Mumps outbreak in Idaho spreads to Washington state


The MMR vaccine helps protect against measles, mumps and rubella.(Photo: Joe Raedle, Getty Images)

BOISE, Idaho — A mumps outbreak that began in September at the University of Idaho in Moscow is continuing to spread, according to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Idaho has 21 confirmed cases of mumps as of Friday, six in the Boise area. A pair of cases in Washington state also have been linked to the University of Idaho outbreak.

Mumps can be prevented with the MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella, sometimes called German measles. Parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their children for personal, health or religious reasons have been a complication in the recent measles outbreak that has touched at least 14 states.

“People who have never been vaccinated can have very serious complications,” Sarah Correll, a staff epidemiologist at the Central District Health Department in Boise, said last month when the number of cases was far fewer.

Mumps is spread by droplets of saliva or mucus from the mouth, nose, or throat, and can spread when a infected person coughs, sneezes or talks and through close contact, including face-to-face or sharing a home.

Health officials are urging those who are unvaccinated to get the MMR vaccine. University of Idaho students and those in close contact with them who have not had mumps or gotten the vaccine are urged to get two doses 28 days apart.

Two doses are 88% effective against getting the disease, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; one dose is 78% effective.

Last year, 1,151 people across the USA were reported to have contracted mumps, up from 438 in 2013, the CDC said. Before vaccinations began in 1967, about 186,000 cases were reported each year.

A common complication in men is testicular inflammation, which can cause infertility. Other rare but serious complications include meningitis, encephalitis, inflammation of the ovaries and deafness. Symptoms appear within 25 days of infection, but the virus can be spread before the ill person has any symptoms.

Those infected should stay home from work or school for at least five days after noticing symptoms and limit close contact with other people. Mumps patients should also wash their hands frequently, avoid sharing drinks and utensils, cover coughs and sneezes and clean shared surfaces frequently.

5 thoughts on “Mumps outbreak in Idaho spreads to Washington state

  1. I have stopped praying for revival in our nation, which by- the- way is found nowhere in the bible. But, instead pray fervently for the Lord to come to rapture His church which is what the bible instructs us to pray for. Please don’t anyone judge me too harshly, Our nation has had it’s awakenings but now the cloud of sin is so thick and heavy on our land that I believe we have entered into and under God’s hand of judgment already. Recently another Southern California mega-church announced that this year they were going to (embrace) the superbowl for the first time an show the game on giant screen from their sancturary. Just got to satisfy the carnal in the Lords house on the Lords day, cheerleaders and all, just saying. Superbowl Sunday now the biggest day of the year for the amount of money gambled and the largest number of prostitution acts. What an enormous spiritual drain on our nation. Ever consider how 80 million men became addicted to 8 hours of football on the Lord’s day Sunday in America? think about it. Think what that much energy and resources being spent for the Kingdom of God and the furtherance of the Church would do. As a Christian man, I am sick of being sick of hearing hearing ministers, elders and laymen talk up their motorcycles, surfboards, Kobi, the Lakers, dirtbikes, soccer, and football. When is the last time you heard a conversation about the New Heaven and the New Earth, the Tree of LIfe, The River of water of live clear as crystal proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. God and Christ on the Throne and we His people dwelling with Him for all eternity. The only way for things to get better is for Jesus to come and take His throne and to rule and reign over the whole world in righteousness.

