Why do Bad things happen to Good people?

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

I often hear unbelievers ask the question: “If your God was a good God, then why does He allow bad things to happen to good people?”

That’s actually a very good question, and one that’s not quite so easy to answer.  In fact I don’t think anyone can give a complete answer, for many things of God remain a mystery.

These are my thoughts.

First of all, God is a good God, He is perfect in all of His ways.  He is just, righteous, and holy.

Second, man (and woman) was born into sin with an evil heart.  Not knowing God, separated at birth.

There is not one simple answer to this question.  God being perfect and loving unconditionally, cannot perform evil.  However, He does allow bad things to happen to all of us at times.

One reason is for unbelievers to stop rebelling against Him, to repent of their sins, and to accept Him as their Lord and Savior.  He uses it to save the lost!

Another reason is for the prodigal son or daughter to come back into relationship with God.  He uses it to bring His children back in line with His Spirit.

Sometimes, most of the time perhaps, we bring it upon ourselves.  Remember the saying “We reap what we sow.”   This is a principle of God.  Sometimes it happens because of our own doing.

As a Christian, we know that we are Justified by the blood of Jesus when we are saved or born-again.  Justification is God making us righteous and worthy of receiving salvation by His grace and nothing more!

We are Sanctified, made holy and righteous, on a continual basis.  God is continually molding and sculpting us to be in the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ.  This process will continue until the day of redemption, when God will finish His work in us for all of eternity.  He uses pain and suffering as a tool to form us into His image.

God has a plan, and sometimes that plan includes pain and suffering.  Pain and suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, character, hope.

Romans 5:3-4

“And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; 4 and perseverance, character; and character, hope.”

God uses pain and suffering in our lives in order to mold us into the image of Jesus Christ.  To rid us of unneeded baggage and clutter.  Pain and suffering should make us yield to God and His ways.  It should make us repent of our sin, build our faith, and strengthen our relationship with Him.  All of this in turn makes us more like Jesus Christ.  This is Sanctification, preparing us for eternity!

God did not create the world for any pain or suffering, on the contrary!  He created a perfect world, full of love, joy, and peace.  It was not until man, tempted by Satan, rebelled against God.  This is when it all changed, from a world ruled by God, to a world ruled by Satan.  

So, are you saying that if man and woman had not taken Satan’s advice and sinned, then we would now be living in a perfect world?

Well, yes and no, perhaps.  That’s not really a question that anyone can answer with 100% certainty, since they did sin.  However, theoretically speaking, if man and woman (Adam and Eve) had never sinned, nor any of their offspring, then yes, we would still be living in a perfect world, but they did so it remains theoretical in nature.

God knows us all, He knows our hearts.  He knows that by allowing us to endure pain, trials and tribulations, that many of us will seek His face, but many will still continue to rebel.

I don’t have all of the answers, and at times we all wonder just what God is up to in our lives.  I do know this: “All things work together for the good of those who love Him, all who are called according to His purpose.”

Sometimes it may be that evil spirits are causing havoc in our lives.  This can happen, and is happening more and more as we get closer to the return of Jesus Christ.

Whatever the reason, whatever the purpose, God allows it.  

Another reason this will be happening more as time goes on is a testing period, a weeding out process.

We are now living in the time of separation, of falling away from the faith.  Those who claim to be believers, yet never knew God will be separated from the true believers in Jesus Christ.

Whatever happens, whatever the reasons or the purposes, it’s all to the glory of God!  His light will shine, His love will endure, and the TRUTH will be made known to all of creation.

God bless my friends!   Maranatha!


9 thoughts on “Why do Bad things happen to Good people?

  1. If this question is asked by a True Believer, the answer is simple, Romans 5: 3-4 and Job. A true believer should know that fire does not destroy the gold/silver but it purifies them. So until the Purifier (Yahweh, Jesus Christ) see His reflection on the gold or silver, the purification process continues. The beauty and marvel of the silver and gold will only be seen after the fire has done its job. Those “bad things” are the fire needed to purify us.

    A non-believer however, their “goodness” is based on a worldly standard. Their standards are copied from our God (Jehovah, Jesus Christ) i.e. Decalogue, Galatians 5 etc. adding some sins which are popularized to be right in the eyes of man and also made acceptable by movies, education, philosophy and media. According to this group of people, they agree that some sins are a NO, NO, (e.g. murder, stealing etc.) but as soon as we speak against jealousy and envy, fornication and adultery, greed and corruption etc. (to mention a few), they have reasons and excuses for them. When the Purifier shakes them (lets bad things to happen) they, in most cases, ask God (whom they never acknowledge) WHY? Some even try to lead believers into atheism. The simple and true reason of their misfortune is that ‘they asked for it’.
    I believe that non-believers should not ask Yahweh anything because they do not believe that He does not exist. Luke-warm believers should know that we cannot serve two masters i.e. claiming Jesus Christ but mixing our lives with worldly lust. Do you know that loving this world you become an enemy of God? True-believers, the purification is not yet over, so do not complain but give thanks to Jehovah in all situations.

  2. Well said Gordon.
    I also believe God allows it to show not just us, but the universe, the heavenly realm, other galaxies what sin and Lucifer’s way of existing creates. It’s a teaching moment in time.
    God is merciful and loving, Holy and just. He wants NO ONE to have doubts.
    Remember this war began in God’s kingdom by Lucifer’s jealousy. And unfortunately, we’re all caught in his (the evil one’s) web. It must be played out so no one has doubts and thinks God is unfair. All are free to decide which world one prefers. Apart from the angels that followed the evil one, the human race is the only one (planet) that sinned. By allowing it, it teaches the opposite of God’s laws, ways, peace and harmony.

