Naysayers and Scoffers, another Sign of the Times!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

The naysayers, the scoffers, the persecutors, all of them are signs of the times my friends, every single one of them!

What in the world will it take to wake them up?!  Just what on earth has to happen for people to open their eyes and to see what is happening around them?  I mean REALLY?  What?!

This is how it is, the world is a mess, there is increasing evil in the world, day by day.   We are in a spiritual battle, a battle between the forces of righteousness and the forces of evil.  If you cannot see this or do not want to believe it then read the bible.  Listen to what God is saying.  He is not only speaking to us, He is shouting out to us!  Wake up!  The time is at hand!

This is the time for people to have visions, dreams, and to prophesy.   Whether you believe it to be true or not, this is the truth.  Whether or not you believe them to be true or not is at your own discernment.  We all must learn how to discern, some of it is a gift of the Holy Spirit, yet we can strengthen this by our faith, our studying the word of God, and through using the gift.

I have been accused of being a false prophet.  I never said that I was a prophet of God, I never claimed that any of the visions or dreams that I have had and posted about were prophesies, never!  They may come to pass and they may not.  However, I did have the dreams and visions, although I did not always have an interpretation.  They may pertain to the future, and they may not.  They may have been from God, and they may not have been.  Although I do take most of them as signs from God.

I know for a fact that the Lord has given me insight, wisdom, and visions.  I know that many have already come to pass.  This is not to say that they all will, and I have never claimed that they would.  Never!

For someone to call me a false prophet is absurd and unholy.  For one, because I have never claimed to be one, and second, I do receive messages from the Lord, as all Christians should.  We just need to learn how to hear Him speaking to us.  We must learn to discern what is from the Lord and what is not.

This is not the time to be accusing brothers and sisters in Christ, this is a time for unity of the body of Christ!  Take a look at your heart, search your motives before making any accusations against another.  When making any accusation against a child of God, you may just be accusing God Himself!  For God uses His children to perform His will, and gives them many gifts, some of which may be considered miraculous and supernatural.  Are you really sure you want to be making such accusations against God?!

God works in mysterious ways, ways in which are not our ways.  It’s all about Him and His will, not us and our will.  We must never forget that.

I am not claiming, as I have said before, to be a prophet of God.  But, I do know for a fact, 100%, that God has anointed me with His Holy Spirit!  I know this to be the truth.  When it happened it was one of the most magnificent experiences that I have ever had in my lifetime.  I have received many visions and dreams, whether they are pertaining to the future, I do not know nor will I claim to.  God has given me insight into many things, has made many things clear to me, and has led me to do His will in my life.  He has led me very strongly to spread the word and to warn others, this is from God, I know this to be the truth.  I have actually felt the presence of God in my life, in my body, in my spirit, and around me, this is the truth.  He has given me many gifts, one of the first being speaking in tongues.  God has actually filled me with His unconditional, never-ending love.  It’s a feeling that I will never forget!  I know what His love feels like, and it’s better than anything that I have ever felt in my lifetime.  I have smelled the essence of God and or His angels, and it was wonderful, I shall never forget the smell!

The closer we get to God, the more we can sense, see, and know the unknown.  Our vision becomes clearer, and our senses to the unseen become heightened.  We become more sensitive to the spirit world, and to the things of God.  I believe that there are many, many other believers who are experiencing the same things that I have.  I am not alone in this.  The Lord is Almighty, He can do what He pleases, with whomever He pleases, He is God!

So before you jump to any conclusions, before accusing a brother or sister in Christ, take a step back and ask yourself this question: “Is what he or she saying from God?”  If you can honestly say to yourself without a doubt, without any reservations, without any conviction, “no”, then question what you hear.  Ask God to enlighten you and give you insight and understanding.  Just remember what you are saying, and what the person you are accusing actually has said or has claimed.  They may actually not have claimed anything other than making a statement or relaying a vision or a dream.

God is real, He is here now, He is active, He is moving, He is convicting, anointing, blessing, and performing supernatural acts.  This is the world I live in.  This is the God that I worship.  He is powerful, strong, and alive!  He is building a body of believers who act in faith, truth, love, strength, courage, enlightenment, discernment, and conviction!  He is building an army of faithful followers who will lead and bring the lost to salvation.

