Would a nuclear Iran truly pose an existential threat to Israel?

A military exhibition displays the Shahab-3 missile under a picture of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in Tehran, in 2008. (photo credit: AP/Hasan Sarbakhshian)

A military exhibition displays the Shahab-3 missile under a picture of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in Tehran, in 2008. (photo credit: AP/Hasan Sarbakhshian)

Netanyahu fears a second Holocaust, but even top security officials say Tehran is unlikely to use a bomb if it had one. Yet the emboldening of the ayatollahs, and a likely regional arms race, are worrying enough

(SOURCE)  It’s an oft-repeated refrain in Jerusalem: A nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel. But as world powers and Iran close in on an agreement that will almost certainly leave Tehran with the ability to enrich uranium, some have wondered whether Israel’s existence will actually be threatened.

It was on Holocaust Remembrance Day last year that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that an agreement that leaves Iran as a nuclear threshold state will bring the world “to the threshold of the abyss.”

He’s not alone. Many politicians in the US and Israel have long warned that Iran acquiring an atomic bomb is a doomsday scenario for Israel.

“I agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu that a nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel,” US Senator Charles Schumer said this week. “One nuclear weapon, hurled from Iran to Israel, could end the Jewish state and could kill almost as many Jews as did Hitler.”

While significant gaps remain between Tehran and the six world powers currently negotiating over its rogue nuclear program, the Islamic Republic appears set to become a nuclear threshold state.

It is unclear whether a deal will be agreed in principle by the March 24 deadline, but Netanyahu said Wednesday that the proposal made by the so-called P5+1 to Iran won’t prevent the regime from pursuing its expressed goal of “destroying the State of Israel.” In fact, he said last week, the offer currently on the table “would enable Iran to threaten Israel’s survival.”

Netanyahu, the historian’s son, has been warning for years of Iran’s intention to create an additional Holocaust by destroying the State of Israel.

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4 thoughts on “Would a nuclear Iran truly pose an existential threat to Israel?

  1. No one seems to think this through but Israel and some brave politicians. The aftermath of a nuclear weapon is just as bad. The surrounding countries in that region are not going to be immune to its effects. They want to make Jerusalem their capital but have they thought it through, if they bomb Israel, Jerusalem will also cease to exist as well. It just boggles the mind, this hatred…
    Dear God in Heaven give these world leaders some sense to realize what these actions will surely bring. Protect your people Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Come quickly Lord.

  2. Amen to your prayers SweetJava!

    The tensions just keep on rising in the Middle East and the world. Like a balloon being continually filled with air, in time it will burst! This is our world, continually being filled with evil and violence. Soon it too shall pop!

    God Bless and Maranatha!

  3. I read recently that the president has excluded Isreal in the negotiation talks with Iran. Obama is so angry that The Isreali PM is talking to congress on March 4th that the state department commented that Isreal will pay for it’s decision. Our admin exudes hatred toward Isreal.
    I know that is says in the bible that if God didn’t step in and come back we would all kill each other. I inturpret that to be a necular war. Anti sematism is everywhere, our own universities are voting to bycott Isreal. Everything is so backwards. I still shake my head everytime I think about the president scolding Isreal about defending itself against Hamas. I downloaded the app red alert which warns Isrealis everytime a bomb is coming. My phone for months would sound off as they were repeatedly hammered with rockets.

    Letting Iran gain nuke power is nothing short of stupid. Our government is paying Iran billions of dollars just to stay in the peace talks. What do they think they are going to use that money for? Either we have representatives who are minions of satan or just incredibly deceived.

  4. I agree Rebecca. Most of our government is against Israel. I am glad that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to speak in front of Congress. Good for him and Israel. If all of the Jews in Israel only knew what a great leader they have in him. We should be so fortunate.

    God bless Israel and the Jewish people! God bless Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu for his courage, strength, and wisdom. Peace, comfort and protection to them all. Amen

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