School Allows GSA But Decides Pro-Life Club Too Controversial

Yet another high school student is asking equal access for a Students for Life club

(One News Now) – Schools in North Dakota and Iowa rejected the clubs initially but changed their minds after intervention by the Thomas More Society. Now Angeleque Clark, a sophomore at West Career and Technical Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada, requested permission to establish the pro-life club at her school. Her request was rejected.

Attorney Jocelyn Floyd of the Thomas More Society is representing Clark in a her claim of discrimination by school administrators.

“She was rejected by the school [on the grounds that] the club is too controversial, it’s not inclusive enough, there are far more people who know more about abortion than a sophomore in high school, and the public schools are different when it comes to First Amendment law,” Floyd explains.

The attorney says none of the reasons the school provided satisfy the legal requirements, especially when other non-curricular clubs are permitted.

“This school definitely has non-curricular clubs,” she says. “They have a Key Club, they have a Gay Straight Alliance, they have a Bible Club. Once they allow one of those clubs, they have to allow all other non-curricular clubs on an equal basis.”

Certainly, the Gay Straight Alliance and the Bible Club would be considered controversial by some parties. The federal Equal Access Act requires the school to allow different clubs, and not just pick and choose those permitted.

Thomas More Society has sent a demand letter to the school district to enlighten officials and give them an opportunity to settle the matter without a lawsuit.

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