Belief in the Untruths!

This photo is for illustrative purposes only.  It is not meant to speak one way or the other regarding this news channel.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only.  There is no intention to discredit this news channel.

 Beware of what you are being fed!

Commentary By: Gordon King

The world is deceived, people are buying into the lies.  What in the world are people drinking these days?!  They are duped into drinking the “kool-aide”.

I have recently spoken to several secular people who believe many untruths regarding our times and our society at large.  One woman told me that we are now spending much less on government entitlements then we have in the past.  Where in the world is she getting her information from?!

The following charts are from “”.

This chart graphs Federal spending for pensions, health care, and welfare. As you can see, spending has increased over time, not the other way around. There are periods of spikes, however all sectors continue to rise.

Federal Debt Chart

The U.S. Federal Debt is on a steady increase. Each year the debt increases by the “Trillions”, not “Billions”. This is astounding!

A young man told me that murder is at a historical low.  What?!  Who did he hear that from?  From the statistics I found, murder has declined for the past few years (not including ISIS or terrorism).  However, with that being said, murder over the past few decades, since the 1960s has risen.  Not only that, but the brutality of crimes in general is getting worse.  The following is from “”.  You can visit the site and get the entire picture.

us crime rates 1960s

us crime rates 2010 to 2013

 We must be very careful about what we hear, and from who we hear it from.  Check out the statistics yourself.  I did not have much time to research the stats, so these were “googled” very quickly.  I need to spend more time researching the subject.

My point is, that the world is being fed lies and they believe them to be the truth.  They see the world as getting better not worse.  They believe that all is well and things will only improve.  This could be further from the truth.  The world is becoming a darker place.  We all need to remove our rose colored glasses and see things for how they really are.  Unfortunately, many will fail at this task. 

I also spoke to another woman about the world falling apart, such as droughts and water shortages.  One gentleman said that God would take care of things and I agreed.  She said “No, the earth will heal herself, she always does”.  This is ignorance and an untruth.  God will take care of things, He always does.  He is in control.

The world is a mess, people are believing the lies.  The secular world reasons things out in their own minds.  They believe that they have all of the answers and that all is well.  I tell you now that all is not well, unless you have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ!  That is the answer, the only answer!

God bless my friends!