Brisbane: Severe storms and flash flooding cause chaos

Photo: Emergency crews on the scene of flash flooding in Brisbane, Australia, where cars standed – @heylandy

BRISBANE is bracing itself for more bad weather after one of the strongest, most devastating thunderstorms in years brought huge rainfall to the city in a period of just minutes

(SOURCE)  Yesterday afternoon, footage posted to facebook revealed what many described as “the eye of the storm” in Providence, South Ripley, a small, developing community with a population of under 1000 residents in the outer western region of Brisbane.

“The eye of the scariest storm I’ve ever witnessed,” wrote Matty Gilchrist, who posted the clip.

Many were comparing the jawdropping footage to the tornadoes seen in the United States.

Several users posted similar photos of the storm, which occurred at around 3.30 in the afternoon.

Other images to come out of South Ripley included severe damage to a horses leg after a shed roof flew across the paddock, exposing the bone of the mare.

Forecasters predict more showers and thunderstorms in Southeast Queensland on Thursday, but are expected to be slow movers in comparison to yesterday’s quick but brutal downpour.

High moisture levels mean the storms that do develop should be sluggish, but contain heavy rain.

A massive thunderstorm struck the metropolitan area around 4:30pm local time on Wednesday, drenching the city, causing traffic chaos and leaving many people stranded by flash flooding and in need of rescue.

The city received 55mm of rain in less than an hour, well over half the monthly average. Some suburbs reportedly received as much as 100mm, with the highest official recording 87mm at Archerfield in the city’s south.

The devastating flooding this evening is a very, very different type of disaster to the January 2011 floods when the Brisbane river rose steadily over days.

While there were devastating flash floods in areas like Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley in the summer of 2010/11, Brisbane itself suffered a slow inundation of low-lying areas of the city.

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