Anti-Israel protesters call ‘Kill the Jews’ in Vienna

Bosnian soccer fans join pro-Palestinian rally at city center and begin chanting anti-Semitic slogans

(SOURCE)  Bosnian soccer fans joined a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Vienna on Friday and shouted anti-Semitic epithets in one of the city’s central plazas, Austrian newspaper Der Standard reported.

A video posted to YouTube shows several dozen pro-Palestinian demonstrators waving Palestinian flags in Stephansplatz and calling “free, free Palestine!”

The Bosnian fans dressed in blue, yellow and white are seen standing among the protesters and joining them in their cries, before setting out on a chant of their own: “Ubij, ubij Židove!” or “Kill, kill the Jews!”

Bosnians were in the city to watch a match between Austria and Bosnia-Herzegovina later in the day.

Austrian police said they were investigating the incident.

A wave of anti-Israeli and often anti-Semitic rallies hit European capitals in the summer of 2014 during the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The frequent protests, ostensibly calling for an end to Israel’s actions against Palestinians, often devolved into racist demonstrations in which the mob called out anti-Semitic slogans.

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