Jesus is Returning Soon!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

This is only the 4th day of January 2015, and the escalation of evil and wickedness in the world already seems worse than 2014.  Only 4 days into the new year, and the news is getting worse by the day.  I only report just a very small fraction of what is happening in the world.  There is just so much violence and tragedy that I cannot even begin to keep up with it.  And that is only what is being reported in the national and international media, much of what small town and local medias are reporting is going unnoticed.  Much of the evil and violence in the world is going unreported period!

Severe and strange weather patterns continue to cross the globe, man-made and natural disasters are occurring each and everyday, the evil, violence, and wickedness is mounting beyond an unimaginable scope, the persecution of both Christians and Jews is rising, and the truth is being twisted into lies upon lies!

Yet, in the midst of all this chaos and mayhem, God is shining His light.  Miracles are happening, and the truth is being spread throughout the world.  There is still hope for the lost, for them to see the light and come to salvation.  It is only through the light of the world, the believers in Jesus Christ, that they will be shown the truth.  We are the light of the world, Jesus lives within us, and through us performs His will.  It is He who shines His light, performs good works, and saves the lost. 

This is the state of the world in which we now live, but very soon it shall not be this way.  The light of the world will be removed, and darkness will overpower those that dwell upon the earth.  Their hearts shall be further hardened, their eyes further blinded, and their ears further deafened.  Not until the 144,000 Jews are sealed by God will the light once again shine.  But many will not hear, shall not see, nor shall believe the truth.  They will be made to believe the lies of Satan and his demons.

This is the time to come to repentance and believe in the one and only true God, Jesus Christ!  Before the rapture of the church.  Once the church is removed the world will be an even darker place.  Evil will have full reign, and the wickedness will abound.  The Tribulation Period will be a time of great sorrow and pain, suffering and loss.  It will be a time of God’s wrath, and a time of Satan’s full power unleashed upon the world.  It will be a time of intense chaos and confusion, of hatred, evil, and violence.  It will be a time of great disaster, calamity, mass death and destruction!

God is good and He is in control of all things.  It is He and He alone who allows pain, suffering, and tragedy to occur.  It is He who allows Satan and his demons to perform evil and wickedness.  This is all part of His plan, part of what must happen before His return to earth.  We don’t know all of God’s ways, nor do we understand all of His thoughts, but we do know that He is Holy, Righteous, and Pure.  We know that He is Good, is Love, and is Just.  We know that all things work together for the good of those that love Him.

Listen to what the Lord is telling us, listen to what He is saying.  Pay attention to the signs of the times.  Take heed and watch.  For the time is here, it is now, and He is coming soon!

May the good Lord bless you richly and abundantly, may He give you the peace and comfort that only He can!  Amen

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  2. In our small province of Alberta we have had 16 murders in the past week, 9 here in Edmonton and 7 in Calgary. That is unbelievable considering our City averages approximately 50 per year. Every single day I pray for Jesus’ return as I cry myself to sleep without my precious boys. My faith in God is what tells me I will be with them again soon. The signs are everywhere that the time is close, we just have to hold on until he arrives to take us to paradise. I have an “urgency” I cannot explain and that is what tells me that I am right. We all must prepare for his arrival, proclaim our faith and save all those we can until the blessed day. Thank you Gordon for giving me a page to visit everyday. Although your posts are often disheartening they let me know I am not alone in my belief that the end is near. God Bless you from a momma who is desperately missing her boys

