Eight killed, some 50 injured in Negev traffic accident


(SOURCE)  Eight people were killed and at least 50 were injured in a traffic accident in the Negev Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Labor-Hatnua joint list for the Knesset was announcing its socioeconomic plan, drafted by Manuel Trajtenberg.

The Times of Israel is blogging events as they unfold.

Location of accident in south

IAF, firefighters, MDA join forces on site

Firefighters from the Beersheba Fire and Rescue Services, Magen David Adom paramedics and helicopters, and IAF helicopters, all join forces on the site of the massive accident near Lehavim junction in the south. Zaka volunteers are also on site.

The bus that was hit is a public bus. Most people killed or injured are residents of the area, says Channel 2.

‘It feels like a terror attack’

Gadi Kellerman, a Zaka official in Beersheba, says the scene of the accident is “reminiscent of terror attacks. It’s very difficult here.”

Zaka man says eight dead in accident

Zaka’s Shimon Zagouri tells Channel 2 that a truck carrying a tractor collided with the bus and the tractor fell near the bus and damaged the left side of the bus.

Zagouri says eight people are dead [as of 3 p.m.].

Some on site still undergoing resuscitation

“We are getting reports live from the scene. We learn there are more than 50 people hurt. There are several dead people, apparently 8. These are preliminary reports, the event is still ongoing,” an MDA official tells Channel 2.

“Some injured people are in critical condition and some are still undergoing resuscitation. I say carefully based on the reports we get there are no people alive left trapped on the bus. I say this very carefully since we are not sure but this is what I know from reports on the scene.”