Christmas, a time to celebrate or not?!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The Christmas celebration, a time of food, fun and festivities.  Family traditions passed down for generations.  Presents, trees, lights, and plenty of food.  But is this a holiday we should be celebrating?  Is Christmas a time for Christians to celebrate?

I’ve heard many Christians say that we should not be celebrating Christmas.  That it’s nothing more than a pagan holiday.  That in celebrating Christmas you are actually celebrating idols, and worshiping the dollar.

The celebration of Christmas has been a family tradition for many, many generations since the birth of Christ.  However, I believe that it’s true, the pagans have hijacked Christmas and turned it into a holiday without any real meaning or value.  It has since become a time for retailers to add to their bottom line, a time for consumers to spend.

This is what really gets me.  Most of the people who celebrate Christmas do so without even knowing why they’re doing it!  They don’t know the real meaning of Christmas.  It’s a holiday which has been passed down to them for generations, a family tradition.

A time to cut down and put up a tree, to buy and spend, to give and to receive.  A time for friends and family to come together to feast.  A time to party it up!  And for what?!  For what other reason do they celebrate Christmas?!

This is not Christmas!  Christmas is a holiday which should be celebrated by Christians!  And I think that it should only be celebrated by Christians.  Anything other than that is pagan worship!  Does the world celebrate Hanukkah?  No, only the Jews celebrate it!  When unbelievers celebrate a “Christian” holiday, then all that it represents is taken away!  It becomes a secular holiday, void of any real meaning, void of its true meaning.  This my friends, is another ploy of the devil himself.

Christians should celebrate the birth of Christ each and everyday.  However, by celebrating the birth of Jesus at Christmas, we are giving Him honor and glory on that special day!  There is nothing wrong with Christians choosing one day a year to give special thanks to God, in celebration, in thanksgiving for what He has done for us!  For what He has given us.  The Jews, God’s chosen people, have many feast days and celebrations honoring God and what He has done for them.  Likewise, Christians also have special days in which we honor and celebrate God.  Jesus Himself gives us examples of celebration, such as with holy communion, and He Himself also celebrated special occasions!

My beef is not if Christians should or shouldn’t celebrate Christmas, but that the secular world does celebrate it!  They have taken it down to the point of having no meaning or value.  They have degraded a very special day for Christians into another excuse to party for the unbeliever!  This degradation is demonic and spiritual.

Let us not bicker over whether or not Christians should be celebrating the birth of our Savior.  If you choose not to celebrate then don’t, if you do then do it with Christ as the centerpiece!  Do it as a celebration of the birth of God into a dark, dark world, coming into the world to save it!  This is what Christmas is all about.  God coming into the world to save it, to build a bridge between the lost and heaven above.  To give us a relationship with Him, daily and forever more!  Jesus Christ, the link between man and God the Father.  The birth of God into the world, as a man in the flesh, yet still God.  What’s a better way for God to relate to man, than to become a man Himself?!

Don’t worry about trivial things such as, should I put up a Christmas tree, or should I buy gifts?  Of course you can, and don’t feel guilty about it!  As long as you are focused on what Christmas really means.  Keep your attention on the birth of Christ and what He has done for us.  Celebrate the birth of our Savior and Creator!  Enjoy the grace that God has bestowed upon us, and the mercy that He has given to us! 

Christmas!  A time for Christians to celebrate the birth of our creator!  What a wonderful and joyous time it should be.  Remember, it’s not about us, it’s about Him and what He has done for us.  Give Him the thanks, the honor and the glory!  Forever and ever!  Amen