Long Island Man Beheads Woman, Jumps in Front of LIRR Train: Officials

Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014 • Updated at 8:48 AM EDT

(SOURCE)  A man beheaded a woman then jumped in front of a moving Long Island Rail Road train in what’s being investigated as a violent murder-suicide, law enforcement officials say.

The officials said police found the decapitated body of a woman in her 60s outside a Farmingdale apartment complex on Secatogue Avenue at about 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Twenty minutes later, the MTA called police to say that a man had been struck by a train on LIRR tracks about 1,000 feet away from the home.

Officials say that when investigators they arrived, they found the body of a 30-year-old man they believe may be the woman’s son. He appeared to have jumped in front of the train.

Passengers on the train were loaded onto another train and were taken to a nearby station. They were then bused to their final destinations, officials said.

The section of the LIRR track was closed while police investigated, but service resumed for Wednesday’s morning rush.

2 thoughts on “Long Island Man Beheads Woman, Jumps in Front of LIRR Train: Officials

  1. Nothing particular to comment on this article, but just allow me a little thinking out loud. Ever notice how the latest events that could have traumatic worldwide implications have a life as long as it becomes tolerable and then kind of gets accepted as the norm and then subsides. Take ISIS, beheadings and all is no longer on the top radar, Take Ebola with worldwide pandemic implications and now is just a blip on the radar. Amongst the two of them the stock market had a down 4 days and rebounded beautifully and off we go again. It won’t be until the unthinkable happens whether it is nuclear war, mega volcanos, astroids, worldwide earthquakes, uncontrollable pandemics, or Iran launching nuclear weapons. anyway something that will really shake the world and the economy. This (whatever event” that will be out of control will be what ushers in the anti-Christ, and I believe immediately proceeding him will be the rapture of the church. I sense that we are right at the final moments of the last bit of the calm before the storm. The world can’t take any more stress especially in the economic and health sectors. Civilization itself is already strained beyond its breaking point. Our own once blessed nation is about ready to explode in civil war with 93 million Americans in someway lacking in employment. This is where the anti-Christ will come in as a false messiah and savior to bring peace and economic prosperity. In the meantime may the Gospel be proclaim and souls be saved before the ushering in of the tribulation coming on this earth. (maranatha)

  2. That’s a good assessment Ethin. I have actually written before about “being desensitized” to specific events. Such as homosexual marriage, that at first people are shocked and outraged, but then after a while, people become not only apathetic towards it, but accepting of it. Sort of like what is now happening in the world with ISIS, Ebola, etc. Unfortunately like anything else in the world, once most people hear about it enough it just doesn’t seem like that big of a deal anymore.
    God bless!

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