My Tribulation, My Story, Broken!

Trials and tribulations copyCommentary By:  Gordon King

I woke up between 2 to 3 am this morning with something on my mind.  I feel a very strong need to share this for some reason.  The Holy Spirit is leading me even as I write.  Perhaps there is someone reading this who needs to hear it.

Our lives are filled with good things, bad things, with many trials and tribulations.  God knows that I’ve had my share of tribulations.  In fact, just a few short years ago, not even that long, He allowed me to become “broken”.  He brought me to my knees in humility, humbleness, and in great pain and suffering.

I shall not go into the details of why this happened, maybe someday I will.  But believe me when I say, that the Lord must have really wanted me back.  You see, I was a prodigal son, disobedient, not walking with God.  Oh yeah, I would come back home every now and then, but not for long.  I was not raised in a Christian home, I wasn’t sure what being a Christian really meant.  Not until a few short years ago.

I became severely depressed and had severe anxiety.  The pain became too much for me to bear.  Even with all of the medications that the doctors put me on, I was numb emotionally as well as physically, but still in pain, still depressed.  I had suicidal thoughts, thoughts of driving my car off of the freeway into a tree or a large rock, maybe of driving off of a bridge.  I hit bottom, rock bottom.  I was at the lowest of lows. 

All alone in my apartment, I literally dropped to the floor on my knees, bowing down to God, I cried out as tears streamed down my face:  “Why Lord, why me?  What did I do to deserve this?  I don’t know where to go or what to do Lord?  Please help me!  I’m sorry for turning away from you.  I can’t do this on my own, help me God!  Jesus I need you!” 

Immediately I felt a rush of energy fill my entire being, surround my body, my spirit and my soul.  I felt the weight of a thousand bricks being lifted off of my back and my shoulders.  I felt God with me and in me.  I heard Him speaking to me (not out loud), saying: “Welcome home son.  Do not worry or fear for I am with you.  I love you dearly.  I shall carry your burden upon my shoulders.  I will help you and protect you.”

Needless to say, I continued to worship and thank the Lord.  The Lord had anointed me with His Holy Spirit.  It was a very strong feeling which lasted like that for at least eight months or more, then slowly dissipated.  However, I continue to feel Him, to hear Him, and to be guided by Him.  The Lord has given me His peace and comfort.  He has healed me of my depression and anxiety.  After being filled with the Holy Spirit, it took me one month to wean myself off of all the medications (would have been sooner, but you need to gradually cut back for medical reasons).  I have been medication free ever since!  No doctors, no counselors, only Jesus!

That all happened just before God told me to start this website, to lead the lost to salvation, to warn the world of the closeness of His return.  I told Him that I knew nothing about blogs.  He told me that He would guide me through it.  The rest is history.  Last week this blog hit one million views, not a small milestone!  All of the glory to God!  Without Him it would not have been possible.  Without Him I would not, could not have done any of this.  I would not have even thought of doing this!

I still have tribulation, I still have the burden over me.  But, Jesus is carrying the load for me.  His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  He continues to give me peace, comfort, and rest.  Without Him I would be unable to cope, unable to carry on with life on a daily basis.  The Lord is good, He is loving, and He is merciful.  I’m not perfect, I still make mistakes, I struggle with temptations, yet I’m forgiven.  I do my best to live a godly life, to walk with the Lord daily, to keep Him close to my heart.

I wrote a post shortly after being anointed with the Holy Spirit, actually about four or five months after.  This is how I felt, this is the love of God that I felt within me.  It’s a rather long post, but I feel that it’s important to share with you again.  I named it “Love, do you feel it?”

December 2, 2012

…………Love………..Do You Feel It!


