The Church Divided!

Commentary By: Gordon King

One of the end-time scenarios will be the division of the church.  The true church of Jesus Christ will be weeded out from among the tares.  There will be the forming of a “One World Religion”, which I believe is even now being formed.  Apostasy in the church will run rampant.

There will be those who call themselves Christians, yet do not bear the fruits of the Spirit.  They will deviate from scriptural teachings, away from the teachings of Jesus Christ.  This is one of Satan’s attempts to bring down the church.

A prime example of this is found in an article that I ran across today. 

“Pastor calls for killing gays to end AIDS”

The pastor of this church in Tempe Arizona, apparently said that by killing all homosexuals, we can get rid of AIDs.  If this in and of itself was not bad enough, in a rebuttal against what the pastor said, another pastor refutes his comments.  However this pastor is a self-proclaimed homosexual!

This is what’s happening in the church today.  Twisting of the truth, biblical teachings taken out of context, and blasphemy in the church.  When the world looks at these things happening in so-called “Christian” churches, they take a negative view of Christianity.  This is exactly what Satan wants to happen.

The infiltration of evil and wickedness in the church.  The demonic spirits at work in the church.  The persecution of Christians in the world and in America! 

The church is being torn apart at the seams, ripped open to its core!  The values and morals which represent true Christianity are being demonized and put on trial.  What the bible actually states, when taken at its word, in context, is not being taken for the truth.  It’s being overlooked, undervalued, and twisted into another meaning.  This my friends is separating the true church of Jesus Christ from a “One World Religion”.

We must know what the bible tells us to be the truth.  We must not deviate from biblical teachings.  God’s Word is the final authority for all true Christians.  Without “the Word”, we shall all perish.

The sad truth is that many, many Christians do not understand God’s Word.  They do not know truth from fiction, twisted truth from pure truth.  They cannot see the lies, the deception in the world, and this is very sad.  This shall lead them into destruction, because they did not know the truth, nor did they know the “Word”.  The bible tells us that the “Word” is God.  The “Word” has always been and will always be, forever and ever!

Many churches are not teaching the truth.  They are not teaching what God has told us, and what God wants us to know.  Church leaders should teach from the bible, the entire bible.  Whether they like it or not!  There are many churches which only teach things that make us feel good, without any real substance or meaning.  This is a disgrace and much more than a disservice to God.

For this pastor in Arizona to say that all homosexuals should be killed is not biblical.  Jesus himself tells us to love, to have mercy, to forgive.  All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  There is not one among us who has not sinned.  Forgiveness is the key, not murder.  Love and kindness, patience and forgiveness!  We should hate the sin, but love the sinner, for this is how God loves us.  We have been given eternal life, not of our own doing, but by the grace of God.  A gift bestowed upon us even though we are unworthy to receive it.  He has given us mercy, the withholding of punishment, although we do deserve it!

Homosexuality is a sin.  We should not love it, we should try to correct it by being loving and kind.  By teaching the truth.  By sharing Jesus Christ and true biblical teachings.  We should have mercy upon them, and forgive them for what they do, just as Christ has forgiven us.  We should love those who hate us, even though this goes against world thought and reasoning.

The church is being divided.  The world has gone mad.  The “One World Religion” is forming.  Know where you stand, know whose side that you are on.  Make your decision and stick to your convictions.  For the time is soon coming for your faith to carry you through.  Read the bible, study God’s word, so that you may know the truth from lies.  Commune with the Lord, so that His Spirit will guide you and give you the discernment that you need!

God Bless my friends!  Until next time….Maranatha!

6 thoughts on “The Church Divided!

