Tension, Anxiety, Somethings Coming!

something big is coming

Commentary By:  Gordon King

As we all know the world is becoming uglier by the day.  More wars and rumors of wars, new diseases, natural disasters, droughts, starvation, civil unrest, evil and wickedness.  Where does it end?  How long can this go on?!

I have been feeling anxious lately.  This is unusual for me over the past few years, due to the fact that God cured me of my depression and anxiety.  But last night was different.  I actually felt anxious!  I know that something is just not right.  It feels like something big is about to happen.

I feel the tension in my life, and in the world.  I feel it escalating past the point of no return.  To the point of bursting at the seems.  I can see and feel the wickedness intensifying, building upon itself.  Like a snowball rolling down the mountain, picking up more snow as it goes, growing larger and larger until it hits bottom, crashing into the village below.  Like a tornado building up speed and strength, merging with other tornadoes, becoming a behemoth super-cell, destroying whatever crosses its path.  It’s only a matter of time before they both come to a destructive end.

God is patient and He will not be mocked.  He is judging the nations, He is sending messages to the world.  His wrath will soon be poured out in righteous judgment. 

This is all real folks.  Its not a story, its not a game.  Its our destiny!  Sin is destructive, its wicked, evil, and vile.  When you see it, rebuke it and take charge over it.  Use the power within to overcome.  God has given us what we need, lets use it to accomplish His will on earth.  Before its too late!

I feel that our time is much shorter than many imagine it to be.  That things are happening at an alarming pace.  That bible prophecy is unfolding rapidly. 

God has chosen us for this time.  To be a witness to His glory.  Whatever happens, whatever comes our way, let us stand firm in our beliefs, in our faith to Jesus Christ.

Lord God give us the strength and the courage to overcome.  Lead us in the direction of your will.  Empower us with all we need to perform your will here on earth.  We give you thanks in all things.  We praise you, we honor you.  In Jesus holy name we pray.  Amen

God bless my friends!

17 thoughts on “Tension, Anxiety, Somethings Coming!

  1. Thank you for sharing. My spirit bears witness to what you are saying. I too have felt such a heaviness and almost a knowing that something is about to happen. I have to hold tight to Jesus! I am surprised how many people just don’t want to hear that we are in the end times. Bless you!!

  2. I have felt like something big as in the magantude of God thumping us on our heads big for quite some times. I’ve been expecting this for years, I mean come on, something has got to give. I think maybe God wants me here to witness this. Lord knows I’ve tried to quit so many times but God won’t let me leave until I have done what he wants.

  3. Your words also bring me comfort, possibly even confirmation of some kind. It helps to know that I am not the only one feeling that something BIG is about to happen. My anxiety waivers to moments of sheer excitement, something I cannot explain. I too pray to God for clarity and my answer is always the same…..SOON. I struggle with this as I do not know what God’s definition of soon is. By my standards it cannot be soon as a mother who yearns to hold her young boys in her arms again. Over the past month I spend much of my time praying and meditating in search of answers and signs, and yesterday was a day that scared me beyond anything I have ever felt. I was told that Satan was trying to get a hold of my family, this is something I kept hearing in my mind. As I struggled with this, I prayed harder than I have ever prayed and I asked that if this threat was real that I would receive a visible sign. Within an hour I went to my facebook where I had a friend request from someone I did not know named Max Dark Angel. A chill ran through me like I have ever experienced before. My husband was with me the entire time and he too saw the sign, within moments of this my husband turned on the TV and the first words on the show we watched were “I am the Devil, I am a Monster” (Medium – Season 1/Episode 6) We immediately turned off the TV and prayed together, expelling Satan from our lives and asking for God to fill our souls with love and strength. If it had not happened while we were both together I would have questioned my sanity. We know the threat to our family, I have suspected it for a long time and this confirms it for me. Have you ever personally experienced evil?

