Pain, suffering, death…Eternal Decisions!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

Illness, accidents, pain and suffering.  Life has its way of leading us into times of desperation, times of grieving, pain, and sorrow.  Times not associated with the joys of life, but rather the realization that we are human.  That we are all given just a short time upon this planet we call earth.

No matter how wealthy we are, no matter how influential we have become in the business world, we are all human and we will all die (unless we are raptured first).  We all have a predetermined amount of time to be physically alive.  Many will disagree with that statement, but I know it to be a biblical truth. 

Job 14:1-5

“Man who is born of woman
Is of few days and full of trouble.
He comes forth like a flower and fades away;
He flees like a shadow and does not continue.
And do You open Your eyes on such a one,
And bring me to judgment with Yourself?
Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean?
No one!
Since his days are determined,
The number of his months is with You;
You have appointed his limits, so that he cannot pass.”

Acts 17:26

“And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings”

Whether or not you believe it, you cannot deny the fact that our lives are short-lived.  If we are not saved, not “born-again” believers in Jesus Christ, then we will die, period!  But what does it mean to die?  What comes after physical death?  Or is that all there is?

Actually, physical death is only the beginning my friends, only the beginning!  The life that we are now living is just a very small blip of eternity, in fact it doesn’t even register on the eternal map.  The real question is not what comes after death, but, where will I go after death?

I am not afraid to speak the truth and tell it how it is.  After you die you will either spend eternity in heaven with God, His angels, and all of His saints, or in hell with Satan, his demons, and all of those who rejected God.  That’s it, no other choice!

Wow, you may be thinking to yourself, isn’t that a little harsh?  Well, actually no!  It’s the truth.  Why sugar coat it and make it something that it’s not?  Why beat around the bush, tip-toe through the tulips, and give lip service to itching ears?!  The truth is the truth and will always be the truth no matter whoever wants to hear it or not!

Matthew 25:46

And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

All those who reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in this lifetime will spend eternity in hell.  That’s it, bottom line!  All those who have repented of their sin and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will spend eternity in heaven with God!  This is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, period!  Don’t be fooled, don’t be deceived.

There will be many who will fall away to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.  They shall believe lies and twist the truth.  They shall not preach the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!  Oh sure, there will be bits and pieces of the truth, however, this will be used as a lure to seduce the masses into believing lies and more lies.   Many so-called preachers will teach only what sounds good to “itching ears”.  They will teach prosperity, feel-good Christianity, and that everyone is welcome into the kingdom of God no matter how they live or what they believe.  They will make claims that all religions lead to heaven and to God.  They will attempt to merge all religions into one religion.

God loves you, He loves everyone and wishes for no one to perish.  No matter what you have been through, or what you are going through now, God loves you so very much!  He is speaking to you now!  He will forgive you of all of your sins, all of them.  He will give you real freedom and eternal life!  That’s forever!  If it wasn’t forever, then the bible would not have said that God will give us “eternal” life.  Eternal means “forever”!

Don’t put off til tomorrow what you should do today!  No one knows what tomorrow will bring, or if you will even live until tomorrow.  Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior!  Do it now!  Don’t be afraid, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  On the other hand if you choose not to, then you will lose it all!

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God bless my friends!  Until next time…Maranatha!

4 thoughts on “Pain, suffering, death…Eternal Decisions!

  1. Wow!! Powerful and truthful words! Could you post this message in the sky for the entire world to see. All Praise, Glory and Honour to God our Heavenly Father in Jesus Mighty Name we pray this message reaches many. God bless you Gordon as you continue your mission.

  2. very true and encouraging Biblical facts…thank u so much for a timely warning and encouraging well written facts.This world z really surely and slowly coming to an end .When we read the Bible and look at the current happenings we will truely believe ….our aim should not be focused on earthly temporal pleasure but rather look up to God for he has the best in store for us….everlasting life ….without pain ,sorrow or any form of suffering …what a reward really .

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