Dr. Ben Carson to Call For America to ‘Heal, Inspire, Revive’ After Obama in Presidential Bid Announcement

(Breitbart) – A video that will be played at Dr. Ben Carson’s presidential campaign announcement on Monday morning—provided exclusively to Breitbart News by his campaign-in-waiting—will call for America to “heal, inspire and revive” after now nearly seven years of President Barack Obama’s reign.

“Historians will write about this critical turning point for our nation and how we responded to the dynamic forces changing our world,” a narrator says in the video, as images of Congress and a struggling America appear on the screen. “We can no longer afford the continuing dysfunction of opposing partisan rancor, or the empty rhetoric of the political class. If America is to survive the challenges of the modern world, we need to heal, we need to be inspired, and we need to revive the exceptional spirit that built America. Never before have we been so closely connected to each other, but more divided as a country.”

The video then cuts to images of protesters in Baltimore over Freddie Gray’s death, contrasting those videos with a struggling United States and people across the country looking for a leader who will help the country thrive again.

The narrator continues to hammer politicians in Washington, too, contrasting the “political elite” and their “parlor game” with America exceptionality nationwide.

“American’s individuality is both brilliant and unstoppable,” the narrator says. “That same driven ingenuity once built this nation into a world power of commerce and thought leadership, of free expression and unbridled opportunity. These are the values that caused America to become respected and admired across the globe. And it must be these same values that inspire our American revival. It is our time to work together, all of us, each with our own unique talents, to bring insight to the challenges we face. It requires the full capacity of our gifted thinking, constrained only by the limits of our imagination and our willingness to see the job through.”

Before cutting to a photograph of Carson, the narrator then lays out what traits are needed in the leader who will bring the country back from the brink.

“We need a leader who inspires with deeds, someone dedicated to investing in the next generation of great thinkers, doers, and believers in their own destiny; someone who will protect their freedom to discover and forge their own path,” the narrator says. “We need a leader to revive the true promise of America, spreading open the doors of opportunity for individual advancement, giving each of us a greater chance to flourish together, engaging people in their government and embracing the mandate of prior generations to leave this country better off than the one we inherited. We have the fortitude to heal, the imagination to inspire, and the determination to revive our American dream: one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. We can see this through together, with a leader who derives his strength from God, and his duty from the American people.”

The video then cuts to a white screen, where the words “Heal,” “Inspire,” and “Revive” appear one-by-one across it—before the screen changes to “Ben Carson President” and at the bottom is “Paid for by Carson America.”

Carson is expected to announce he’s running for president here on Monday morning, with a series of events in the local community. Carson grew up in Detroit in a poor family, and has one of the most successful stories in this generation. He’s someone who came from nothing, but worked hard to educate himself—and went on to attend Yale University before getting his medical degree and becoming the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. At age 33, he was the youngest director of a major division in the world-renowned hospital’s history—and went on to become a bestselling author nationwide and a nationally-known success story throughout America’s black communities. Carson then reached national political superstardom when he criticized President Obama to his face at the national prayer breakfast in 2013, and has been a grassroots sensation since then.

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