We are closer than we have ever been!

Jesus in the clouds  I come quickly

Commentary By:  Gordon King

We have never before in the history of the world been closer to the return of Christ to earth as we are right now.  We have never before been closer to the beginning of the Tribulation period than we are right now.

The signs of the end times are all around us and increasing with each passing day.  We are witnessing unprecedented numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, severe weather patterns causing destruction and death, unscrupulous acts of violence, hatred, and war, as well as unparalleled chaos, confusion, and uncertainty.

It amazes me at just how fast bible prophecy is unfolding before our eyes.


Nepal earthquake. Photo credit: timesofap.com

Earthquakes have been occurring throughout the world for thousands of years, however they have been increasing in both size and numbers lately.  The following chart shows all of the earthquakes over the past 30 days which are of magnitude 6 and greater.  Some of the quakes which were originally reported as higher in magnitude have been downgraded, such as the 8.5 earthquake yesterday in Japan.

Volcanic Eruptions

Mount Calbuco eruption, Chile.

There have been many recent large volcanic eruptions around the world.  These are some of the major eruptions: Japan’s Mount Shindake erupted on the 29th of May 2015, Chile’s Calbuco volcano erupted on the 23rd of April 2015, Indonesian Volcano Mount Sinabung erupted on the 10th of October 2015, Indonesia volcano Mount Kelud erupted on the 14th of February 2014, Japan’s Mount Ontake erupted on the 27th of September 2015.  These are only some of the major eruptions, there are many, many more active volcanoes around the world.

 Severe Weather

Much of the world has been experiencing very unusual and severe weather patterns.  From massive flooding to drought, from cold fronts to deadly heat waves.

Flooding in Austin, Texas, May 25, 2015. Photo: fox59.com

Several Midwestern and Southern states in America have recently been deluged by record breaking rains and floods.  Many of these storms have brought with them death and destruction.  Numerous states have also been hit by disastrous tornadoes and hail storms.  We are even seeing tornadoes where they usually do not occur.

Winter Weather Virginia

Snow covers vehicles Thursday February 13, 2014 in Winchester, Virginia. Eighteen inches of snow had fallen on the Winchester area by noon.   Scott Mason / Winchester Star / AP

This past winter the Eastern portion of the United States was going through record breaking cold and snow storms, while the Western portion of the United States was experiencing unusually warm weather and drought conditions.

Cracks stretch across the dry bed of Lake Mendocino, a key Mendocino County reservoir, in Ukiah, California Photo: Reuters

Evil, Wickedness, Hatred

An ISIS video shows the mass murder of Syrian military personnel by beheading in a desert location. Photo: Twitter

The Islamic State continues on it’s rampage of evil, wickedness, hatred and destruction.  As the world halfheartedly attempts to stop this possessed group of individuals, it is spreading like a virulent cancer.  Throughout the world we see ISIS popping it’s ugly head with a vengeance.

People were killed in  ground and air military operations. (AFP/File)

Syrian regime forces. (AFP/File)

War around the world continues and escalates into shear madness!  Conflicts, skirmishes, and threats continue to rise.  There seems to be no end in sight, and no one to control the chaos and the confusion.  Civil unrest and protests are at an all time high.  Governments are lacking insight, wisdom and knowledge.

Anti-Semitism and the persecution of Christians is growing.  The spirit of anti-Christ is running rampant, and the godless are seeking their own lustful desires. 

The world is being deceived into believing lies and untruths.  Twisted morals and values are leading the lost into destruction.  Bits and pieces of truth are interjected into what seems to make sense, yet what the world deems as righteous is most often evil, corrupt, and blasphemous against God!

The evil in the world is out of control.  We continue to read news stories of babies and young children being murdered, of people killing their family members, of strange and unusual incidents of people being tortured and abused.  We see an increase in bomb threats, of police shootings, and of deadly gun fights.  We are also seeing an increase in bus, train, boat, and plane accidents and incidents.

It’s almost too much to bear, too much to believe.  Yet, the bible tells us that these things will happen the closer we get to the return of Jesus Christ to earth and the closer we get to the Tribulation period.

How much time before the return of Jesus Christ for His bride?  How much time before the beginning of the Tribulation period?  No one knows for sure, but Jesus did give us signs to watch for just before His return.  He told us these things so that we would not be ignorant.  So that we would know that it is close, even at the door.

If you are a Christian then you have nothing to fear, in fact you should be excited!  However, if you do not know Jesus Christ, if you are not a born again bible believing Christian, then you have much to fear!  Much to fear in this life, and much more to fear in eternity!

By becoming a Christian you will know where your eternity will be.  You will know that God will be with you every step of the way in this lifetime.

Don’t wait another minute!   Accept Jesus Christ now as your Lord and Savior!  Click Here…

God bless my friends!  Until next time….Maranatha!

8 thoughts on “We are closer than we have ever been!

  1. Oh! but the powers that be say its do to climate change, weather patterns, planet alignments…sorry, I’m being facetious. It’s anything, but the saving hand of God being removed. When we take God out of everything, He does not stay where He’s not welcome.

    Wow! Gordon it is amazing when you put it all in a cohesive matter one after another, one can’t ignore the facts. Like you have said we need to be with the Lord more then ever. I too, believe we’re closer then ever. Prophecy is indeed happening right before our eyes and accelerating. And we haven’t seen anything yet.
    I can not help to think when man opens up this so called dimensional portal (Cern) for the ‘god particle’ of science they are seeking, what exactly is that going to entail, is pure evil. God help us all. Stay firm to your beliefs, we’re in for quite a ride.
    We honor God and God will honor and protect. God bless and thank you.

  2. Thanks for your comment SweetJava. The way I see it, does it really matter how these things occur? God can make them happen anyway He wants, right? The fact is that they are happening just as predicted they would in the Bible. We should all sit up and take notice, especially the unsaved. God bless!

  3. Yes. Ultimately, He is in charge. We all should pay attention to the seasons. And be ready for the trumpet call!
    May the peace of the Lord be with you, always.

  4. While ISIS *A CIA script gone out of even their control* is busy killing people and causing millions to flee in biblical proportions the western world continues to step on the gas for censorship and forcing people onto *the cloud* to do everything but forcing companies that don’t do it out of business.

    Compared to even 5 years ago doing simple things offline NOW is almost impossible without them knowing what you are doing due to extreme DRM crap on both software and DVD’s which require codex not available anymore unless your streaming online.

    You don’t own anything physical anymore and those who brag they still do like me are in the minority and people will forget if they haven’t already what it was like 2 own physical copies of media once that generation dies off.

    The USA is almost a third world nation now as the best goods is sent to Islam nations which many have very advanced cities some looking like something out of Star Trek and infrastructure that is light years ahead of any other countries of the world while the USA continues to play Patty Cake with Congress.

    Dad who worked in compounding knows first hand our best medicines are sent overseas and we are given the left overs and the lower quality tools and medicines.

  5. Don’t forget a possible false flag if the corrupt powers feel the election isn’t going to go their way.

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