Do you ever just feel Love?  Do you ever get the feeling of being full of Love?  You can feel it springing up inside of you.  It feels your entire being.  It rushes through your body like waves, ripples.  It courses through your veins and pulsates through your heart.  Do you ever feel that way?  I do.  Sometimes it just overwhelms me!  I feel the need to just hug someone and tell them that I love them.  To tell them that they are loved and cared for.  To share some warmth and compassion with them.  Not in a sexual way.  Just in a loving and caring way.  It boils up and gushes out of my pores.  Do you ever feel that way?  Do you ever feel the need to tell someone that you love them?  To tell them that you care?  To want to help others in need?  I do.  I just can’t help it.  It is such an overwhelming feeling.  A feeling that I need to express.  It is one of the most wonderful feelings ever.  I think that is what it will be like to be with Jesus.  A feeling of constant, overwhelming, overflowing, unrestricted, unconditional love.  Warm, soothing, comforting, compassionate love.  That is the feeling I get from the Holy Spirit of God.  The feeling you should have at times, if you are saved.  I don’t feel that way all of the time.  I wish I did!  When I do it is glorious, magnificent, wonderful!   God does provide comfort, warmth, peace and security!

1 John 4:8  NKJV  “He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.”

I pray for the peace, safety, comfort and love of everyone in the world.  I pray that God will pour out his Holy Spirit upon the world and open our eyes, touch our hearts and save our souls.  I pray that everyone possible will turn from their sin and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!  Amen

I am not perfect just forgiven.  I Love you all!  You are special.  You can be forgiven of anything through Christ Jesus!  He wants me to tell you that you can be forgiven.  He said that he is standing at the door knocking.  Will you answer?  He loves you and wants you to follow him.  He told me that we are all sinners.  Not one sin worse than the other.  Sin is sin.  You say that you are a good person.  That you help others and donate to charity.  You say that you believe in God.  You go to church.  That is wonderful!  But, have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?  Have you asked him to forgive you for your sins?  Have you repented and live the life God has called you to live?  We are not saved by works, but by faith in God, by being born again!  We must accept God into our lives and repent!

Romans 3:23  NKJV   for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

There is only one way to Heaven and The Father.  That way is Jesus!  You must believe in him and accept him.

John 14:6   “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”

God Loves You!  I Love You!  We do not have much time left before the wrath of God and the rapture of the church.  Please accept the free gift of salvation from God!  I pray for your salvation and wisdom.  God Bless You!        🙂

Accept Jesus Now!

It’s very difficult to describe the feeling of being filled with the Holy Spirit of God.  To feel His love filling your entire being, surrounding you with His loving arms.  This is God.  This is who He is.  He is love.

If you are feeling alone, depressed, anxious, or maybe having suicidal thoughts, just know that God is here.  Know that He loves you dearly, more than you could ever imagine!  He wants you to come running home to Him, and He will embrace you with open arms.  He will give you peace and comfort.  He loves you, I love you!  You are not alone.  Jesus wants to help you, to carry your burden upon His shoulders.  To free you from bondage, from pain, from suffering.

All you have to do is believe in Him and accept Him as your Lord and Savior.  It will cost you nothing.  He paid the price for us, it’s a gift of love, of grace and mercy.  We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  We all go through trials and tribulations.  God uses this pain and suffering to bring us to our knees.  To bring us to the lowest of lows, in order for us to know that we cannot do it on our own.  He allows it to happen to bring us to Him.  So that we can love Him back, the way He loves us, unconditionally!

If you do not yet know Jesus, then believe in Him and what He has done for us (dying on the cross for our salvation), and accept Him as your Lord and Savior!  Do it now!  Why wait until it’s too late?

Accept Jesus Now!

God Bless my friends!  Until next time….

7 thoughts on “My Tribulation, My Story, Broken!

