The Downfall of America and the World!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Over the past several decades in America we have seen the degradation of society at large.  During the 1960’s we saw major changes in morals, values, and human behavior on a grand scale.  The “sexual revolution” embraced a new “drug culture”.  All of this included the burning of the bra, free love and sex, and lavish experimentation with drugs and the occult.  However, this wasn’t just about sex and drugs, but about morals and values.  It was about changing culture, society, and thoughts.

The 1960’s were only the beginning of what we now see today, a culture of anything goes, tolerance of everything.  Political correctness has been all about “tolerance”.  At first glance this seems harmless, and yet even moral and ethical.  However, what was born out of this culture, this thought process, has been the societal acceptance of just about anything one could imagine.   Anything but Christianity!

Over the past few years we have seen gay rights evolve into gay marriage.  We see the institution of gay marriage becoming a reality!  Political correctness has turned society towards the acceptance of homosexuality as “normal”, “right”, and “just”.

But what about Christians, do we not have the same rights as homosexuals?  Has society turned the corner so to speak, towards homosexuality being moral and right, and Christianity being intolerant, hateful, and morally wrong?  Is this where our culture has led us?  Unfortunately I believe that it has, and it shall only get worse from here on out!

Gay marriage is just the beginning my friends.  We now see opposition and outcry against the “freedom of religion” acts being instituted in many states across the country.  They are being demonized and trashed.  Don’t Christians have the right to practice their religion?  To stand fast and hold to their morals and values as given to them by God?

This is the true injustice, not allowing Christians in America and in the world, to practice their religion without being persecuted.  Yet it is in the written word of God and shall come to pass.  Jesus told us that we would be hated by all nations.  That we would endure the same persecutions as He did.  That we shall be hated for His name sake.

What really bothers me is not that this will happen, but that I see it happening right before my eyes!  People in the world are turning the “good” into “bad”, and the “bad” into “good”.  Most of the trash and garbage on television is now considered entertainment!  The world is turning a blind eye to evil and violence, and actually accepting it as normal.  Such as with Iran and the Palestinians.  How on earth could anyone in their right mind negotiate with either of these two groups?  They both sponsor and breed terrorism!  Yet, the world seems blind to these facts.

This is how insane the world is right now, the Muslim religion preaches hatred and murder, while Christianity teaches love, patience, and kindness.  The Muslims worship death, while Christians worship life!  Tell me this isn’t so!  Yet, the world proclaims that Islam is a religion of peace, and Christianity is a religion of hatred!  Whaaaat?!!!  Who are they kidding?!  Really?!

Muslims around the world are beheading, burning people alive, and torturing thousands, while at the same time calling out to their god Allah!  What?!  What kind of god is that?!  A god of death, evil and destruction that’s what!

On the same note, Christians worship life and the right to life, while abortionists and proponents of pro-choice kill unborn babies.  Yet Christians are seen as intolerant and hateful!  Explain that one to me, someone please!!!!  It’s the work of the devil, straight from the pit of hell my friends!  No other explanation needed.

Many shall fall victim to evil spirits in these end times, turning from good to bad, from right to wrong.  They shall be deceived by the doctrines of demons.  Their debased minds will transition from bad to worse.  We see this happening now.  The deeper they get away from God, the closer they get to demonic spirits!  Their minds will be taken over by these spirits, and in some cases their bodies.  Many shall be possessed by evil, demonic spirits in these last days.  I believe that this is true for today, as we see such heinous acts committed across the globe at alarming rates!

America and the world is headed for disaster.  What can we as Christians do?  Is there anything that will help?  Yes, there is as a matter of fact.  We can pray!  Yes pray!  Prayer is the most valuable tool available to us as believers in Jesus Christ.  We must pray for the salvation of the lost, pray for the strength and protection of the saints, pray for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.  We can pray for our leaders and for our country to return to God, and to lead with a pure heart and mind.  There are many things that we can and should pray for, these are just a few.

God has given to us many things, actually He has given to us an inheritance with Jesus.  I believe with all of my heart that this includes power, strength, courage, authority over evil, and the gifts of the Spirit, to name a few.  I believe that we can do anything in God’s will if we only believe that we can.  We are only limited by our faith, or lack of faith.  Many Christians, probably most Christians are not living up to their full potential as believers because of this.  Myself included.  God has recently opened my eyes to all of this.  I never really knew before that I had so much available to me from God.  But, God has made known to me that we only need to ask and to believe!  Sometimes we are required to take a “step” of faith in the right direction as well.

So although the world is falling apart at the seams, and although all seems hopeless and lost for the world, we as believers in Jesus Christ have already overcome!  We have nothing to fear, nor do we have to worry or be afraid.  We are in Christ and He is in us.  What more could we ask for?

God bless my friends!  Maranatha!

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    Gordon King said, “So although the world is falling apart at the seams, and although all seems hopeless and lost for the world, we as believers in Jesus Christ have already overcome! We have nothing to fear, nor do we have to worry or be afraid. We are in Christ and He is in us. What more could we ask for?”

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  3. Shofar, we could ask that as many others as possible also reach similar conclusions – that we are all imperfect, that none of us merit admission into God’s perfect heaven, but that through accepting His grace it is possible anyway.

  4. Very well said Gordon. Amen.
    In Jesus, Yeshua our salvation, anything is possible for those who trust Him, for those whose faith is solid in Him.
    Now is the time to acknowledge HIM and to ask the Lord to anoint our eyes to see – truth.
    It’s about how we live not just theology.
    “the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you. I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:17,18 Amen.

    A great shaking IS coming, for Jesus is both Savior and Judge. Everyone will stand at the judgment day of God, the one appointment everyone WILL keep. Anyone that departs from Jesus leaves themselves open to sin. Therefore let us have a solid foundation in Jesus Christ. The choice is individual, personal and ours alone to make.
    May Our Lord open our eyes to see… truth. In Jesus’ name, Amen. God bless

  5. Thanks SweetJava! God is good, patient, kind, and trustworthy. All who have sinned (that would include all of us) need God, but as we both know, all will not accept Him. Jesus is returning very soon for His church, may the world open their eyes and their hearts to the truth! God bless SweetJava!

  6. Your right Gordon, It should read ‘leaves themselves open to demonic influences’. We all sin and need His saving grace daily, to combat our nature. God bless you richly, my friend.

  7. Compelling evidence on the differences in Christian religion and Muslim religion. I agree with you Gordon the world is morally bankrupt and on the verge of total insanity. Cling to the Rock of ages our Lord and Savior Jesus. Very encouraging ending in your commentary Gordon. Very well said .

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