The Battle Rages On!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

Our daily lives continue on as usual, day after day, we work, we sleep, we play.  All seems normal, just as it’s always been.  Yet all around us the world is in distress.  Unusual and strange events are taking place which before were uncommon and even unheard of, such as mass animal deaths, animal extinctions, mass shootings in public places, heinous and horrific maiming, torturing, raping, and killing of innocent children around the world, meteor strikes, massive solar flares, gigantic sink holes opening up, massive droughts, famines, new diseases, blood-red waters, and unexplainable sounds heard around the world.

What gives?  Is the world aware of what is taking place on our planet we call earth?  Are they oblivious to the fact that things are not what they used to be?  Are they even a bit curious as to why all of these events are taking place? 

As time marches on so does the evil in the world.  So does strange and unusual events and occurrences. 

We must be aware of what is taking place around us and not keep our heads in the sand.  We must sit up and take notice.  If God wanted us ignorant then He would not have given us signs to watch for.  He would not have told us about what is to occur before His return to earth.  However, He did!  Therefore, we must be aware and not ignore what is happening in the world, nor should we fail to relate it to bible prophecy.

The bible tells us to not despise prophecy, and for a reason.  Yet, many church leaders fail to teach their flocks about prophecy, they fail to warn their followers about what is happening in the world today!  This my friends is a tragedy. 

I’m not saying that the pastors of the church should spread fear and anxiety, on the contrary.  Yet, it is their position to warn the flocks of impending danger.  To shine a light into the darkness and expose the evil in the world.  To relate the events of the world to what the bible tells us will happen in the end times.  To warn those who are unsaved that their eternal destiny will be hell without God.  This my friends is scriptural and biblical.

Without knowing what is happening in the world today, is like throwing a farm raised fish into the middle of a swarm of alligators.  His life is calm and serene, then all of a sudden it’s turned upside down, inside out, and he is taken out by a ravished reptile.  This is what the world is like now, relatively calm and serene, then all hell literally breaks loose and the ignorant masses fall victim to the evil one.

You may think I am being over the top, over exaggerating the truth of the matter.  Well my friends I tell you that this is where we are today in the world.  The evil one and his dominions are real folks.  You may not see them, you may not sense their presence, yet they are here.  Just as you may not sense God’s presence, yet He is here also.

The evil one and his dominions are fighting a battle, a battle for your soul, a battle to draw you away from God.  This is real and present today!  We must be aware of the danger, aware of the presence of the evil ones.  We as Christians are in a battle, each and everyday.  We are not to fear, yet we are to know how to fight the good fight.

Satan and his demons will use any means at their disposal to draw you away from God.  They may even use other believers to distract you and to diminish your faith.  Remember also: “for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light“.  They will put thoughts into your head, they will tempt you and try to deceive you.  This will happen to all of us, and even more so to those who are performing God’s will on earth.  If Christians are leading the lost to Christ, then don’t you think that Satan and his demons will be targeting you?  Of course they will.  That is why we must stay strong, be steadfast, and strengthen our faith.

The demonic forces in the world today are busier then ever before in history.  Knowing what is going on in the world and relating it to bible prophecy should be a good thing.  However, it can easily be a distraction for those not keeping their main focus on God.  All things must be kept in the right perspective.  World news and events for the sake of itself can be a big distraction.  However, when properly taken and related to bible prophecy, it is a good thing.  It shows us the closeness of Christ’s return.  It shines a light into the darkness and exposes the evil in the world, and warns us of the dangers.  It often brings unbelievers to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Sad to say, but pain, suffering, and trials bring people closer to God.  That’s a fact!  God knows this and that’s why He allows it.  The world is full of sin and those rebelling against God will have an eternal destiny without Him.

Although the world is suffering and in pain, although the times are getting worse, the end is near.  Jesus Christ will be returning soon for His church.  Know that He is with you always.  He is here, He is everywhere.  As a Christian you are His child and His possession.  He loves you dearly and will provide.

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!


5 thoughts on “The Battle Rages On!

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  2. Well said. Thank you.
    Decision time is here, time is limited… The Kingdom of God IS at hand! It’s time to put the foolish things away, get right with God. And have a good conversation with the Lord, putting everything: the good, the bad, the ugly, the hidden, the secrets, all of what your feeling, the frustrations, the stress, the joys of your life on the table in front of Him. He is patiently waiting… He is there to listen, to help, to assure you/us that with Him every good thing is possible. Everything revolves around Him. Denying this is foolish.

    We are precious in His sight. He has standards that we must abide by and doing so not only brings us closer to Him but our life will be calmer even in the rage of a storm. All we need to do is believe in the power of His Word! Jesus Christ!
    Have faith in His gospel, repent and walk the narrow road. Be baptized, submerge your sins away in a watery grave, come out a new spiritual person and the Holy Spirit will guide your walk steadily day by day until the day the last trumpet blows. The Comforter will give you strength (ask for it, everyday if need be), ask with boldness for help. But you must also be patient and obedient to His word, act and do. We do not have because we do not ask. Do not ask for the riches of this world but for the riches of the kingdom of heaven for wisdom and discernment producing the fruits of love and compassion.
    Love God above all things, love your neighbor, quickly forgive, be in constant communications (prayer) of everything happening in your personal life, for no one knows it better then Our Heavenly Father. He wants you to acknowledge Him and truly desire to live with Him. Creator of all…Life! He created us not the other way around. He IS merciful and forgiving.

    Time is short. His justice will be done. Prophecy is being fulfilled in front of our eyes. Do not be afraid for all these things must happen. He told us before hand to be aware of the times and seasons. And be ready for His advent. Stay in the grace of God, always looking up! God bless.
    And thank you Gordon, for continuing to spread the word. May Our Lord bless you and strengthen you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
    The battle indeed wages on, but faith gets us through it. Amen!

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