Todays deceptions and lies!

Commentary By: Gordon King

The deception, the lies, the untruths.  Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing!  Double-talk, two-handed, and evil.  Words to describe the demonic spirits influencing many in the world today.  They say one thing, then turn around and say the complete opposite.

A prime example of this was seen after the tragic terror attack at a Jerusalem Synagogue.

Fatah spokesman says West Bank governing party ‘condemn[s] violence and it is absolutely regrettable … what has happened this morning’ – @BBCNews

This statement from a Fatah spokesman is pure evil and straight from the pit of hell!  Nothing could be more absurd and untrue.  Fatah has been promoting evil, violence, hatred, and murder against the Jews, as shown in the following article and video:

Fatah official calls for blood to ‘purify’ Jerusalem of Jews (+Video)

(Excerpt) “Fatah officials made repeated statements in recent weeks praising deadly terror attacks on Israelis, and calling for “blood” to “purify” Jerusalem of Jews.

The calls for violence came amid a series of terror attacks over the last month that left six Israelis dead and dozens injured.”

Another prime example of this double-talk, is from the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization Mahmoud Abbas and his entourage.  Today he made an announcement regarding the attack at the Jerusalem Synagogue.

Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization Mahmoud Abbas ‘condemns the killing of civilians no matter who is doing it’ – @Reuters

However, that is not what Mahmoud Abbas has previously promoted.  The following article is from

Abbas’ advisors denounce violence but praise murderous terrorists 

Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Nov. 5, 2014

On Oct. 22 and Nov. 5, 2014, Palestinian terrorists ‎drove their cars into pedestrians in Jerusalem in two separate attacks, killing a total of 4. ‎

PA TV News on a statement by Nimer Hammad, advisor to Abbas, ‎following one of the car terror attacks in East Jerusalem:
Official PA TV reporter: “Nimer Hammad, Chairman [Mahmoud Abbas’] political ‎advisor, emphasized in a statement to PA TV that Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is ‎making sure that our people is not drawn into a cycle of violence and counter-violence, ‎according to the Netanyahu government’s plan to curb the diplomatic and political ‎pressure against it.”

[Official PA TV, Nov. 5, 2014]‎

Facebook page of Abbas’ advisor and Fatah Central Committee member‎ Sultan Abu Al-Einein, following one of the car terror attacks in East Jerusalem:
‎”Jerusalem is rising up; behold the illustrious and blessed children of Jerusalem ‎lighting the spark of revolution, saturating the land of the homeland with their pure ‎blood… The earth-shaking reaction came from the heroes of Jerusalem. It ‎began with the heroic Martyr (Shahid) [Abd Al-Rahman] Al-Shaloudi, then [Mutaz] ‎Hijazi and, behold, today it comes from the heroic Martyr Ibrahim Al-Akari. They ‎answered the call of the homeland.”‎ ‎[Facebook page of Abbas’ advisor and Fatah Central Committee member‎‎ Sultan Abu Al-Einein, Nov. 5, 2014]

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The world is evil, wicked, and getting worse by the day.  The lies, the deception, the twisting of the truth.  After lie upon lie, it often becomes difficult to see the truth.  People are being fed lies, garbage, and twisted facts.  Most people seem to be eating it up!  This is sad, so very sad.  The eyes of the blind, leading the lost into destruction. 

The leaders of Islam, are influenced by Satan and his demonic forces.  They seek to destroy what is true, to annihilate the Jews (God’s chosen people), and to influence the world towards hatred, murder, evil, and violence.  This is not from God, it’s not holy, righteous, or good.  If it’s not from God (Jesus Christ), then it’s from Satan!  The father of all lies, chaos and confusion, a murderer, a thief, and a destroyer.

Seek what is from above, what is righteous, holy and true.  Be wise in your thoughts and in your decisions.  Do not be led astray by wolves in sheep’s clothing!  The time is here for great deception and the destruction of what is true.

The road to destruction is wide and shall accommodate many, however, the road which leads to salvation and eternal life is narrow, and not many shall find their way.  It’s a road that’s difficult to follow.

Look-up, seek the Lord, follow Him in all that you do!  This is a spiritual battle my friends, and He who is in us has already won.  Keep the faith, do not be led astray. 

God Bless my friends!  Until next time….Maranatha!


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  1. Well said Gordon. Beware of sheep’s clothing! Everything officials of every country state is deceiving and calculated to fit their agenda. But God IS watching, we need to stay true to Him. He’ll be separating the chaff from the wheat soon…Remember “the chaff will burn with fire unquenchable.” Luke 3:17 God bless.

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