  1. How sad but true, Gordon.
    The Good Lord told us in the end times people will be lovers of pleasure and themselves then lovers of Him (2Tim. 3:2-4).
    The church a place to hear and be taught the word of God, a place to be converted to change your person from within to live a morally righteous and spiritually ordain life; To LOVE God above everything that is LIFE, The Creator of our very breath…”In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth….” (Genesis 1:1) .
    The church has lost its way of the truth and the true meaning of its calling.
    The church, groups of individuals devoted to God the Father, trusting His lead. If not consequences happens that may not be what one expected. The state we are in. Belief in His son Jesus Christ for forgiveness. Repentance, a turning back. The church destined to inherit the kingdom of God; a group of believers where Jesus Christ is the head (Eph.5:23) Christ is the body (Col.1:18). Through Him life is more abundant. How we live determines the outcome. His commandments are the rule of conduct. Yet is it stressed in the churches?
    The church can be considered like a hospital in many ways, a spiritual hospital where sick people come in are cared for, nourished, cleaned, made whole in mind and spirit, loving and thankful for everything our Creator has given us. For God is love.
    A place where people meet to worship and pray; where true enlightenment by reading ‘the word’ with others can enhance one’s understanding, where strength and encouragement can also come from and be foster to meet the challenges of this ill infested world. A place where TRUTH from the written word should be taught not just recited, but investigated, deeply looked at, scrutinized within its pages, for Scriptures interprets itself, if one takes the time to search humbly and with prayer. Having no conceivable idea of ones own. Examined with history. History itself verifies the written word, authenticating our day and age, and the times we are living in. The Lord is letting us know through the written word where we are in time,(And mind you the warnings were written 2000 + years ago). Are the churches telling you what is written? Preparing you?
    Science too has proven ‘the Book’ with validated factual data of its trustworthiness and accuracy, for the rulers of the church and its members to deviate from the words therein. God’s manual has been twisted in such a way that it collects dust rather then read. In it is truth, in it is life everlasting. It tells of what has been, what is occurring and what’s to come. Its the history of the human race, of heavenly beings and the fall from grace. A disconnect with the Creator. The damaged done when a created being wanted to be superior to the One who created him; a lair was found in the mist of the heavenly realm, invading our newly created world. (See Genesis). Our own fall when man decided to handle things on his own instead of trusting God’s word. Thereby forfeiting his life. Which people still do. When love is taken out of the equation havoc is created instead. And here we are. Where are the churches warning what the pages of Scriptures tell?
    Jesus came to restore order, restore us back before discord and distrust made its ugly head. He shows us we’re not alone– God cares, always has. Both blessings and curses are found in the pages of ‘the Book’. One must choose who to follow, events are moving ever closer to the advent of our Lord in all His glory and majesty returning to collect His church. Will He find one, ready?Let’s not be caught asleep as the buildings called churches are, when the master of the house returns. Although the church has lost its way– ‘We the people’ should seek God’s guidance in sincere prayer, for the church is inside us, as individuals. Like minds should unite. It’s spiritual with Christ as our center. It’s love everlasting. It’s producing the fruit of the Spirit in our own life. Let others SEE you belong to God’s kingdom. I pray people awaken to the realization that God is very much part of our lives. Love and repentance goes hand in hand. Everyone is human and has sin, the question is will you let Jesus into your heart? Not let some church teach you different.
    Sad G. this ‘falling away’ of the church. This spiritual decline. There are many who cannot tolerate the truth, for in it the sin is revealed and truth is exposed. Imposters and deceivers has entered the churches with their doctrines instead of the Biblical truth, teachings that is what should stir the individual to conversion and repentance. Alas it is sorely missing in this day and age. Just like Scriptures predicted. God bless my friend. To God goes all the glory. And thank you for letting His Spirit shine within you..

  2. Thanks SweetJava! The truth must be made known. The wise shall know the truth, but the fool will scoff at and mock the truth.
    God Bless and Maranatha!

  3. true even now many confusing explanations of the word of God is out there and many people are being deceived helplessly and they do not even know to read the word of God and some hearts are just hopelessly hardened which is quite very sad especially when they are a loved one

  4. So right Esther! Much of what is being taught seems to be the truth, or at least it contains much truth. But, much of it is twisted and turned in ways which are not true. This is a great deception and many shall fall to it.
    God bless!

  5. So true Gordon! I have sat in many church meetings where things went from good to lukewarm then to bad and then to even worse throughout a period of years where at the end ( just before I left attending these meetings) The Bible was not even opened in the services much less taught from. It became a show of one-up-manship more like a form of entertainment each receiving honour from each other and no real Glory given to God !
    The Church being the Body of Christ on Earth for a while longer, must stand firm and hold tight to the teachings of the Bible no matter how intolerant they sound to those without understanding. We would all like to be popular in our carnal natural selves, pleasing to all so we can be free from persecution but we know as Christians that we must deny our natural carnal selves and agree with and surrender to God the many things that would prevent the transforming work of The Holy Spirit being worked out in us. We are called to go The Way of The Cross following in our Masters footsteps and this World will hate us because we are not of this World. We will share our Masters fate, He was despised, rejected and knew the bitterest grief and we will do so too as we walk in an obedience to a way that goes against everything the world and the natural man holds dear. I believe if the way of The Cross is not taught and is not experienced as a reality in the life and understanding of the persons professing Christ as their Saviour then they are under a deceptive teaching. The True Church and the Apostate church will part company at the way of The Cross. There will be no counting the cost to the self resulting in acceptance of denying self involved in the false Christianity, it will be a feel good, false love of inclusiveness and teaching from some very watered down diluted versions of Biblical principles. In fact I think they (the Apostates) will have to rewrite The Bible so that it can be read without bringing conviction of their false teachings, probably the leaders will be the only ones allowed to interpret the meanings!

    God bless you brother and Maranatha!

  6. Thanks for your comment Christine!

    Yes, we must believe what the scriptures tell us to be the truth, not water it down, sugar coat it, or change it! We as believers need to be aware and alert regarding the truth and what we are told to be the truth by people misleading and twisting it around.

    God bless!

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