There will be those who have visions, dreams, and who will prophesy!  This is happening now, and will happen even more so the closer we get to Christ’s return.  God is shaking the world, He is awakening the true church.  He is calling the faithful to follow Him, to believe in Him and what He can do.  This is not a time for doubt and confusion, for weakness and faithlessness!  Not a time for Christians to follow false beliefs and false doctrines.  On the contrary, it is a time of discernment, insight and wisdom!

God is calling out to the world and specifically to the church:  “WAKE UP!  THE TIME IS NEAR!”.  Are you listening?  Do you hear the Lord calling?  Or are you sleeping with your head in the sand?  Too busy living in the world.  Too busy to do what the Lord is asking of you.  Too busy condemning others for their beliefs, and for their testimony.  Remember, God is love, and love covers a multitude of sins my friends, a multitude!  He is merciful and forgiving, and it’s never too late if you are reading this post.

I don’t know about you, but the Lord is calling me.  I can feel His pull on my heart.  He has much more in store for me, as long as I heed his call and follow His path.  I’m not a special person, I’m nobody of any fame or fortune.  I’m just an ordinary guy who has been anointed by God Himself.  He has chosen me for some reason to do what I do.  I feel Him leading me, guiding my path, and pulling my spirit closer to Him.  I don’t know exactly why this happened to me.  I don’t question it either.  I feel blessed by the Lord God. 

Has anyone else reading this had similar experiences?  Have you been anointed by God?  Do you have dreams and visions which you feel are from God?  Are supernatural acts happening in your life?  These are all questions that I am wondering about.  How many others are there who do not speak up about their experiences?

God is here now, Jesus Christ is physically returning soon!  If you are a believer in Christ, then the Holy Spirit of God lives within you!

God Bless my friends, until next time!


7 thoughts on “Naysayers and Scoffers, another Sign of the Times!

  1. I too, have had my share of naysayers, of accusers, of people saying ‘Don’t preach to me’, of ‘He’s been coming for a long time now’, of accusing me of not believing in the right God (because I believe in the God of the Sabbath) of Jesus who kept the seventh day-Sabbath and this is just a few of many in my inner circle of friends and family who I love. Never mind the strangers who refuse to listen altogether, but feel they have a say in knocking me down; although I find strangers (not all) are more tolerant and open to hearing truth when you point out Scripture to today’s events. Like you do with this website Gordon. It’s our God given task to continue proclaiming the gospel. Jesus Himself was mock and persecuted to death on a cross for proclaiming the good news of love and eternal life through Him. If they persecuted Him they will persecute us. Only means we’re on the right path. Stay true to God, believe in His son Jesus whose won the war over death, asked for forgiveness and repent from doing wrong. We are called CHILDREN OF GOD, when we obey His commandments and stay true to His testimony.
    We must continue to show the fruits of the Spirit in these times of duress. Remember, “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” Matt.5:11 “so that we ourselves glory in you the churches of God for your patience and faith in all your persecution, and tribulations that ye endure.” 2Thes.1:4 We can not let the duress of the times coward us. Even though at times we feel overwhelmed and think we’re hitting a stone wall. Jesus is always with us. And we do not labor in vain. We are asked to persevere onward always, with malice towards none. Praying always for strength to carry-on with the good fight; for if just one person comes to Christ through our efforts we are blessed if not here than most definitely when He comes. ‘Do not smell the ranks of the sinners, remember that the wrath will not delay. Be very humble since the punishment for the godless is fire and worm.’ “…God shall judge the righteous and the wicked, For there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.” Ecc.3:17 So when we find ourselves beaten, stand up straight and continue on. Fear God, keep our vows to Him.
    “Now May the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way. The Lord be with you all.” 2Thes.3:16

  2. I couldn’t have said it better SweetJava! It’s amazing how things are all coming together, and the times and people’s attitudes are as they say they will be in the end.
    God bless!

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  4. Stay strong Sweetjava, your courage inspires others and you are a powerful witness to them even though they might not admit it. God is using you as His witness.

  5. Thank you Ethin.
    ‘He who is in me is greater then he who is in the world.’ a motto I live with/by; along with trying to produce the fruits of the Spirit, daily. God Bless.

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