Church of Scotland to hold final vote on gay ministers

General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

A final decision on gay minsters will be taken at this year’s General Assembly

The ordination of Church of Scotland ministers in same-sex relationships could be adopted this week as Kirk law

(SOURCE)  The issue of gay ministers will be debated and voted on at the General Assembly in Edinburgh.

The assembly, which opens on Saturday, will vote to adopt as church law the ordination of ministers in same-sex civil partnerships.

If that is approved another vote will be held on Thursday in relation to ministers in same-sex marriages.

The ordaining of gay ministers has proved a controversial topic for years.

In 2009 some members attempted to block the appointment of the Reverend Scott Rennie, who is gay, to Queen’s Cross Church in Aberdeen.

At the Kirk’s gathering in 2011, commissioners voted to accept gay and lesbian clergy – on the condition they had declared their sexuality and were ordained before 2009.

The Kirk then prepared a report by its theological commission, which set out arguments on both sides.

Last year, the general assembly voted to allow presbyteries to debate whether congregations could opt out of its traditional stance and appoint homosexual ministers.

They also agreed to put new draft legislation out to local presbyteries to settle the issue once and for all.

The presbyteries came back in favour of change by 31 to 14.

3 thoughts on “Church of Scotland to hold final vote on gay ministers

  1. If the Church of Scotland votes to accept this proposal then our family will walk out the door…never to return.

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  3. This is apostasy of the church my friend. Many are falling away from the truth of Jesus Christ. True Christians must stand tall together, united as one body of Christ! Amen
    God bless John

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