Giant Sculpture; Strange occurrence or an actual representation?

From deep below: A giant man emerges from beneath a square in Budapest

From deep below: A giant man emerges from beneath a square in Budapest.

Commentary By:  Gordon King

I came across this article and thought that it was very strange and unusual.  A “giant” sculpture of a man emerging from the ground in Budapest.  My first thought was “Nephilim”!   This sculpture is the creation of Hungarian artist Ervin Herve-Loranth.

Jaw-dropping: The sculpture is made out of polystyrene and was created for the Art Market Budapest fair

Jaw-dropping: The sculpture is made out of polystyrene and was created for the Art Market Budapest fair.

I know this is just a sculpture, not a real giant.  But, many of the things in this world (such as in movies and books) are representations of what has been, what is, or what is to come.  Giants once roamed the earth, this is stated in the bible, as in the days of Noah and King David.  Could this be a representation of fallen angels who are among us now?  Of evil and demonic forces which are now living in the world?  If you ask me I would say yes.  I wonder if this artist even knew what he was doing, or what this may represent?

Attraction: The sculpture has now moved on to the city of Ulm in Germany

Attraction: The sculpture has now moved on to the city of Ulm in Germany.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

(SOURCE)  Fanni Somogyi from Gallery Out of Home that supported the sculpture said: ‘The creation had several meanings, such as, the symbolism of freedom, the desire to break free, the curiosity and the dynamics of development.

This is a very interesting commentary on the meaning of this sculpture.  “Symbolism of freedom”, “Desire to break free”, and “Curiosity and the dynamics of development”.  Hmmm….sounds to me like rebellion against God, to break free from God, to develop what is unnatural and unholy.  Symbolism of freedom for who?  For demons and the unsaved?  Fallen angels, demons, breaking free from the pits of hell.  Breaking ground, opening sink holes and pits, released into the world at the time of the end.  Just my thoughts.
The giants, the Nephilim, are the result of breeding fallen angels with humans.  They represent what is unholy and unrighteous.  They have altered the human DNA, and as I have also heard, altered the DNA of plants and animals.  We see this happening now in our society, DNA manipulation, genetic alteration of plants, animals, and yes, even humans.  There are as we speak, scientists around the world not only altering human DNA, but attempting to breed humans with animals!  Attempting to create human-animal hybrids known as Chimeras.  They have in fact, already integrated human and animal cells into living creatures.  Just how far have they gone?  I don’t know.  Have they actually created a new form of being through genetic manipulation?  It wouldn’t surprise me if they have.
I have seen many articles, videos, and stories of such creations already existing today.  However, I take them all with a grain of salt.  With that being said, I believe that this is possible and many of the stories may actually be true.  Our focus should not be if they have created a hybrid being, but that this is even happening!  This is not from God, but from Satan himself.  It’s demonic, evil, and unholy.
I don’t think that this sculptor knew he was creating a “sign”.  A sign of the times.  A prophetic warning to the world.  This is how I see the sculpture.  Without his knowledge, without his insight into the unknown, he created a vision of what was, what is, and what is to come.  A vision of the evil in our world.  A vision of demonic spirits breaking through the earths crust from the pits of hell.  God does work in mysterious ways my friends.  He works through us, and even through the unsaved.
God Bless!  Until next time…

8 thoughts on “Giant Sculpture; Strange occurrence or an actual representation?

