Albuquerque, New Mexico middle school teacher quits due to violence

APS teacher quits after death threat from student

Teacher: I feel like I’m bullied


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —A veteran Albuquerque Public Schools teacher threw in the towel Thursday after she said her students created a hostile environment in her classroom that made her fear for her safety.

The teacher, Sharon Moran, used to work at McKinley Middle school.

McKinley is the same place where a 71-year-old teacher was injured last month while trying to break up a fight between two students. The teacher received several punches and was even thrown against the wall, according to surveillance footage that captured the incident.

Moran said similar behavior has reached her classroom.

“I do feel like I’m being intimidated, and I feel like I’m bullied,” Moran said.

Moran said students treat her like she’s next to nothing and don’t respect the 12 years she’s put into teaching.

“I had to kind of evaluate every day what kind of situation I’m going into every day and whether or not I’m safe,” she said.

Moran said that one of her kids even threatened to kill her. She says that was a contributing factor in her decision to quit.

“I don’t think that the administration responded correctly to the threat that was made,” Moran said. “My family’s concerned for my safety, they worry about me and I think I did the right thing.”

Albuquerque Public Schools was unavailable for a comment at the time this story aired.

APS also refused to say whether or not the students involved in that fight a month ago were ever disciplined.