Gallup Poll in America, most believe Morals and Values declining, while at the same time tolerate and accept sinful issues

Gallup Poll in America Morals and Values


The majority of Americans accept gay marriage, doctor assisted suicide, fornication, human embryo cell stem research

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Source of information: The Gallup Poll

The bible tells us that in the last days people will be tolerant and accepting of sin.  That all types of sin will rule the day.  The most recent Gallup Poll regarding morals and values in America indicates that we are definitely headed in that direction.

Morals and values are on the decline, and the acceptance of sinful behavior and attitudes are changing drastically in America.  These behaviors which were once thought of as evil and wicked are now accepted in our society as normal and part of our daily lives. 

It really amazes me at just how far we have come, just how far we have fallen.  Society is decaying at a rapid rate. 

The following is a partial representation of the 2015 Gallup Poll results from the latest poll on morals and values in America.  These figures represent a substantial rise in those considering these issues morally acceptable.

           Issue                                                                             Morally Acceptable      Morally Wrong

Sex between unmarried men and women (fornication)           68%                                      29%

Having a baby out-of-wedlock                                                     61%                                      35%

Human embryo stem cell research                                              64%                                      29%

Gay or Lesbian Relations                                                               63%                                       34%

Doctor Assisted Suicide                                                                  56%                                       37%

These numbers represent the majority of those polled who favor the stated issues.  However, many other issues which do not have a majority in favor do have a rise in tolerance and acceptance over the past decade, including:

Divorce, cloning humans, cloning animals, suicide, polygamy, pornography, and sex between teenagers.

There are a few issues which remain relatively the same over the past decade.

      Issue                                                                                   Morally Acceptable      Morally Wrong

Abortion                                                                                          45%                                       45%

Married men and women having an affair                                  8%                                        89%

Divorce                                                                                            71%                                        20%

The Gallup poll also stated that although most Americans in the poll believe that many of the issues are acceptable and tolerable, on the other hand the majority also believes that this country is on a moral decline.  Funny how that works!  Apparently they like a moral decline in society.

The poll also stated that the state of moral values in the country is getting worse, that was what a whopping 72% of respondents reported.

Although this is a poll and not an exact representation of the country as a whole, I would argue that what we see in this poll is a good indication of what is happening today in America.  All you need to do is turn on the television or take a walk down a city street in America.  The signs are all around you.

America is on a fast moral and ethical decline, our society is changing in the wrong direction into a dark abyss.  Our own government is making wrong decisions adding to our demise. 

America needs our prayers, our government leaders need our prayers.  The darkness in the world is spreading like a wildfire out of control.

Lord God Almighty, hear my prayers.  Listen to your people, hear our cries.  Lead us on the path of righteousness, and guide our ways.  Keep us from the evil one.  I pray for you to open the eyes of all Americans, including our elected government officials.  Give us all wisdom and the mind to make godly decisions.  Lead us all to salvation and give us a pure heart.  Forgive us of our sins, and lead us away from the darkness.  Shine your light and uncover the evil.  Let those who are blind see, and those that are deaf hear.  Instill within them the knowledge of the truth.  In Jesus precious name I pray, Amen

God bless my friends!  Until next time….Maranatha!

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