A Prayer for the Lost!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is wicked, evil, full of sin and very lost!  Blinded by ruthless ambition, scarred by acts of violence and atrocities.  Building upon the very existence of unadulterated lust and hedonism.  Pride, arrogance, greed, and selfish desires.  All of these play a role in leading the lost into eternal destruction!

The restraints have been taken away, inhibitions have been removed, what was once good is now bad, and what was once bad is now good.  Morals and values in society are quickly eroding into nothing more than anything goes.  Everything is tolerated as long as it doesn’t mean that it’s not.

The world is in desperate need of prayers.  Prayers for the lost, prayers for them to see the light and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

The lost of the world.  Those that seek to do us harm, those who desire gain for themselves and while taking away from others.  Those who kill and destroy.  They all need our prayers.  Yes, even the members of the Islamic State, especially them! 

We must as Christians, as believers in Jesus Christ, reach out to all of the lost.  We must pray for the scales to be removed from their eyes, for the softening of their hearts.  For Jesus Christ to be made known to them.

Lord in heaven, God Almighty, Jesus Christ, I pray in your holy name.  For all those in the world who seek to cause harm to others, who murder, persecute, and destroy.  For those who choose to rebel against you.  I pray for you to make yourself known to them, through visions, dreams, and through your children, the light of the world.  Remove the scales from their eyes, and soften their hearts of stone.  Give them enough wisdom and courage to see the truth.  Lead them to your saving grace.  Show them the truth of who you are.  I also pray for the leaders of the world, that you also soften their hearts, and open their eyes to the truth.  Give them the wisdom and guidance to make good, righteous, and sound decisions.  With your holy name, by the blood of Jesus, may it be done.  I thank you Lord for your patience, for your love, and for your mercy and grace.  Blessed be the name of the Lord, who lives forever and ever!  Amen

God bless my brothers and sisters in Christ.  May the good Lord bless you and guide you on your path of righteousness!   Amen

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  1. Amen, and amen. In the name of Jesus, I too pray the prayer of salvation to reach the masses.
    Come Lord Jesus, come.
    And thank you Gordon.

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