  3. Once again Gordon you state what you see and I agree with you 100%. Funny how we are instinct (being children of God) in so many issues. Yesterday, I too was looking at the year ahead – 2015. And is looking rather grim and we’re only in the first days of the year. I started complying a list myself and was astonish:
    – “strong delusions” already here;
    – the churches across the land of the free are lukewarm (just like Rev.3 says). I came upon an article in which ‘the dean of religion at Stanford Univ. has advised churches to stop conversions and shouldn’t even “do religion”. Incredible right.. there’s classes in “empathy” instead.
    – the one world religion is coming, with the pope uniting every religion under one banner, because we all believe in the same God…right..
    – Immorality is rampant. Hatred & lawlessness of every kind is spreading.
    – persecution will intensify in places unheard of
    – orchestrated chaos is here, police state coming
    – indoctrination of the masses has been happening for awhile with lies & deceit
    – Muslim league confederacy of nations is flourishing (who deny the Holy Spirit, deny the trinity, the cross, deny God’s edicts & laws.) But their peaceful. right.. (Ezek. 30-32 speak of this)
    – Russia is moving south (the kingdom of the north moving.. (Gog/Magog: Ezek. 38-39)
    – Israel is surrounded by enemies then ever before & we’re doing business with Iran.
    – America is broke with 18T in debt (our children will never recover from); among other nations who are also in debt.
    – Brazil, Russia, India, China and others have begun stepping away from the US Reserve currency to their own monetary system called BRICs.
    – the US dollar will be collapsing (it’s a matter of when not if)
    This is just a few of things I feel strongly that’s here and on the horizon, along with what you have gathered.
    Then there’s the completion of the BloodMoon tetra and eclipses: – March 20th (14days before Passover) a solar eclipse
    – April 4 total moon eclipse-blood moon (day of Passover) judgments coming to Israel & USA
    – September 13 is a Sabbatical year & a Jubilee year (Deu.15 &/or The Harbinger by J. Cahn) this might be our financial upheaval.
    – Sept. 13 solar eclipse
    – Sept. 14 Rosh Hashanah ( I heard in some circles this might be the rapture.. who really knows but Our Creator)
    – Sept. 28 the last blood moon: Feast of Tabernacles. (displacements..?)
    There’s change coming you can bank on it. We are living in the last day generation. We have entered the deceiving time in our history. The prep work is in place for the impostor to enter the world stage. “Jesus said ‘The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand. REPENT YE and BELIEVE THE GOSPEL'”. Mark 1:15 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because thou has rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee…” Hos.4:1 “But he who endures to the end shall be saved.” Matt. 24:13 God’s calling is greater now then ever. He must find us ready to defend our faith, ready to do His will in this dying world. JESUS IS OUR ONLY HOPE. Whatever we are going through, He feels it too, with prayer He will make it easier to bear if that is His will. We are not to question, there is a time for that later! You must NOT doubt but trust Him! There’s lessons to be learned, there’s patience and obedience to practice. God is preparing us for what’s coming, do not fear, do not loose heart. Prophecy is history yet to happen. Want to know what will happen next open His manual. The answers are in the Holy Scriptures. There’s life changing, life saving knowledge in its pages. Humbly ask Jesus into your heart (can’t be repeated enough to walk with the Lord) and repent of all your offences. Live cleanly from this day forward, praying all the time for strength to hang in there. He gives us the strength to endure, peace to forge ahead until His advent. The war has been won. “The battle is the Lord’s…” 1Sam.17:47. His return is sure, even at the door. The battle of good & evil is intensifying with each passing day. Stay firm in your belief. Let no one, no thing distract you, for the evil one’s minions are on the prowl. We are to be separate from the world, focus and alert following Jesus’ ways not man’s or our own. Let’s produce the fruit of the Spirit and good will towards men. The evil one’s goal is to destroy us. But God is our strength, His Power within us, Rd Eph.6:10. We also will receive power once we accept Jesus into our lives His Spirit is in us. read Acts 1:8. Our protection is the shield of faith, read 2Tim.1:7, Josh. 1:9. Stand and resist the evil one’s treachery. God bless.

  4. Thank you SweetJava, your words are encouraging, true, and very inspiring.

    You have made many good points regarding the times and the signs of the times. We are living in the end times, no doubt in my mind. Another thing regarding the year 2015, you mentioned the “Year of Jubilee”. This is also known as the “Shemitah” (release). I am now reading Jonathan Cahn’s book “The mystery of the Shemitah”. Very fascinating book, I highly recommend it. This principle of God applies to all nations who have placed their faith in God, then turn away or do not obey Him, such as America and Israel. Our country is in grave danger for rebelling against the Lord!

    The year 2015 can bring with it good things and blessings for those who obey the Lord, however for those that don’t it will bring a downfall, calamity, and disaster!

