Record-Breaking Western Warmth Brings Escape From Winter

(SOURCE)  If you are looking to escape from winter, head west.

While parts of the East will see some of the coldest temperatures of the season and even in years in some cases, the West will experience record warm temperatures.

A ridge of high pressure will keep temperatures warm from the Rockies to the West Coast through this weekend.

Much of the West and even parts of the Plains have seen warm conditions so far this month with many record warm temperatures broken and more record-breaking warmth is on the way.

Is It Winter or Summer?

High temperatures will be 10 to 20 degrees above average in many locations west of the Rockies through Sunday. High temperatures will climb into the 60s as far north as Seattle and in parts of Montana.

It will feel like spring in Portland, Oregon, with highs reaching the mid 60s late this week. The average high temperatures at the end of April and early May are in the mid 60s.

Record highs are possible each day as well. On Friday record high temperatures are possible in Seattle (current record is 59 degrees), Portland, (60 degrees) and Casper, Wyoming (58 degrees).

Records are also likely on Saturday including Las Vegas (78 degrees), Salt Lake City (58 degrees) and Billings, Montana (59 degrees). Who wouldn’t love that warmth on Valentine’s Day, right?

Phoenix has seen high temperatures in the 80s since Feb. 5 and this 80s stretch is expected to continue through at least Sunday.

The Los Angeles basin will also see high temperatures in the 80s (and a few 90s in some spots) into the weekend. Highs in the low and mid 80s are more summer-like temperatures as the average high in late June and July are in the low and mid 80s.

Frank Gehrke, chief of California Cooperative Snow Surveys Program for the Department of Water Resources, left, walks out to the meadow to conduct the second snow survey of the season at Echo Summit, Calif., Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015. The survey showed the snow pack to to be 12 percent of normal for this site at this time of year. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Along with the warm temperatures a moderate Santa Ana wind event is expected through Friday with some damaging winds possible in parts of southern California where high wind warnings are in effect.

San Francisco will see highs in the low 70s for several days. This will make it feel more like summer than winter as high temperatures in June are in the low 70s. In fact, since Dec. 1, 2014, the average temperature in downtown San Francisco is 56.4 degrees and is so far the warmest on record for this section of the calendar, per the National Weather Service.

The above-average temperatures are likely to continue as the Climate Prediction Center gives a greater than 60 percent chance of seeing above-average temperatures in parts of the West through Feb. 24.

2 thoughts on “Record-Breaking Western Warmth Brings Escape From Winter

  1. I live in the Sierra Nevada’s in Northern California. Usually we have a ton of snow that supplies water to the rest of the state. The past couple of years I have not even had to shovel. It feels like summer, plants are blooming and we actually went swimming in Redding last weekend. It was in the 80s! I have been praying that we get the snow that is plaguing the east coast! This cannot be good for reducing our drought. In 1992-93 we got thirty feet of snow all at once. We could snow shoe over our house. We had no power but just opened a window and used the snow to keep our food cold. It was one of the most memorable times of my life. No school for a month and the coolest snow forts ever. I bet my dad had different memories as he was the one who worked twelve hour shifts then had to come home and shovel for hours. I wonder if there will be snow in heaven?

  2. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and this is the warmest winter I’ve ever seen here! Like you said, it’s more like summer. I have fruit trees actually blossoming! I bet there will be snow, but only for our enjoyment.

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