We all need a Lifeline!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Much of what I am about to tell you is not pleasant, but it’s the truth.  Many shall find it offensive, while others may find it frightening.  We need to be prepared, to be ready for what lies ahead of us.  I see the world quickly falling apart at the seams.  I see the evil increasing daily.  I feel the wickedness and sin abounding. 

Tell me the world is not a mess.  That the evil and wickedness is not intensifying.  The fact is that each and everyday, I hear a new story about something even more wicked, more intense than I did the day before.

How much longer can this go on?  What has to happen to end the madness?  Or will it ever end?

The bible tells us that in the end times wickedness will abound, that the heart of man will grow cold.  That men will be lovers of themselves, of pleasure, will be proud and boastful.  That sin will increase, that deception will increase and cause many to fall.  That hearts will be hardened and grow cold.  Isn’t this what we are seeing now in the world?  Does this not resemble the days of Noah?

The wickedness, the sin, the evil that we see around us will continue to get worse until the return of Jesus Christ.  The world has fallen into a state of madness!  The world is on a free-fall, like a snowball picking up speed and growing larger in size as it travels further down the hill.  Once it reaches critical mass, there is no stopping it.  The same with the world, once the evil, the sin, and the wickedness reaches critical mass, there is no stopping it.  It shall continue to pick-up speed and intensify in size and mass.

We are all caught in the middle of this chaotic circus of events.  We shall all die (unless we are raptured).  There is only one lifeline out of this world and into heaven, and that lifeline is Jesus Christ!  Without Him we shall surely die.  Our future is bleak and hopeless.  But, with Him we shall live!  We shall have a way out, we shall have eternal life.  Just as the people in the days of Noah, living in a wicked world full of sin, not heeding the call to repent and accept God.  They all perished in the great flood.  All but Noah and his family, the only ones to believe and trust in the one and only God of the universe.  God sent them a lifeline and provided for all of their needs.  So too, He sent us a lifeline, Jesus Christ! 

I believe that we are now at critical mass.  That the world has gone so far into the evil side, that it shall quickly intensify and pick-up speed.  That the evil and sin will only get worse, much worse.

To be a believer, a Christian, is now to be persecuted.  To face a changing world, one that will embrace evil, and seek to destroy those that follow the one true God of the universe.  Jesus was persecuted, the apostles were persecuted, and Christians have been persecuted ever since, but it will get worse.

This is now the time to donn the full armor of God.  To strengthen your faith, hold fast to what is righteous and true.  Shine your light in a dark, dark world.  For the time is soon coming for most Christians to face persecution.  Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ will become more difficult. 

I know this may be hard to swallow, difficult to hear, but it’s the truth.  Sometimes the truth hurts, it’s not always pleasant, but it must be made known.

Do not fear the world, do not fear what is coming, for He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.  He is with us and shall never forsake us.  Stay strong in the Lord, build Christian relationships, study God’s word.  Love one another, love your enemies.  Remember that love covers a multitude of sins my friends.  Let us be loving, kind, merciful and forgiving.

The only way to heaven, to have eternal life, is to believe in the only one true God of the universe, Jesus Christ!  He is our lifeline, our way out my friends.  He is the only way!

Don’t wait until tomorrow, what you should do today.  Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior now!

God bless my friends!  May the Lord of the universe richly bless you!

5 thoughts on “We all need a Lifeline!

  1. Yes and Amen to all you write in this article Gordon. Such a great comparison between Noah and his family escaping destruction through the ark being their lifeline and Christ being our lifeline. This article should be front page on every newsite in the world. You are truly warning about what’s to come, I just hope and pray people will listen and heed and turn to Christ. It’s interesting how your biblical worldview applies to the entire world and just a local nation or region, there is absolutely no place in the world anyone can turn to and be safe from evil, (no place) this more so proves the peril we are in and the need for a lifeline

  2. Very well said Gordon. There IS power in the name of Jesus! Our lifeline!
    The WORD is being spread through out the world, through every little light that shines from believers that DO the work of the Lord, that stand for righteousness and truth, that pray from the heart for deliverance, that show by their actions and words who they stand with/for. Believers like yourself, among others. One person can make a difference! One person can change people’s thinking but only when one has the power within; one can plant the seed the rest is left to the Lord and that individual. Trusting Jesus to help us along the way, believing it, giving Him full rein of our hearts and soul. HE makes the difference in our life. We need to invite Him in. We need to have confidence, depend upon, have faith in Him in our daily life. Praying all the time for guidance to help our neighbor, family, friends, our fellow human being; sometimes it’s in our actions, sometimes it’s in our words, sometimes it’s in our prayers. Letting our kindness and love show through.
    The road is a difficult path we Christians must walk through, it’s full of obstacles and thorns, BUT doing so brings joy (if only temporary here on earth, soon we will be rewarded fully for our efforts. The effort must be done.) The time IS getting shorter, the seasons have already been changing like prophecy foretells, and like you’ve stated so many times G; we ARE living in an era of enormous woes and sorrows, intensifying, till the appearance of Our Lord. This is our time to shine for Him. We are placed in this time and era for a reason. Ask Christ into your heart today, while there is still time to do so, abide by the truth of the Bible, let no one deceive you from the TRUTH, abide by God’s LAWS (heaven’s code of ethics) and He WILL supply all our needs in times of distress. Our heavenly reward is waiting for us, once the work is done. Let no one take it from you!
    The times they be changing and soon we will be force to make a choice; inviting Jesus into you heart now will strengthen you when harder times approaches. We must do the will of God in our lifetime with goodwill and malice towards none. Our God is full of forgiveness and love for humanity. We must turn to Him in repentance of the wrong we’ve committed, and with humility in our hearts try not to offend again. He WILL help us to over come the trials in our path or at least make them easier to bear. Let your little light shine through all the chaos! Always looking up! God bless us all.

  3. Thanks SweetJava! Very well said. We must shine our lights into a very dark world, one that is continually getting darker by the minute. A Christian may ask himself, what can I do, I’m just one person. I say, it’s not what you can do, but what God can accomplish through you! We must all remember, it’s Him not us. He’s the one who makes things happen, we must have faith and obey Him. He will use us to accomplish His will, as long as we obey Him.

    When we disobey Him, then He will not use us for His will and His purpose, at least not in the way He originally intended. He may just bring us to our knees in repentance! I’ve already been there, and I would rather obey Him in the first place.

    God will bless those who love and obey Him, not only in heaven, but here now.

    God Bless SweetJava! Maranatha!

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