Obama: I’ll Commemorate Sunday as ‘International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia’

Obama and homophobia day copy

(CNSNews.com) – President Barack Obama issued a statement on Saturday indicating that he and First Lady Michelle Obama would commemorate this Sunday as “the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.”

In the statement, the preisdent said he is working to “address the specific needs of transgender persons.”

Here is the president’s statement:

Michelle and I join our fellow Americans and others around the world in commemorating the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia tomorrow, May 17.  We take this opportunity to reaffirm that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights are human rights, to celebrate the dignity of every person, and to underscore that all people deserve to live free from fear, violence, and discrimination, regardless of who they are or whom they love.

We work toward this goal every day. Here at home, we are working to end bias-motivated violence, combat discrimination in the workplace, and address the specific needs of transgender persons.  Overseas, I am proud of the steps that the United States has taken to prioritize the protection and promotion of LGBT rights in our diplomacy and global outreach.

There is much more to do, and this fight for equality will not be won in a day.  But we will keep working, at home and abroad, and we will keep fighting, for however long it takes until we are all able to live free and equal in dignity and rights.

9 thoughts on “Obama: I’ll Commemorate Sunday as ‘International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia’

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  2. First of all. Obama is a anti-Christ along with his extreme racist wife. He professes a Christian belief in God but obamas behavior and attitude are of his father the devil! The Bible declares that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 1 also declares that The LGTB community are without excuse and that they are under the judgment of God unless they repent and put their faith and trust in the finished work of the cross of Calvary. We as the body of Christ need to speak up and out and to declare the good news of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  3. They will probably celebrate the supreme court upholding Gay marriage by having Michael (Michelle) go ahead and come out as a transgender.

  4. Sunday’s have always been accepted and respected as God’s Day. With a leader like this we are asking for God’s wrath.

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