Dream….Cooked Alive!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Last night I had a very strange and unusual dream.  It was evil and wicked.   I have thought about whether or not to post it, but feel that I should.  The last thing that I want to do is put fear or evil thoughts into your head, but there maybe others who have had similar dreams.  There maybe a brother or sister in Christ who has insight into this dream.  If you are squeamish then please do not read it.

The dream did not last long, however, I knew that I just wanted to get out of there and fast.

This is the dream: I was hovering over a large vat of some sort.  Maybe of cast iron, I’m not really sure.  The vat was so large that it was big enough to hold several people lying down.  The vat was filled to the brim with hot water.  This was not the strange or unusual part.  The strange and evil thing was that this vat was also filled with several people!  People who were alive.  It was very disgusting, vile, and wicked.  There were people or demons in control, I couldn’t see them as I was looking down and they were up above the vat.  They were sprinkling herbs into the vat and over the people.  They were cooking the people alive!

I’m not sure, but I had the feeling that they were planning on eating the people.  The water was hot, and getting hotter, as if they just started cooking.  After a little while I was able to wake from the dream, as I did not want to stay a minute longer.

I’m not sure of the meaning of the dream, nor am I saying that it is prophetic.  However, I do believe that there is some sort of significance to it.

Before you start thinking that I must have watched a horror movie the night before, I reassure you that I do not watch such things.   Nor do I read such things, other than the news.  The only things that I watch are Christian movies, Christian documentaries, sermons, and HGTV.  That’s about it.  Every once in a while I may watch a secular movie or another television show, but not often.

I have had other demonic and satanic dreams in the past, although it has been quite a while ago until now.  After awaking from the dream I thought about the Islamic State and all of the evil and heinous acts that they have committed.  I thought that maybe this would be their next demonic act of evil and violence.

What I do know is that the wickedness in the world is at an all time high.  That there are many evil acts happening which we are not hearing about.  Much of it is occurring in privacy. 

Lord God in heaven, give us the strength to endure.  Make your presence known to the lost and to the wicked.  Show them the truth, give them eyes to see and ears to hear.  Soften their hearts and bring them to repentance.  Protect the innocent and give courage to those who seek Your will.  May Your Spirit fill all those who have a heart for You, those who seek the truth.  In Jesus name, Amen

God bless!  May the peace and protection of the Lord be with you always!

14 thoughts on “Dream….Cooked Alive!

  1. Gordon, I was reading an article at
    this site this morning and it made some very dire predictions regarding the water supply drying up in California and the ramifications. The one main ramification is “food shortages” for the entire nation. One comment even mentioned a term that I haven’t heard in a long time and that is (soylent green)
    If you haven’t heard of it, it is the name of a movie about mass cannibalism in our country that you can still google online and find out about. In any regards it just so came to me this morning about drought and food shortages and the resultant cannibalism that would follow when I was reading this article. It’s predicting that California has less than one years supply of water left and we are heading into a decades long drought. The food production falls to zero, the banks and economy collapses, 40 million people left to hunger and migrate to the central and eastern part of the country, all the while starvation on a mass scale causes the unthinkable to begin to happen with human flesh as the only food. I believe that this scenario is very likely and is going to happen. Judgment has come to America, the nation has turned its back on God and is doomed to destruction. The skies have turned to brass. I can clearly see what you saw in your dream and it will soon become a reality. Thank God Jesus is coming for His bride.

  2. Yes Ethin, I watched that movie a very long time ago. I had a couple of thoughts come to my mind right after I had the dream. 1) ISIS 2) Cannibalism due to food shortages. Funny you should mention that (in a strange way, not really funny).
    God bless brother!

  3. Here`s what I see that your dream means…A very large vat, ( the world ) … large enough for 7 people lying down… means .7 races of people lying down or doing nothing to improve the state of affairs we have created…Are we in a lot of hot water… you bet….We are in over our heads so far that all we can do is lay down and let them do whatever they want to us…. Evil people standing over the pot, sprinkling herbs on us…. Can you think of any evil people that want to control the world ….Are they sprinkling us with herbs ( giving us things to give us a false sense of security) Are we in the stew pot waiting to be eaten….Will things get so bad that we will be forced to eat each other to survive….The world is in a state of decline and many are not even aware that we are indeed in the stew pot, smelling the sweet herbs that we think will make everything easier to swallow.

  4. Thanks again for your interpretation Janet.

    I believe that things may get so bad that people will resort to eating other people! I see it coming.

    God bless!

  5. I read your dream to a prayer warrior who has the gift of interpreting tounges. She said she immediately thought about sin and how satan makes sin look so good until your too deep into it and realize how much trouble your in. She said the pot in your dream holds sinners who are slowly having the heat turned up on them and they are being destroyed by their sins. She believes the spices sprinkled in the pot is deception. Your are above the pot suspended by the Holy Spirit and while you are protected you are still affected by what is happening around you.
    Hope that helps. I read the frog dream to her but she was not getting anything from God on that one.

  6. Thanks Rebecca. I think that there is some truth in that interpretation, but I feel that there is more to it then that, something much worse and more sinister. I may be wrong. God bless!

  7. I hope not! I am done with reading about evil sinister things. But sadly deep in my spirit I know you are right. I feel an urgency in my very bones to prepare. I wonder if anything major will happen after this next bloodmoon that will clue us in to what is coming?

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  9. Gorden I was studying revelations yesterday. …The world will have a great famine and YES CANNIBALISM PEOPLE WILL BE SO HUNGRY THEY WILL EAT EACH OTHER. …your post July 13th 2015 I just read it now and yesterday I learned about CANNIBALISM 29th March 2016. .not a coincidence I feel. .God Bless Maranatha Speed The Day

  10. Yes, the nephilim giants will be resurrected. They are cannibals. At one time they depleted the earth of food and began eating people and almost depleted earth of them too. The giants have two sets of teeth.The bible says they will blacken our faces. I guess in the fire. Dear God. This is one of the worst dreams yet. They will be everywhere and will be used to enforce the mark. Flee America if possible.

  11. Thanks for your comment Raintree667!

    You could flee America but where to? It’s not going to be any better in any other place on earth.

    The best place to be is under the wings of our Father in heaven! He is our refuge and our strength.

    God bless!

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