Satanic Temple unveils goat-headed statue in Detroit

Photo from: Fox 2 News video clip

(SOURCE)  A crowd of several hundred gathered Saturday night to see Detroit’s newest resident: A 9-foot, 2,000-pound statue of a goat-headed occult idol named Baphomet.

The Satanic Temple unveiled the bronze figure to an estimated 700 attendees at an undisclosed location. The group’s initial venue canceled after local religious groups protested.

4 thoughts on “Satanic Temple unveils goat-headed statue in Detroit

  1. Many must believe this is just some religion to allow them to get their ways and that is why they join; to rid the guilt they keep feeling whenever they know in their heart its wrong. But when they realize what true Satanism is, it’s the stuff from darkest nightmares. True Satanists do not put themselves out there. They look like the normal people we see everyday. They are the ones we have to watch out for. These kids who call themselves “Satanists” are playing costumes and games.

  2. May God forgive them for they do not know the extent to what they are doing.
    They are actually bowing to and celebrating death. Until the great shaking and lets see who they bow to then..?..

  3. It’s very sad SweetJava.

    I pray for God to open their eyes and give them vision of the truth. I pray for them to come to the realization that Jesus Christ is the only way, and for them to repent of their sins and accept Him. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

    God bless SweetJava!

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