  1. Gordon, I believe that you are right-on in your description of this creation being a demonic work from this artist. It’s actually very chilling to look at. Nothing about this thing speaks of light and truth, It’s all that the devil would want an un-suspecting audience to gravitate towards and even be taken in by its form even to the extent of thinking or believing that it is a living being. Certainly the size and proportion of this thing is in the realm of the nephilim. Also, it fits in with the transhumanism movement that is throughout the worlds culture of depicting humanoids in form but not in reality, that is; part human but transformed into some kind of super-powered monster. It certainly has all the trappings of demonic character. It’s also interesting how the audiences are taking digital photographs on their I phones and I pads, I don’t think they have any idea of what they are photographing and storing away in their personal possession. The closer we come to the rapture of the church and the return of Christ, I believe more and more acceptance will be given to the goolish, non human beings. Could it be that as the world becomes more wicked that once again as it was in the days of Noah fallen demonic beings will co-inhabit with humans. I don’t know how much allowance in this church age and at this time will be given to allow demonic apparations but A word to the wise would be to stay as far away as possible from the things that are not part of the good wholesome creation of God. 1st John 4:1 says “Do not believe every spirit but test the Spirits to see whether they are from God.”
    By-the- way, and I know that you are aware of this Gordon and apologize for going so long in this reply but there is a 7 foot tall bronze casted statue of satan erected at the Oklahoma statehouse. This thing has horns pentagram and all. Another sign that our nation is given over to demonic worship. Please Almighty Creator God bring the revival of Hope in Jesus. Maranatha.
    Love you brother in Christ.

  2. Thanks for your comment Ethin! It’s not too long, but rather interesting and to the point my friend.

    I believe that these fallen angels are at it again, and are as you say “co-inhabiting” with women. “As in the days of Noah” means many things, not just the sinful nature of man, but also of the acts Satan and his demons.

    That is very interesting about the bronze statue in Oklahoma, I’ve heard that the Satanists wanted to erect some sort of monument, however, I was unaware of this statue. I shall check it out!

    God Bless my friend and brother in Christ!

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  4. Just an added note Gordon on the nephilim or manifestations of the spirit of the nephilim. I believe that this demonic spirit lays like a thick blanketed cloud over the entire world and especially our nation and as an electrical force field rules in the heart, minds and decisions of fallen man. We see it manifested today as fornication, abortion, cocaine/drugs, pornography, homosexuality, profanity and nudity, out of wedlock births, economic and government corruption. All of this definately puts us in the ways and time of the days of Noah and at the very cusp of the rapture of the church. It’s closer than many of us think. (maranatha)

  5. Morning Gordon, was away for a bit. Came back to find this creepy post. At first glance my thought was this has to be a peek-a-boo, evil has entered our realm.
    And I haven’t read the article as yet. Upon reading it, it became even more strange. At first I thought this Madam Curator’s statements didn’t apply. It’s neither a “symbolism for freedom” at least not humanly speaking (due to the scale of the piece). Nor “the desire to break free”, one has to ask from whom? what? where? Well maybe curiosity in the strangest form…. Then there’s the “dynamic of development” quote, this sounds over the top, and she gives no explanation on why. Apparently this artist likes to work on a big scale. Hard to believe people flock to strange phenomenon like sheep.
    On a second look, I thought of my first thought and added to it …Its a wake-up call, of sorts, if you look at it from a different angle.
    All her statements apply, “the symbolism of freedom and the desire to break free” — evil breaking through in all forms here in this dimension. Reminds me of the Lord warning us we’re dealing with evil spirits and principalities.
    The “dynamic of development” a mouthful – Repeating this to myself I find my perception telling me this meaning is dark in nature, as applied to the artist’s rendering of this giant figure (looks like it’s howling upon escaping the underworld and entering ours..) God help us.
    My question is to the artist himself, he should explain his piece of artwork, is it a warning for humanity to wake up? Or something more sinister?
    Then I read the comments from both Ethin and yourself and I must agree with both of you. And that my second thought was more accurate, This piece is creepy. Boy! if there is ever a time to stay close to Our Lord it’s now, things are only getting hairier by the minute. God bless my friend. God bless all of us with HIS wisdom and understanding.

  6. Gordon, you’re so right on your assessment of this article. Evil is being portrayed in every aspect of our lives.
    We need to have a firm reliance of God. God bless.

  7. Hello SweetJava! You can say that again! It’s very creepy, strange, unusual, and fits perfectly with all of the other signs of the times we are now living in.
    God Bless my friend!

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