Arab Street Signs in Michigan Show Muslim Takeover

SWAT Police: ‘This is it. We don’t go past this line.’

(Godfather Politics) – How would you feel if you drove into a town here in the United States and found that many of the street signs were in Arabic only with no English wording? Then you look around and discover that many of the signs on businesses were also in Arabic.

Not possible you say? Think again! Welcome to Dearborn, Michigan.

Steve Tarani, author and speaker recounts what he saw when he rode with a member of the Detroit Metro SWAT Police as they drove around Detroit and into Dearborn:

“The street signs suddenly went from English to Arabic. There wasn’t a single English word on any shop or any street sign. And in fact, these little yellow signs were posted all along the edges. Jeremy said to me, ‘this is it. We don’t go past this line.’ And I said to Jeremy, ‘what do you mean? You guys are Detroit Metro. You’re the SWAT team. You can go anywhere you want. What if you get a call over there?’ He said ‘this is it, it’s hazardous for our team if we go past this line.’”

“I have seen it with my own eyes, witnessed it in the backseat of a car and it is for real. No-go zones exist in the United States.”

“Dearborn, Michigan is not the only place that these settlements exist. They are spread out over the country in various cities. There’s an estimate of over 5,000 known terrorist cells in the United States. However our most persistent and significant threat, right now, to us here today this morning, is the homegrown violent extremists.”

Some people try to discount Tarani’s account but I’ve seen too many reports that have come out of Dearborn that would tend to support his account of the Muslim takeover of the American city. Christians have been only attacked by Muslims without prosecution. They’ve also been told to stay away from the city’s Islamic festival and even banned from talking to people on the public streets outside the festival.

The Muslim influence is so strong in Dearborn that the high schools hold girls only proms because Muslim girls are not allowed to socialize or dance with boys. These proms are religious based and no one has said anything about a violation of church and state or tried to stop them. Christian students are banned from having Christmas parties, prayer meetings or Baccalaureate services, but Muslims are allowed to pray in school and hold Islamic proms. You have to ask why organizations like the ACLU, American Atheists, Freedom From Religion Foundation and Americans United for Separation of Church and State remain silent about what is happening in Dearborn schools.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee is fast becoming a second Muslim controlled city like Dearborn and there are others on the way. I have friends in the United Kingdom who have told me of how Muslims have taken over entire cities and areas in their country. What they tell me is that it all started with cities like Dearborn and Murfreesboro and just continues to spread. One of my friends compared Islam in England to a cancer that continues to spread and contaminate everything it encounters. In time it will spread to the point that the country dies from it and becomes the home of a religion that teaches hate, bloodshed and sharia law. Like a cancer, the only way to save the nation is to stop the spread of the religion of terrorism. Then he told me that in our modern sophisticated world full of freedoms and rights that it’s impossible to stop the spread of Islam without igniting a worldwide religious war.

Now realize that Barack Hussein Obama has been actively inviting Muslims to come to the US. He is also advocating opening our doors to up to 7 million Syrian Muslim refugees and there is no telling how many terrorists ware hiding among those 7 million. That would be like trying to cure a patient by injecting him with massive doses of cancer cells.

I have to honestly say that the future of America is not looking very bright and to be honest, I don’t know what to do to change it other than make others aware of it and encourage everyone to get on their knees and pray for the Christian revival of America.

4 thoughts on “Arab Street Signs in Michigan Show Muslim Takeover

  1. And so it is here… We are heading towards a one world government, this is what the system wants – to create chaos and to provoke you.
    Let’s remember Psalm 91 “HE who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty, I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress; MY God, in Him I WILL trust.'” (v1 &2, plz take the time to read the entire prayer of Moses, it’s very uplifting.)
    Put your whole heart, your trust on God, not on/in anything else, including guns and revolution.. It’s God’s fight, against principalities that are leading this world to ruin; let Him be your warrior. We are to put His armor on, be ready for His call. Always ask God first ‘what should I do’, then be sensitive to hearing His word, Listen to what HE prefers you to do. Hearing and doing the teachings of Jesus, in these perilous times will cultivate a positive, enduring attitude in you and show others the love of God. As difficult as this might be a times let God use you for His cause.

    Regarding this post, if you feel you must do something then contact the very people this writer states are not around (i.e. ACLU, American Atheists, Freedom from Religion Foundation and the American United for Separation of Church & State) among others who are prominent in shouting out their misguided tirades when its non-violent Christianity/Christians speaking.

    Do not fear! But repent, learn, be, act and talk more like Our Savior, Jesus Christ.
    His power, His Holy Spirit is within us when we trust in His providence, when we pray with our whole heart, when we’re grounded in His word. Obeying God’s written word is common sense because it works! Commit yourself to the coming of the Kingdom of God. His advent is closer then we think…
    May Our Lord gives us His enduring power to combat the trials, challenges and tribulations that are in our lives and ahead of us, may He give us strength and show us patience, may He teach us His will and may we be receptive to His calling. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.
    May the God of love be with us all. We KNOW how the book ends, and this should make us smile!.

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