    God bless you Gordon, all articles are up to the moment in prophecy and you are doing a great job of keeping us aware, this site is sure a way God is using you to put peoples focus on Jesus in these last days and moments.
    I am part of an online worldwide Christian mission site called GMO if you haven’t heard of it, it means Global Mission Outreach. We are taking the gospel and making disciples to the whole world through the internet, since it began in about 2004, there have been 1.3 billion responses to the gospel from around the world. I am one of the missionaries and it breaks my heart to see how the devil and world has deceived and is deceiving most people.
    I am noticing how persecution has come so quickly upon Christians including our own nation. Notice how the measles, mumps issue is not about allowing illegials and immigrants into our country carrying these diseases but rather according to our homeland security it is about the (religious) fanatics who refuse to get their kids vaccinated. Christians who are unwilling to yield their kids to the state to know what’s best for them. “It’s those Christians”. The same ones that our President made an erroneous moral reference too regarding the Christian atrocities during the crusades and the Inquisitions at the prayer breakfast.
    When a Jordanian pilot is burned alive and buried in the cage he was burned, our president calls a high level meeting at the white house of Islamic Brotherhood leaders to condemn Islamic backlash from the United States. Which means what he is wanting to communicate is that there will be no toleration for anyone to speak against Islam with regards to their evil actions to themselves or others.
    Thankfully the church may be growing stronger in our country and I’m not referencing numbers but strength in the power of the cross and the Holy Spirit. It certainly is growing in strength in Syria and Iraq where Christian children are being crucified. Every day now is another amazement of the advance of evil and death and destruction and it’s not slowing down., It’s time for us all who claim the title Christian to truly be prepared to stand and even die for our faith in Christ. Lest anyone think that persecution is not coming to our nation they had better think again. PLEASE COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS!

  2. Ethin I don’t know where to start. You’ve said a mouthful brother! All truth. I also believe that our nation may already be in judgment, however, I do still pray for revival in the land. I hold nothing against you, this is just something that I pray for.

    The Superbowl was quite an event for millions of people. I did watch the game, but I do not idolize the game or the sport. What I was thinking was how so many people get so excited and energized over it! To me, it looked like the secular world in worship. It was like the “secular church” of the world. These people are so devoted to the game and to their team. I also noticed that Katy Perry performed at the half time show. I have heard it said that she represents the illuminati in her performances. She did have plenty of fire, was dressed in an outfit of flames, and there were dancers dressed with what looked like horse heads on (illuminati does this as well). When she first came out on stage she was standing on a large animal (perhaps a lion? The lion does represent Satan in the bible, out to devour), also like the woman riding a beast in the book of Revelation. Most people probably did not even notice these things or put them together.

    Thanks for your encouragement Ethin. I try my best to keep up on current world events leading up to the return of Jesus Christ. Yet, many people think that I am focused too much on evil. That I should just focus on the love of Jesus Christ. Some people do not understand why I post such evil and heinous articles. I do it to show believers and unbelievers the signs of the times, that we are living in the end times, and that our time is short. To encourage the believer, to strengthen their faith, and to hopefully lead the lost to salvation. To show them that there is no other way out, only through the blood of Jesus! Amen.

    I have heard of the GMO, that is awesome bro! Stay with it and follow the will of the Lord. God will surely bless you!

    I have also had many thoughts regarding all of the incidents and events you have spoken of. The measles and mumps outbreaks, another sign of the times. I also thought about the government blaming the Christians for not wanting to get their children vaccinated. This also goes along with the President making such vile and erroneous claims against the Christians for the Crusades and the Inquisition. He just demonized Christianity and gave credence to Islam! Just as I have said many, many times, there are those in power and leadership positions who will twist the truth and call evil good, and good evil. This is just one prime example. Just how many people will eat this up?! How many so called Christians will believe this to be true?

    The President also said at the UN, that those who blaspheme (slander) the name of the Islamic prophet, his words: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” He stated that the future should not belong to Christians, but to Muslims. What exactly did he mean by this statement? Does he plan to annihilate the Christians? When did President Obama ever support Christianity or Jesus Christ? I have never heard him do it. Yet I have heard him support Islam over and over again. I made a video a couple of years ago, it is on YouTube, called: “Is Barack Obama the “Anti-christ”? Watch and See!”. Very interesting and we should all be sitting up and taking notice!

    I also agree with you about the church. While she may not be growing in numbers, in fact I wonder just how few, much of the church is growing in the power of the Lord. The true church. Yet, many are falling away to false doctrines, to the teachings of demons. I see it, and I sense it happening.