  4. I agree 100% with what you are sensing about the tension, strain, and escalation. Violence, terror, murder, suicides and governments failing are leading the world into an irrevocable tipping point of no return. Al Jazeera World News did a bunch of mega reporting, kind of apocalyptic reports yesterday regarding the state of California running out of water, this is Al Jazeera reporting this and yet no one is paying attention, everyone has their heads stuck in the sand. I’m sensing all kinds of things about to happen and number one is signs in the heavens, God is about to allow things to happen in the atmosphere and above in space to shake the hearts and minds of everyone in the world into a new reality and that is that man is not in charge. I believe that the world is about to experience searing heat and drought worldwide. God will not be mocked. Jesus is coming back!

  5. Thank you Anonymous. Actually I have felt this way for a few years now, that the end is near. However, the intensity of what I feel has definitely increased lately. I just have a feeling of something big happening very soon.
    God bless!

  6. Well I know one thing for sure, God will be thumping heads when He pours out His wrath with 100 pound hail stones! I also know that if we are Christians and are not following the will of God, that one day He will bring us to our knees in repentance and acceptance of His will. This I am certain of. He is very patient, but for only so long.
    God bless my friend!

  7. I agree with you Gordon that something is going to happen very soon and is not good for the nonbelievers but for us is great news because it means that our Lord JESUS is very very near !!!!!!
    People think we are crazy because we try to warn them of the near future events that are already happening &
    I think we are witnessing a very important moment in God”s prophecy being fulfilled right in front of ours eyes !
    Also I pray that the Lord blesses you and comfort you my brother.
    Keep up doing your good work Gordon in spreading His Word…

  8. You know, Gordon, I read something this morning that got me to thinking. I was reading a devotional in 2 Kings, Chapter 17, about how Israel had tried God’s patience. After 240 years of sending prophet after prophet, warning the people to return to Him, God finally passed judgement on the nation of Israel (and they obviously got into BIG trouble). What I find rather interesting is, if you take 1776 (America) and add 240, you end up with 2016………!

  9. My dear sister Carole, I feel your pain, and your need for answers. One day we will have the answers, we just have to be patient. We must always remember that our God is faithful, true, and just. That our time is not His time. This can be hard to swallow. But He will make all things work together for the good of those who love Him. I’m sure you already know this, but sometimes it helps to hear it from another believer.

    Just know that one day soon you will be back together with your boys! Thank the Lord for that, Amen! I can feel your pain, but I cannot truly understand what you are going through, if I said that I did then I would be lying.

    I believe that if your family is not yet saved then yes, Satan is trying to get a hold of them, as with all other unbelievers. This is why we must pray for the softening of their hearts and for them to come to repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ! I am going through the same thing with my family as well.

    That is very interesting, the signs that you received. I believe that they were signs. God does work in mysterious ways, whether or not He gave the signs or allowed Satan to do it. But I do believe in signs, obviously! I’m sure you’ve read enough of my posts to see that. Ha,ha! Just know that Satan cannot touch believers without approval from God our Father in heaven. We have authority over Satan and his demons. God has given us the power to overcome them. Praying always in the name of Jesus!

    I have experienced evil many times in my life Carole. Many times unfortunately. When I was a very young man (maybe 18, I can’t really remember), my sister and some friends were at my house. I was a relatively new believer, trying to get out of the drug lifestyle, however those around me were not. I was in my bedroom sleeping and my sister and friends were in the living room partying. I heard some very loud and strange sounding screams coming from the living room, I’m talking “The Exorcist” kind of screams. I immediately woke up and ran into the living room. My sister was sitting on the sofa yelling and screaming loudly, with a wicked and evil looking face, I mean very distorted looking. The next moment she was crying. Her voice when screaming and speaking obscenities was not her voice, rather it was very deep and evil, like a demon. She or it (the demons) were speaking very vile and crude obscenities, some of which I do remember, like “Burn in hell you *******”, “You mother **&&^** SOB”, things of that nature. I grabbed her and held her tightly. I know for a fact that she was possessed. She was on some sort of drugs, not sure what. She kept going back and forth from the evil voice and face, arms flailing trying to escape my grasp. Then crying again, then back to the demonic. This was not her making this up, it was very real. The only thing that I knew to do was to pray for her, and that’s what I did. I commanded the demons to leave her in the name of Jesus! I kept at this for what seemed like hours. I don’t actually know how long it lasted, but for a long while. I never gave up, I couldn’t. Finally, they left her. She slept it off. The odd thing about this is that she doesn’t even remember any of it! I remember the whole thing. It literally scared the hell right out of me! I remember it today as if it happened last week.