  1. Wonderful testimony Gordon. I believe someone out there needed to know their not alone. The burdens of this world can be overwhelming for a Christian let alone for a non-believer. Everyone at some point in their life wants an escape from the demands, pressures, stress of living in this world. The evil one is more then content to supply its victims with the use of drugs, alcohol, the illusion of comfort in suicide, illicit entertainment, depression, the list is endless. Some fall to their knees in questions, in repentance and tears and ask God why. This is not showing weakness! But strength in recognizing we need more then man or this world can offer. As individuals we all must come to our knees with tears in our eyes before we realize God’s saving grace. This humbling experience changes us from within. This cleansing that comes over us after one surrenders this broken body/spirit to Him, is refreshing. Truly giving your heart to the one who has always been there; only now He can readily help you, because you have invited Him in. He comes ONLY on invitation. Does not force anyone into accepting Him. His grace is free by the blood of Jesus. But one must ask Him to come into our hearts. All that extra baggage one’s been carrying lifts from our shoulders and one can see clearly what needs to be done. There is comfort that overwhelms us with joy unfathomable, knowing Jesus is there to help you along the way. His Spirit is ready, a partnership between Him and you.
    Coming to Jesus doesn’t mean you won’t have your share of trials as you state Gordon, just the opposite, now is when the fight intensifies for we’re dealing with principalities and powers beyond our scope that are of this world. The evil one knows he’s lost you to the Kingdom of Heaven. The difference is now we are equipped with the power of God! to resist his advances.There’s power in the name of Jesus, praying always in good and in difficult times, the yoke will be made easier to bear in hard times. God is testing us, refining us however difficult or painful our trials, we must never loose sight of the ultimate end, eternal life in a new heaven and a new earth.
    Through our pain God is using us, teaching us to have patience. He is illustrating faith and patience to our neighbor. We must not loose faith for that is what evil does, makes us doubt. Death itself couldn’t quench Christ’s love for us. Remember this when prayers aren’t answer immediately, when you’re relentlessly being persecuted. Afflictions, oppression and distress comes to all of us. How we handle it is the key. JESUS gives us HOPE through it all. His saving grace, His love surpasses all understanding. Amen! There is a rainbow over the horizon and He’s coming soon. Always keep Him in your heart and mind — He has not left us or forsaken those who truly follow Him, those who truly given their hearts to Him. Even though at times it might look as though he has; He hasn’t, He works on His own timetable, His own way. We are asked to follow Him. Don’t loose faith, this is where the evil one takes advantage – our lack of, don’t let him take your heavenly prize away from you. Believe that God cares. ASK for forgiveness, perseverance, protection, guidance, wisdom, the fruit of His Spirit every day. Be thankful. Be confident that in the long run God would take care of everything, even death.
    Again Gordon this was a powerful testimony. Always look up my friend, always know He’s there to listen and encourage us through it all, till His prominent return. God bless.

  2. P.S. Gordon, I truly try to make my replies short but it sometimes doesn’t work that way. The Good Lord gives me the inspiration by what you have written and I get carried away. Thank you for letting me. God bless you richly.

  3. Gordon, I could tell when I first started reading your articles that you are a person anointed with God’s special gift of love. Your testimony truly touches my heart and gets close to me because I am going through the midst of a terrible storm of pain and anxiety right now, calling out to God hourly and daily. Your witness to myself and others is extremely powerful to help and not give up.

    I have been suffering through 7 years of planter fasciitis in my feet, have had surgery, orthotics, and doctors treat me but it persists and has disabled me from hardly walking. The pain has migrated into my hips and shoulders when I lie down. It all started when I had desired to go on a mission trip to take the gospel to muslims in 2007 and as I signed the paperwork, the pain instantly appeared into both my feet and has persisted every since. In the preceeding years I have been active in prayer ministries, teaching ministries, truckers ministry, bible distribution, and online ministry, As of last April I was disgnosed with fuchs endothniel dystrophy in both eyes, this is a deteroration of the tissue behind the corneas and my vision is deterorating. At present, I am shut-in except for the trips to the doctors. Yet thank God for your site and being allowed to share with you and others this way in ministry. So, with all this going on, some days it is extremely difficult to hold it all together. I read recently; “regardless how deep the pit you are in, God is still deeper.” I know the Lord is coming soon, and my heart breaks for the lost-ness of the world. God bless you brother and may many hear and believe the gospel through this site today and receive Jesus. “maranatha”

  4. Thank you Ethin for your encouragement and for your testimony!

    I pray for The Lord to give you peace and comfort my friend. I pray for the healing power of Jesus to be upon you!

    God bless, your brother in Christ!

  5. Ethan I just read your testimony. ..I pray for the Lord Jesus to touch you with healing and blessings for Jesus YOU are the GREAT HEALER I pray for peace over your life. . ( peace that surpasses all understanding ) for your pain to be relieved that the Lord fills you with his love (a love that no man can give ) (I truly believe He is coming very soon. .) I pray that his love will envelope you like never before ..that He will fill you with His Holy Spirit to overflowing ..many Blessings to you my Brother in Christ. ..God Bless Maranatha Speed The Day

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