    The true church of Jesus Christ must be strong, steadfast, and courageous. Our time is short brother. Maranatha!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation regarding the video Is Obama the anti-Christ, I did watch it and noted the 8 similarities that you made from biblical definition to Obama. As I now remember. I had watched it in the past but did not connect it to being your production, anyway nice to meet you brother via youtube. There is all realistic cause for Obama and the media to keep his statements and conduct that is anti-Christ like on the light-hearted and jovial scale, because that way nobody will seriously lock hard and fast onto him actually becoming the anti-Christ. I said “becoming” I believe that there is all probability that even though Obama may not now be the anti-Christ that at any moment and at God’s allowance Satan could enter him and make him the anti-Christ powered up and ready to go.
    I did watch the superbowl halftime video and it is absolutely astounding and as you describe “a woman riding on a beast” That program was produced and delivered right out of the studio of hell with satan as the director and manager. Here’s a quick little video I found on youtube by White Rabbit, thoughts about this years Superbowl halftime show. In this video he also points out some of the Luciferian symbolism exposes the Illuminati propaganda.

    I have often gotten caught in the crosshairs and taken flack for my position on the Christian male community and secular sports events that have co-opted the Lord’s Day Sunday. There was once a time when professional race car driving only promoted oil and tires and such, up until the marketers got smart and realized how many Christians they could draw away from Sunday worship into the race scene by putting scripture references on the cars or promoting drivers as Christian. That way Christians would have a legit excuse to miss church and watch the races because they were watching their Christian brother in a Christian event. One marketer actually admitted this was the case in order to increase viewing and profits. Our male Christian population will not allow a professional quarterback in the NFL to be just a human sports professional, they had to make Tim Tebo an Idol and no doubt that’s exactly what they did. All of a sudden now God needs a “muscle car” or “classic car” event produced by the men’s ministries in order to give Christian men something to fellowship about, and if we bring an unbelieving friend to see the car show then you can sneak in the gospel and he will receive Jesus. None of this is biblical, Jesus doesn’t need man made objects to do the work of the Holy Spirit. God nowhere uses a secular worldly event to catch sinners for Jesus. Sunday is the number one day for NASCAR, PGA, NFL, AFL and NBA, NSL, NHL, in Southern Calif. youth soccer has taken hold so radically that most every soccer field is full from 7a.m. to 9 p.m. through the entire day on Sunday. How many times have I heard parents scurrying to leave church because they had to be at soccer or softball, or men needing to catch the golf tournament or tee time. Someone might say to me; Ethin you are just too ole fashioned, too cold and restrictive, get with the times, join in make Sunday fun. My point is this, we as a nation of men are being robbed of a blessing, an opportunity to be in worship and fellowship and set aside a day to worship the Lord and be with families. I’ve often said that When the Christian divorce rate goes from 55% down to 5%, when the admitted porno viewing of 35% of men in the Christian church drops to zero, then I will shut-up. OK. God help us all, our nation is soaked up to the horses bridle with the blood-guilt of 60 million aborted human lives and we think that judgment will not come, it’s already here, its already happening, God is allowing one seventh of a week, an entire day to be dissolved away from Him and devoted to the world. May it be that He doesn’t want us to draw near with our lips and stay far away with our actions, therefore he is given us over to our own desires to rid Him of hypocritical company. All this will soon to be fully realized as the heavens are being closed up from blessings and turn to brass and as our blood and treasure are being spent for the whirlwind as we continue to sow the wind. “maranatha”

  4. Hey Ethin, thanks for your comments. I don’t know if Obama is the anti-Christ or will be. But, I do know that he is anti-Christ! The similarities are astounding.

    I agree that the world is enamored with sports and athletes in general. I’m not sure how many Christians are missing church or spending time with the Lord in order to catch their favorite sporting event. It wouldn’t surprise me if the numbers were high. Actually, I’m feeling guilty for watching the Superbowl game. I pray that the Lord forgives me for it. I don’t watch much sports, it doesn’t really interest me and I don’t have the time for it. I don’t watch much tv either, don’t have the time, and there is nothing on that really interests me.

    I will check out the video that you recommended regarding the illuminati.

    God bless!

  5. Thank you Gordon for indulging me my thoughts and opinions, It’s just that I know by the signs and the times we are living in that our nation and the whole world is in great peril and the Lord is returning for his church very soon, yet the devil is putting up his false world of entertainment, distractions, and entertainments to draw men away from the Lord. I love the Church the Body of Christ and all my brothers in it and want to see them draw close as possible to the Lord. God Bless you!!

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