    Unfortunately my sister has never been saved. She has a heart of stone and eyes blinded to the truth. She is into things which are very ungodly. I love her, I pray for her, but she will not hear what I have to say. She thinks I am nuts!

    There have been many other times in my life when I encountered evil, however not so dramatic. But, there have been many, many more times when God has performed miracles in my life. He has been with me and saved me from danger many times. He has provided me and my children with food when the cupboards were bare, He provided us with clothing and shelter. He was with me in times of great struggle, pain, and suffering. One time He even saved me when I was lost at sea! God is good and He loves His children dearly.

    Carole, I command these evil, demonic spirits to leave you and your family, both the saved and the unsaved now. By the authority and power given to me in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen

    I also pray for the good Lord to bless you and your family with His peace, comfort, wisdom and guidance. In Jesus holy name I pray, Amen

    Carole, believe in these things which I have prayed and they shall be done! God bless!

  10. Thanks for your comment brother! You are right, God will not be mocked. And He will show signs and wonders in the heavens.

    Acts 2:19-20 “19 I will show wonders in heaven above, And signs in the earth beneath:Blood and fire and vapor of smoke. 20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood, Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.”

  11. Thank you brother Roberto! Yes the world thinks were nuts! But thats ok because we are a “peculiar” people right?! We don’t want to be like the world.

    You are right, we are experiencing bible prophecy in the making. We are part of bible prophecy. I am honored that the Lord chose me to be a part of it!

    God bless!

  12. It’s no coincidence that we (all) are feeling these tense feelings, something big is about to happen, I agree. The balloon is about to burst… Get ready and stay on the side of Jesus!
    On a different note:
    God’s work in us is amazing….
    Funny that Deb should bring up the interesting fact, in my readings, I came across “Sir Isaac Newton’s – Daniel and the Apocalypse” book, in which this very topic is discussed; a very informative and interesting read. A man of God was Sir Isaac. In addition a school teacher by the name of Neill G. Russel, has a book out entitle “Newton’s Riddle, where God inspired him to elaborate on Newton’s book.
    Mr. Russell has a video out on Einstein’s theory of ‘space and time’ check it out as well called “Genesis big bang.com”. (all the above can be google-d). Just some interesting finds, i thought people would enjoy to check out. God bless. Maranatha!

  13. You are right. I feel it too. And I try to share this with all who will care to listen. We all need to hold fast to our faith and pray even like the apostle Paul prayed. That the Lord would deliver us from every evil work and preserve us for His Heavenly Kingdom. In Jesus name. Amen

  14. Gordon, side note to my above recommendations: Neill Russell’s book “Newton’s Riddle” is a fictional story with a lot of Newton’s insights on prophecy. It’s a good read.
    All relating to the prophecies of the books of Daniel and Revelation. Newton predicted from his long studies that the Jewish people would return to the land of Israel (considering he died in 1727) Israel became a nation/state in 1948. In his day he would have been considered a heretic and put to death. He understood how wrong the teachings of the Catholic Church was, God clearly used him.
    Albert Einstein became an admirer of Newton’s and credits him with his own scientific discoveries. Fascinating tibbits. Just some food for thought. God bless.

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