    You are also right that we are now in preparation mode, for the end times, but also for the Millennium and eternity. God has a plan and it is in action.

    Will we choose to be a part of His plan, or rebel against it? The choice is ours to make.

    God bless SweetJava!

  5. My dear sister Carole, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. But, although it is only temporary, it must be a burden that is most difficult to bear. I cannot even imagine your pain. God is good and His words are true, one day soon you will be reunited with your sons!

    I appreciate your kind words Carole. It is a blessing to me to know that there are people out there reading this blog, and that they are either encouraged by it, blessed by it, or helped in some way through it.

    I am currently going through a loss right now also, however it must not be nearly as painful as the loss of your children. My earthly father will soon pass away, probably within a few days per the doctor. He is unresponsive, cannot eat or drink. All of this came on very suddenly, within a months time. Before that he was healthy and independent. My hope is that he will soon be with Jesus in heaven. He is saved, thank the Lord!

    I too have felt this urgency for the past few years. And each year it grows with intensity. It makes me feel sort of “nuts”! If I did not know the word of God, then I would say that I am crazy, but I do.

    I know that many of my posts are disheartening, but this is meant to wake people up, and to inform the lost of the end times. To warn the world of what is happening around them and what it really means. The Lord commands us to watch for His return, thus the signs. I also try to post things which are not so troublesome, however, probably not as much as I should.

    Stay strong Carole, keep the faith, and know that God is with you! He will give you the peace and comfort that you need. God bless!

  6. I will indeed take up your recommendation in reading Mr. Cahn’s book. Thank you. The book of Leviticus mentions the Jubilee year and what is expected and yes the US has sorely disregarded it’s benefits. Sad the state of our country, of the world and for those who choose the world’s play toys instead of a loving God.. I choose to be a part of His plan in anyway His will be done.. Our redemption is near my friend, any ills we are facing here and now will all go by the waste land when Our Redeemer comes. Just a little longer till the word (our little light) is spread to the entire globe and it’s happening.. Keep shining your light Gordon and let’s keep looking up. May the Lord bless you and hear your prayers, may you find solace in His arms in times of sorrow and pain. And rejoice for as you stated the Millennium and eternity is waiting. Amen.

  7. Your list is quite extensive Sweetjava, all the current issues that could bring the implosion of world events in an instant to the place where the anti-Christ will be welcomed and establish his economic and political dominion. Thankfully God has His plan for His believers as we listen for his trumpet sound to be caught up to heaven to be with the Lord. God bless you with even greater wisdom and discernment!.

    Also lifting you up in prayer Gordon in this time of need for strength to go through the trials and difficulties with your dad. May Jesus pour out His abundant grace upon you and give you help in time of need. May you dad have the peace that surpasses all understanding, comfort and freedom from pain.

  8. Thank you Ethin, May the Lord bless you richly with good health and wisdom.
    The inspiration came to me as I too was contemplating this new year, doing my early morning devotional. I’m forever making notations, writing things down that I’ve read or seen, trying to with prayer & the Good Lord’s blessing to connect it to bible prophecy and so the list just formed itself. Amazing isn’t it… If I wasn’t a believing Christian it would of scared the dickens out of me. I thank Gordon for letting me share it and wondered what he thought.
    I whole heartily agree with you it does point the way and with this being the Jubilee year (which when adhere to is a blessing and when not its a curse) our time here is very, very short. We must hang in there, stay strong and in the Lord’s care. I too, wait for the trumpet sound. God bless.

  9. The only thing I don’t understand is what will happen when he comes when god finally comes back to earth what will happen

  10. Jesus will return twice, once in the air at the rapture of the church, the other at the very end during the battle of Armageddon.

    Jesus will then return and defeat Satan and his armies. Satan shall be bound for one thousand years and thrown into the bottomless pit. During that time Christ will rule and reign on earth. Satan will be released at the end of this time to fight against the nations of the earth. Christ will defeat him again once and for all and cast him into the lake of fire forever. Then the Great White Throne Judgment. (Revelation 20)
    God bless Kristina!

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