If A Few Ebola Cases Can Make The Stock Market Crash This Much, What Would A Full-Blown Pandemic Mean?

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(SOURCE)  By Michael Snyder – Is Ebola going to cause another of the massive October stock market crashes that Wall Street is famous for?  At one point on Wednesday, the Dow was down a staggering 460 points.  It ultimately closed down just 173 points, but this was the fifth day in a row that the Dow has declined.  And of course Ebola is one of the primary things that is being blamed for this stunning stock market drop.  Since September 19th, we have seen the S&P 500 fall about 7 percent and the Nasdaq fall nearly 10 percent.  The VIX (the most important measure of volatility on Wall Street) shot up an astounding 22 percent on Wednesday.  So many of the ominous signs for the markets that I wrote about on Tuesday are now even worse.  If a handful of Ebola cases in the United States can cause this much panic in the financial world, what would a full-blown pandemic look like?

Of course Ebola is not the only reason why stocks are declining.  Just look at what is happening over in Europe.  The European Stoxx 600 index is already down a whopping 11.4 percent from the high that it hit just 18 days ago.  That is officially considered to be “correction” territory.

And Greece experienced a full-blown stock market collapse on Wednesday

As if the world didn’t have enough to be worried about (ISIS, Ebola, slowing China, Ukraine, slowing Germany, Fed tightening, etc.) now look what’s back: Greece. And in a big way.

The stock market is down over 9% on Wednesday, which is about as big as crashes come.

And the banks are getting absolutely smashed.

In general, markets tend to fall faster than they rise.

When there is a sudden downturn, the price action can be violent.  And just like we saw back in 2008, financial stocks are leading the way.  Just check out what happened to some of the biggest banks in America before the final bell sounded…

Volume leader Bank of America, down 5%, Citigroup, off 5.5%, and JP Morgan, down 4.6%, were particularly hard hit.

And thanks to Ebola fears, airline stocks plummeted as well

Airline stocks were roiled by the prospects of curtailed travel due to the spreading Ebola virus. United Continental fell 4% and American Airlines was off 4.3%. Among tech stocks, Intel lost 3.3%. Apple fell 1.7% and Microsoft slipped 2.3%.

An increasing number of voices are concerned that we could be on the verge of a repeat of what happened back in 2008.

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3 thoughts on “If A Few Ebola Cases Can Make The Stock Market Crash This Much, What Would A Full-Blown Pandemic Mean?

  1. Ebola will be the main factor in the collapse of the world economies, Ebola will give rise to famine worldwide and food riots here in the U.S. Ebola will change every social aspect of our lives. from infants to elderly and everyone in between. The devil will see to it that when Ebola gets a stranglehold here that Christians will somehow be the cause and will be persecuted for it. Ebola in high percentage LGBT places like San Fransisco, Seattle, L.a. and New York, will make the greatest demands for healthcare or everyone else will be labeled homophobic.
    As Ebola becomes pandemic in the U.S. the leader of Russia who has zero tolerance for the gay/lesbian lifestyle, will use Ebola as his excuse for nuclear inceneration of our country. I’m terribly sorry for what’s coming to our country and world, Our leadership is not tangible, it’s only perceived and weak, our leadership is non existent, it’s a hollow suit of clothes with no authortative power. Surely there are those in the Congress and the Pentegon who see what’s coming but seem helpless to do anything about the near doomsday of our nation. Ebola is the grand finally for all the horror that Hollywood has shoved into the American movie theater for the last 50 years and now reality is about to happen.
    Luke 21:28 Jesus said :”When you see all these things begin to happen, look up lift up your heads because your know that your redemption draws near”

  2. Amen Ethin! Ebola is already causing wide spread fear and anxiety. If (or should I say when) it spreads in America like it has in Africa, America will fall like a row of dominoes, or a house of cards! It won’t take much.

    As you have said, our leadership is either weak or nonexistent. Their main concerns are gay marriage, abortion rights, dividing Israel/Jerusalem, and agreeing with everyone except Christians.

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