Time for the Church to take a Stand!

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Commentary By:  Gordon King

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I feel the need to write to you.  We must stand firm in our faith, and in our convictions for the Lord.  The world is going through some major changes, which shall forever alter the face of the earth.  These changes are caused by evil forces, demonic spirits unleashed throughout the landscape of our very existence.

Do not be alarmed, do not be led astray, for these things must come to pass, and then the end shall come.

The evil that we now see in the Middle East, specifically with the Islamic State, is feeding upon itself.  It’s growing in size and intensity.  It’s spreading like a cancer throughout the world.  The heinous crimes that they are committing are, to say the least, atrocious!  We are now seeing similar crimes in other nations around the world, including Canada and the United States of America.

Evil is something that grows like a weed.  It feeds off of itself and whatever it encompasses, until it becomes out of control.  Just the same, when a person of such evil continues in his ways, he knows nothing else.  His moral compass is one of pure evil and sin.  In order for him to judge himself and his purpose, he uses his moral compass.  However, in this case, it is altered, twisted, broken, and leads him straight to hell!

When these evil people of the Islamic State attempt to judge others, it is based upon their immoral values and subsequent evil deeds.  This my friends spreads like a wildfire!  Out of control, difficult to stop, and without restraint.  They see themselves as righteous and holy, however, they are anything but!

I am afraid that this type of philosophy is spreading throughout the world.  Sick and twisted lies are being fed to the masses, and unfortunately way too many people are eating them up.  Without a true magnetic North moral compass, one that is calibrated to the Holy Spirit of God Almighty, these people will be lost.  In their eyes they are right!  They are being led to destruction and hell fire!

This is where we now are in the world today.  Don’t believe me?  Just take a look around.  Read the papers, watch the daily news reports.  The world is upside down.  What was once good and moral is now looked upon as intolerant, wicked, and wrong.  The evil is spreading across the globe.  There is no secular solution to the problems that we are now facing.

If these were the only signs for us to watch for then I may not think that we were close to the end.  However, there are many more signs that Jesus told us to watch for including an increase in earthquakes, pestilence, wars, and famine.  These shall increase in both size and intensity before the end, as in labor pains of birth.  Well, at no other time in history have we seen all of these things occur together as described in the bible, never!

There is nothing else that needs to occur before the rapture of the church, nothing!  It could occur at any time my friends, any time.  The Lord is patient, He is loving and merciful, but He will not wait forever before He pours out His wrath upon a wicked world.

No one knows the time, nor the hour, but that does not mean we do not know the season.  That is why Jesus gave us the signs of the times, to know that we are near, to be ready.  He does not want us to be misled or misinformed.  He does not want us to be ignorant of the times!

I feel the Holy Spirit moving in the world, and I sense Him working in true believers.  We are in the time for God to pour out His Spirit, for miracles to happen, for visions, dreams, and prophecies.  Do not despise prophecies, but test them against the Word of God, as it is written.  For the Lord will test His children, He will build their faith, He will strengthen their hearts and minds. 

This is the time for the true believers, the true followers of Jesus Christ to take a stand.  To stand firm in our convictions and faith for the Lord.  Let us stand together in unity, of one mind, one belief, and one body, the body of Christ!

God is good, He is faithful, His promises are everlasting.  His love is enduring, and His forgiveness never ends.  He is all powerful, all mighty, and forever more!  He is our God, our Father, our Friend, our Comforter, our Healer, our Counselor, our Provider, and our Protector.  Let us praise Him with our lips, let us cherish Him with our hearts, let us choose to obey Him with our minds, and let us love Him from the depths of our souls.  The time is soon coming for the true church to stand among those who only confess with their mouths Jesus Christ, but do not believe!

God bless my friends, until next time!

7 thoughts on “Time for the Church to take a Stand!

  1. Amen. Over the last 24 hours, I have had difficulty in my own household. Who am I kidding – over the last 10+ years. We recently joined a local church that we love. However, our teenage daughter and son have been completely disrespectful to my husband, me, the grandparents, each other and their siblings. My husband and I pray for them everyday. I remind myself that I have been forgiven, so therefore I am to forgive them for they do not understand what they are doing. I ask for prayers that they come to their senses and seek the Lord and his mercy and love. Their names are Taylor and Alex. My other two children, Michael and Dominique are very conscientious and considerate and loving people with servant hearts. Thank you for this website and God bless you.

  2. I am sorry to hear of the trouble you are having with your children Valerie. I think that the best thing that you can do for them is to pray for them and to be an example for them. We can lead the lost to the Savior, but we cannot make them believe, even our own children. This is something that breaks our hearts and grieves our spirit! With that being said, they still need our guidance and discipline.

    Stay close to The Lord, lead by example. Walk by faith. I shall also pray for the salvation of Taylor and Alex.

    May The Lord show you mercy and bring your entire family into His loving arms! I also pray for you and your husbands strength, courage, insight, wisdom, and comfort. Amen

    God bless my sister in Christ.

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