Evil Spirits Abound!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The signs of the times are not only on a physical dimension, they are spiritual as well.  In fact, what happens in the physical is a manifestation of the spiritual.

I would argue that we are seeing more evil spiritually then we are physically at this point in time.  The spirit of evil is permeating the landscape of the world.  This evil turns the minds and the hearts of those dwelling on the face of the earth towards darkness, lies, and deception.

There is a growing sense of anti-Christ, of anti-God, spreading like a wildfire.  This is not mere coincidence, it is a sign of the end times.  What would seem unusual, strange, and evil just a few short years ago is now seen as normal. 

Satanic spirits are invading the world as never before.  They are causing chaos, deception, and hatred within the physical dimension.  What seems to make sense, is now twisted and confused.  Even among many believers in Jesus Christ, they are now questioning their faith, accepting the teachings of demons.

This is not a time to stray from the Lord God.  This is a time to stay close and worship the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, the Great “I AM”.  This is the time to know God’s word, to write it upon your heart.

The time of testing is here and we as Christians must be strong, we must increase our faith and stand tall.  We are not fighting against flesh and blood, but powers, principalities, and evil spirits.  The word of God is our defense.

As the evil spirits continue their fight against humanity, evil in the physical dimension will increase.  Unnatural desires and evil will become as normal.  Sin and lust will increase.  Rebellion against the God of the universe will dominate the landscape. 

The powers of evil shall not prevail, God has already won the battle, yet, the battle rages on.  We as Christians are the children of the Most High God, ours is to fight the good fight against evil spirits.  We must continue to shine His light, spread His word, and lead the lost to salvation.  The power is in His word, lets use it the best that we can.

God bless my friends!  Until next time…Maranatha!

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