    Lucifer and his minions had plenty of opportunity to repent as we do, they refused and have lost paradise. We have our Redeemer to go to with humility of heart and sincere repentance and in His grace return to paradise. This irks the evil one, who thinks this planet is his domain.
    We are fighting against spiritual wickedness. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph. 6:12

    Pain is allowed to wake us up and get right with the source of life, God the Father through His son Jesus Christ. Pain will not be forever for those who love Him, for once His gospel is proclaimed to the entire planet-earth, Jesus WILL be returning to collect His own and misery will end.
    Stay in God’s grace, do not curse the teaching moments but learn from them. We will be going home soon. Just a little longer till everyone is aware of the blessed hope. Let’s continue to spread our light forward. Maranatha! God bless.

  3. Another thought on why does it happen to good people?
    It’s all an enigma, as you have said Gordon, it’s difficult to understand.

    Our Father knows every inch of ourselves including our inner most thoughts in our heart, He knows what we are capable of before we do. He knows the past, present and future of each of us, no one is prefect, each of us have sin in one way or another. He knows if we continue to sin or not.
    We are all witnesses to one another through our actions, words, deeds, sometimes its ourselves that causes pain, sometimes others, sometimes its other factors – nature, it’s all the same for it always brings all the negative emotions, from anguish to wickedness and everything in-between. Handling these emotions with the Good Lord on your side is the key.

    God knows our hearts inclines to do wrong but He gave us His son to redeem us and through Him we are able to distinguish between right and wrong. Not everyone chooses to do the right thing. If it’s nature causing the havoc, society as a whole caused it. God is love. He doesn’t cause pain. But allows it, to wake us up. We all are free to think and do – good or evil. Through our actions what we do or feel the moment pain happens determines the coarse we choose, through words, deeds we can help or demoralize, care or let die.
    It shows our true selves which path we have chosen. The evil one wants to destroy the good in us, any which way.

    Circumstances happens as you point out Gordon, not of our making in some cases but our response influences what we do. God uses these circumstances and pain to teach us and/or others.
    We have to look within ourselves and beyond the present to be able to cope with the situation that’s presented to us. We can come to terms or fall apart, find the solution or get deeper entrench. With a solid foundation in Jesus, it will better help, heal and make you stronger for all to see.

    Consider yourself a tool of God to get His message across.
    Time is very short and the way one handles situations establishes your person, psyche, whether good or bad. And because of this reason one must always strive to be in God’s grace, to cope with what happens in our life time. To hang in there no matter what happens till everyone has heard the good news. Prayer is powerful, use it often. Communications with our Father through Jesus is our salvation through the perils of this world. Maranatha! God bless us all.

    I pray all is well with you Gordon.

  4. Thanks SweetJava.

    You’re right, we all need to see it played out before the universe, right and wrong, decision and indecision. It’s all to the glory of God.
    God bless

  5. Thanks again SweetJava!

    God is good, loving, kind, merciful, and forgiving, as Christians, we know this.

    In times of trials and tribulations, we need to be able to “respond” to situations in life, rather then to “react”. Our response should be from the Holy Spirit within us, it should be loving, kind, merciful, and forgiving, as Christ is with us.

    Reaction is from human emotion and selfishness, from pride and ego, a “knee-jerk” response.

    God does answer prayer, and He does still perform miracles, I am living proof of that! God kept me alive and in relatively good condition. I do have some physical aches and pains, but more so psychologically and emotionally. But, with that being said, I also know that God will use this for my good and to His glory! I can live with the pain, as long as I know that it will bring glory and honor to the Lord!

    God bless

  6. Exactly, thank you for condensing my thoughts so elequently, Gordon.
    Luke 17:21 tells us ‘…the kingdom of God is within you.” meaning His Spirit is in us. Those that do not have His Spirit in them causes divisions.(Jude v.19)

    My prayers are with you, for clarity and meaning, for understanding and peace of mind on the whys and how your accident can help, yourself and others. As we know God uses certain events to move us forward for His glory; everything is a blessing, yes even the mishaps, we just have to be patient and find the lesson in it. Not let it overwhelm us, that’s the enemy talking us into cursing and disbelief in God. Our thoughts are not God’s thoughts. He sees what the future brings from the experience, and the way we handle it will make us wiser and prepare us for even greater events. We need to be like Job who had perseverance to stay connected to God in spite of what the enemy threw at him. We are witnesses to one another and our behavior, attitudes guides us, with the Holy Spirit in us to do good, when not connected the wrong spirit emerges and the opposite happens. Our free choice on which path we take. We live in a world full of tragedies and mishaps, trials and tribulations on a daily bases. We can’t afford to let it discourage us or makes us weaker for that is what the enemy wants.
    I’ve come to the conclusion in my own life when things hit me hard not to look at it in a negative way but to see the the lesson in it, sometimes the lesson is not for me but for others, I must show patients. Sometimes the lesson is not clear so I’m constantly talking to the Lord to make it clear, constantly praying for reassurance and understanding, for His wisdom, His will be done in whatever mishap or misfortune I find myself in. Not always easy the moment the misfortune happens. But essential. Negative thoughts always enters our mind first, we must learn to shake it off and let God take over. Again our behavior towards it determines the outcome later on. Therefore my friend, my prayer is for you to shake off those psychological and emotional crutches and also physically heal. In Jesus’ Holy name I pray, Amen.
    This is not to say your not doing this already. Peace to you. God bless.

  7. Thank you SweetJava.
    In times of trouble, pain, and suffering, we all will experience some sort of trauma and stress, we are after all human. However, I know who I am, I know Whom I am in, and I know where I am going. I know that God is with me always and that He has a purpose for my life. Like walking through the valley of the shadow of death, it’s not a fun experience, but we can know that we will eventually make it through if we are with God and not against Him.
    God bless

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