There is only one way which leads to heaven and eternal life!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is hurting and in pain, millions of people have no where to turn and are instead misdirected down the wrong road.

There is only one way to ultimately stop the pain and suffering, one way to save the lost, one road which leads to heaven my friends.  That one way is through Jesus Christ!

Do not be fooled nor deceived into believing that there are many ways to heaven, as Oprah Winfrey claims there are, this is just not true.  Many shall come preaching false doctrines and lead the lost into eternal destruction.

The truth is the truth, let no one deceive you, for many false prophets will arise in the last days.  Jesus Christ is the only way for salvation, there is no other way.

Repent of your sins and believe that Jesus Christ is God, believe that He came into this world in the flesh, that He died and the cross and was buried for three days.  Believe that He arose from the dead, then ascended into heaven to be with the Father.  Do these things and you will be saved!  Amen

Jesus came into this world not to condemn it, but to save it.  Let Him save you!

Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, do it now!

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God bless, may the truth of the Lord be made known to you!

3 thoughts on “There is only one way which leads to heaven and eternal life!

  1. “Next, I will remind you of the words of the Lord, and tell of what I have seen.
    By the words of the Lord his works come into being and all of creation obeys his will.
    As the sun in shining looks on all things, so the work of the Lord is full of his glory.
    The Lord has not granted to the holy ones to tell of all of his marvels which the Almighty Lord has solidly constructed for the universe to stand firm in his glory.
    He has fathomed the deep and the heart, and seen into their devious ways; for the Most High knows all the knowledge there is, and has observed the signs of the times.
    He declares what is past and what will be, and uncovers the traces of hidden things. Not a thought escapes him, not a single word is hidden from him.
    He has imposed an order on the magnificent works of his wisdom, he is from everlasting to everlasting, nothing can be added to him, nothing taken away, he needs no one’s advised. How desirable are all his works, how dazzling to the eye!
    They all live and last for ever, whatever the circumstances all obey him.
    All things go in pair, by opposites, and he has made nothing defective; the one consolidates the excellence of the other, who could ever be sated with gazing at his glory?” Ecclesiasticus 42:15-26
    The Glory of God in Nature continues through Ecclesiasticus chapter 43; where it talks about the sun, the moon, the stars, the rainbow, the wonders of nature. Concluding with the last two verses 22,23: “Many mysteries remain even greater then these, for we have seen only a few of his works, the Lord himself having made all things—
    and having given wisdom to devout men.”
    There is only one way to the glory that await and His name is Jesus. Pray the Lord opens the eyes & hearts of individuals all ove. In Jesus’ name, Amen. God bless.

  2. Thanks for you comment SweetJava.

    The only extra-canonical book that I have read is the book of Enoch. These are very interesting verses from the book of Ecclesiasticus, emphasizing the creation of the Lord and all that He has created. Thank you for the share!

    God bless

  3. Pray the Lord, opens the eyes and hearts of individuals all over. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
    And your very welcome, Gordon. The above quote is from the Jerusalem Bible. It’s beautifully worded and fits in with your post. God bless, my friend and brother in Christ. Maranatha!

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