Pastor says woman, 2 men beat him in racially motivated attack

Pastor Reginald Myers

Pastor Reginald Myers

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh pastor said he’s the victim of a racially motivated attack.

Pastor Reginald Myers told TV station WPXI the attack happened Friday outside of his home after he heard a woman crying for help.  He said he told three men to leave the woman alone and then they jumped him.

“Came up on my back and were trying to choke me out. Then they said, ‘I’m going to cut your throat,’” Myers said.

The 65-year-old pastor said they called him racial slurs while they punched and kicked him. One of the men had a knife, he said.

“When he said, ‘Tonight you’re going to die,’ all I heard was my sister’s voice.  She said, ‘Not tonight,’” said Myers.

His sister, who lives next door, broke up the fight.

“My sister saved my life,” the pastor told his congregation in church Sunday.

Three people have been charged in the beating. Gerard Rupert, Robert Noftz and Kaela Rupert are facing aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation charges.

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  1. Dear Reggie, I was totally shocked to see you on television & learn that you were the victim of such a heinous attack…all in the name of trying to help another! God bless you for all the goodness that you do for others! I have shared this with our classmates from Avalon…so don’t be surprised if others contact you too! I cherish our fun memories of Avalon!

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