‘Kissing bug’ disease: Should you be worried?

Chagas Disease is caused by the parasitic protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi and is transmitted while the insect is feeds on the blood of a human host. (CDC/WHO)

(SOURCE)  November 5

Researchers at the annual gathering of tropical medicine experts on Tuesday warned of a deadly disease from abroad that is threatening the health of more and more Americans. They weren’t talking about Ebola, but Chagas, the “kissing bug” disease.

Called a silent killer because it’s often hard to diagnose in the early stages, Chagas is a parasitic infection that can lead to serious cardiac and intestinal complications and even death. It typically spreads through blood-sucking “kissing” bugs that bite on people’s faces during the night and is estimated to affect 7 to 8 million people worldwide. The disease can also be spread from blood transfusions, organ transplants and congenital transfer from mother to child, according to the CDC. Until recently it was considered a problem only in Mexico, Central America and South America. Over the past few years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has seen cases across half the United States, but in most cases the victims were believed to have been infected abroad.

As recently as 2012, scientists expressed worry about the “globalization” of Chagas.

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  1. The diseases just keep coming… I believe the Pale Horse has made its appearance known….
    Draw close to God and live a clean life. The Lord never gets tired of forgiving, while the doors of probation is still open. Keep the faith. God bless.

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