Government control of the internet!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

Government control of the internet is coming folks!  It’s not if, but when.  President Obama has proposed a 332 page document called “Net-Neutrality”.  While I do not know the details of the plan, his agenda is to regulate the internet and to extract billions of dollars from internet users.  Sounds fairly harmless right?!  I mean except for the government regulation and fees part.

Republican FCC Member Warns Net Neutrality Is Not Neutral

What happens when government takes control of anything?  Increased regulations, control, taxes, fees, licenses, bureaucracy, and red tape.  This doesn’t sound like such a good deal after-all.  They say that they will be “neutral” when it comes to content.  Really?!!!  Is that so?  This is how government control and takeover starts, one step at a time.  Then is becomes a behemoth, a monster lurking in the wings and around every corner in search of someone or something to consume.

This is an evil and seditious plan against our right to freedom of religion and speech.  A direct violation of our Constitution.  Do you think that for one minute our government will not regulate our rights as free people?  If you don’t then you had better think again.

This is just one step closer to shutting down sites like this one.  Christians who wish to share their faith and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ will be attacked, just as the “Tea Party” was with the IRS, only this will be much worse.  We will be taxed and required to get licenses to continue to blog.  This is how it begins.  Then they will tell us that it’s against the law to post certain material.  If we post things which are against their laws, but we are speaking the truth of God from scripture we will be arrested. 

Maybe you don’t believe me, or you may think that I am being a “conspiracy nut”.  Well, then why is it that the government now wants to control the internet?  For what purpose, what’s the objective here?  The internet has worked just fine up to this point.  It’s not perfect and there is much on it that I would rather not be there.  But, for the government to step in and take control, means government control of what we all say and do.

This is just the beginning.  Government control, taxes, licenses, fees, regulations, laws.  Then what?  Government propaganda, government agenda, mind control, brain washing?!  Feeding the masses whatever it is the government wants them to believe.  Regulating the news, which I believe they already do to some extent.

Getting the government involved with the internet, handing control of the internet over to the government is detrimental to our health.  It means giving up freedoms upon which this nation was founded.  It means placing such restrictions on ourselves that we will have to choose between righteous morals and values and government consequences.  It means that what we post on the internet will be scrutinized by the government for approval.  That we may not even have the ability to post without first going through government authorities.

It means more government access to our personal lives.  Into our thoughts, our actions, and our daily routines.  Do you think that I may be going overboard?  Think again!  This is exactly where we will be heading when the government takes over the internet.

The persecution of Christians in the world is getting worse.  The persecution of Christians in America is rising and it will get worse.  Where is the government in supporting Christianity in the world today?  It doesn’t exist!  So why would you think that the government would support Christianity on the internet?  This will propagate the persecution of Christians in America and the world.  They do however, support Islam and Muslims worldwide and in America.  Hmmmm……do you see a pattern emerging here?

Just beware, this is fair warning.  When the government takes control of the internet it will become much more difficult for websites like this one to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  To warn the world of what is soon coming upon us!

Good Lord in heaven, I pray for You to give us the ability to continue spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I pray for you to protect all Christians throughout the world and in America.  I pray for the government to not take control of the internet in order for Your children to continue Your will on earth.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen

God bless my friends!

6 thoughts on “Government control of the internet!

  1. The FCC passed this bill with a 3-2 vote. Our goverent did not even release the 300+ page bill until it had passed. I have been reading it in little bits as it is long and boring.
    Basically they are asserting that service providers provider faster internet speed to the wealthy. They are trying to get support by telling people how unfair this is and saying the government just wants everybody to have equal access. They say that poor people have slower connection to say netflix which leads to more times a movie or article has to pause during play.
    What the government will really start doing under this guise is limit traffic to certain sites that have many viewers then redirect them to another page who have less viewers. For example say 2000 people were reading this site but only 100 were reading a site on Satan. A block would be put on your site to any new comers and they would be redirected to sites that had fewer viewers like the satan site. The problem with this is that it gives the goverent complete control over what sites are blocked and which sites they deem worthy to be redirected to.
    I have no doubt, after witnessing government targeting of individuals and groups that held opposing views to theirs, that they will try to edge out all opposition. The administration has recently said that conservative Christians are more of a terrorist threat to the US than ISIS. We are literally moving into an era of “Big Brother.” These changes will be slow within a year or two but do not be deceived it is going to happen.
    I join you in your prayer and plead the blood of Jesus to cover Christians all over and keep us safe. I pray that we as Christians will continue to be able to meet together on sites like these. Lord Jesus send your mighty warrior Angels to destroy the plans of the enemy. In your name Amen.

  2. I image they’ll see no problem in keeping the internet porn readily available to all.

  3. I second your prayers Gordon.
    But it is written and it shall be done. America with all her iniquities has fallen from grace and as a nation hasn’t turned away from them. Our blessings are now curses (as a nation). The beast is bearing its ugly head.
    The law has passed — it’s in the sorting out stage of its implementation. The internet is (or will be, soon) in the hands of the UN, who will govern it; thanks to our leaders.
    We’re no longer a free Republic abiding by our founding father’s Constitution. “Did you not know that paper is old and decrepit?”
    so says most our governing body. We, my friend, are being fascistized. American has been fundamentally changed. Look around to see this truth.
    We are being separated into two groups – either for or against. And no, I don’t think you’re being a scare mongol by pointing out the obvious; if people ‘have eyes to see’. Civil war in this country will begin soon when entitlements start being cut off. Our police are now UN envoy’s in many states. It’s here. This is just the beginning of what’s yet to come. I agree with you persecution has enter our shores and it will get worst as time progresses. People need to know this, our country has gone down the rabbit hole, and unless we have a revival, a true repentance we will continue to get deeper entrench. We must as individuals keep our faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ now more then ever. The roller coaster ride that was creeping up has reached the top and it’s coming down…Hold on to your hats and be prepared…Be in God’s saving grace through it all, He will see us through it. “Stay with Me; do not fear. For He who seeks my life seeks your life, but with Me you shall be safe.” 1Sam. 22:23 We are here in this time for a reason, let your little light shine, no matter what happens. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2Tim. 1:7 Maranatha! God bless us all.

  4. Thanks SweetJava! Unfortunately there are many in the world today who do think that myself and people who think like I do are “conspiracy nuts”. And unfortunately, I believe that there are many Christians who believe this as well! This is the saddest part of all.

    How sad is it when even so-called Christians do not take the entire word of God to be the whole truth?! When they have a form of godliness yet deny it’s power? Could it be that many are not truly saved? Yet, many are!

    Be strong and courageous in these end times SweetJava! God is with us and will never forsake us my friend, never!

    God bless and Maranatha!

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