We don’t always feel God’s presence, nor do we always hear Him speaking to us.  At times it may seem like forever before we finally feel like He is with us again.  I don’t believe that I am alone when I say this.  Actually, I have spoken to and heard many other believers say that they don’t hear from God, nor do they feel His presence.

I know from personal experience that God is real, that He is with us.  I know that He performs miracles, that He hears our prayers, and that He also answers them!

Most of the time I do feel God’s presence, or I hear Him speaking to me, not audibly, but in my head, my heart, or my soul.  Other times I may sense Him with me, there have been several times when I smelled His presence, what a sweet smell, the aroma of God!

But we must know this, that although we may not feel Him, He is with us!  We may not feel like a lot of things, however, this should not guide us in our decisions in life.  Life is much more than how we feel at the moment, and so is God!

Feelings and emotions are temporary and fleeting, God is forever.  Being a Christian is forever, not just when you feel like it.  If for some reason I don’t feel like being good, then I need to check myself, rethink my priorities and just who I am in Christ, even if I don’t “feel like it”!

Christianity is much more than feelings and emotions, if it weren’t then the church would not have stood for the past two thousand years!  Can you imagine what that would have been like, I do, no I don’t, I do, I don’t!  Wow!

The same is true of God.  We may feel Him, sense Him, or hear Him, and we may not.  This does not mean that He is not with us.  We must believe what He told us: “I shall never leave you nor forsake you”.

We must believe in the promises of God, all of them.  Christ is our God, and our Friend!  We are His beloved children and possessions, nothing shall snatch us from His hand, nothing!

So even though we don’t always feel God’s presence, we should continue on as Jesus would have.  We should act like Jesus did.  The world is a dark place and it needs our light, it has lost is taste and needs salt, we are the salt of the world.

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, then He is with you!  Period!

Good Lord in heaven, give your children the faith to be steadfast.  Give us the ability to feel your presence, and make Yourself known to us.  Bring us to believe in all of your promises, and lift our spirits towards heaven.  We come before you with a humble spirit, and a heart yearning to be close to You Lord.  Thank you for all that You do for us, and all that You provide.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

God bless my friends!  Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Has God abandoned you?

  1. Thank you Gordon. Very nicely said. And Amen to your beautifully stated prayer.
    I needed this assurance so very much today and I whole heartily agree.
    And the reason to keep hanging in there. It’s the lone footsteps on the sand—Is HIM carry you.

    One might think you’re alone but Our Lord is right there with us waiting for us to let it out verbally, of all the things that is bothering us, hindering us, depressing us, etc. Just saying our troubles to the wind (really to Him) gets it out of our psyche, praying lets you ration things out. It’s not so much as He’s abandon us but is letting us SEE that without Him, life is meaningless and chaotic.
    We must stop and acknowledge His presence that no matter what is going on internally within us and the world at large He is always there. A promise Jesus Himself stated. And to focus on heavenly things no matter what, in doing this God’s spirit helps us heal, cope, understand. We are not to dwell on past events, but learn from them, not the negative garbage of our lives but on the positive, the uplifting, to keep our own spirits in tune with His. Life will be easier to bear with and in trusting Him. Everything works together for our good, no matter the challenge that presents itself.
    Keep the faith that’s what is all about. His love is given to us in abundance, claim it!
    So when I’m feeling sad and blue, I go to a quiet space and meditate on His marvels. Read a psalm in prayer or look for encouraging words like this post… God bless.

  2. Thanks SweetJava! You’re right, we need to stay focused on the Lord, not our troubles in life. Focusing on our problems only causes fear and doubt.
    God bless

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