Severe Flooding Hits France: At Least 4 Dead, More Flooding Expected

A sign that reads ‘Road Closed’ is placed to stop vehicles travelling along the flooded road which leads to the town of Vergeze, in Gard. (Photo: Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty Images)

(SOURCE)  Days of heavy rain in the Mediterranean region of southeastern France triggered flash floods and severe flooding that killed at least four people and left two missing, officials said. 

According to meteorologist Linda Lam, the region has experienced rain off and on since Monday, with the heaviest rainfall on Thursday into Friday. For instance, more than 4 inches of rain has fallen on Hyères, France, so far this week; the area typically sees that much rain in a month, Lam said. 

All of that rain has saturated the soil, leading to deadly flash flooding events and widespread river flooding. 

In one such instance, a woman’s body was found next to her vehicle near a flooded river in the French department of Var, the Associated Press reports. According to Var officials, the woman was traveling with her 8-year-old daughter, who remains missing. 

“Her daughter has not been found. It is likely that the child has died,” the official told the French edition of The Local. 

Two other people were killed in Var, France, after being swept away by floodwaters. One woman’s body was recovered on a beach in Hyères, France, and a man’s body was recovered in Cogolin, France. 

The Local reports that emergency personnel had to rescue 30 children from a school in Grimaud, France, after floodwaters rose high enough to trap the students. All the children were rescued safely, the site reports. 

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2 thoughts on “Severe Flooding Hits France: At Least 4 Dead, More Flooding Expected

  1. 65% of evangelical Christians do not believe in climate change but rather contribute these horrific weather occurances to the end time events. That’s at least 65% getting it right. I appreciate these type of articles because it should make people realize how perilous the times in which we life. It’s amazing how God placed the atmospheric weather at about 20,000 feet to earth’s surface yet man has turned the weather and climate into some kind of a self willed Idol that can be influenced by carbon and chemical emission into the air. Puny man occupies only about the first 6′ feet of the earths surface and thinks that he can control the vastness of atmospheric weather. Reminds me of a time when man thought that he could reach God by building a tower to heaven, yet God showed them who controlled heaven and earth by confounding their language.

  2. Hello Ethin! I do believe that there is climate change, my question is not: “Is there climate change?”, but rather: “Why are we seeing such extreme weather changes?”. We can all see and witness the climate changing. Regardless of what even caused it, it was destined to happen now, in the end times. These changes are all part of the end time scenario.

    The thing that really gets me, is that man thinks that he can control the weather, that he can control the disease, the famine, the disasters that are coming before us. That all is well and man can control the destiny of the world. This is what gets me! Even with everything around us getting worse by the day, man still thinks that he can do it all on his own.

    God bless Ethin

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