Where is your Hope?

Jesus Christ in clouds

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The world is in turmoil with no end in sight!  Wars are on the rise as is terrorism.  Hunger and starvation is increasing daily.  Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions intensify in both numbers and frequency.  Civil unrest in the world seems to be growing exponentially. 

What is happening in the world today causes many to fear what is to come.  What will tomorrow bring?  How will this effect me and my family?

Most people in the world turn to false hope and protection.  They rely on their 401K and/or Social Security for retirement, that the government will be there for them when they need it, and will protect them from harm.  They believe that their homes will always be there to shelter them.  That the jobs they’ve had for so many years will continue to provide them with income.  Many believe in and worship false gods, their faith and trust rests in them.

But I say, that there is no hope or protection in any of these.  The only hope and protection is in the Lord Jesus Christ!  He is our hope, our protection, and our salvation.  Without Him we are doomed to destruction.

Our homes can be destroyed in an instant.  Nothing in this world will last forever, nothing!  Our governments can not save us, nor will they always be there to provide for us.  Our 401Ks can be wiped out instantaneously!  We could lose our jobs at any time.  There is no security in any earthly thing or false god.

The only real peace, comfort, and security comes from the only one, true, living God of the Universe.  Jehovah!  God Almighty!  Jesus Christ!  Believe it or not.

Our time on this planet is short, and we may even have much less time then we think we do.  Our lives could be turned upside down in a moment, in an instant.  What would you do then?  To whom would you turn?  Many fear what is coming around the corner, what lies ahead.  With the world in chaos, confusion, and turmoil, who could blame them?  But I say, that with the Lord Jesus Christ, there is nothing to fear.  For He has given us a spirit of strength, and of peace.  He has given us hope and joy, love and understanding.

Place your faith and trust in Him, for He is your creator, your provider, and your savior!  Amen

God Bless my friends, until next time!

7 thoughts on “Where is your Hope?

  1. Waiting anxiously for Jesus, I FEEL the urgency and my excitement growing. I believe that he will be here soon and I cannot wait to see my boys again. I am ready, I believe and I profess my love for God and our Savior Jesus Christ

  2. Amen, Gordan. The social realities of the times we are living are so conditioned that people are blind to the facts in front of them. The arrogance of it all forfeits life eternal… And society as a whole should be promoting freedom not taking it away.
    “That which has been IS what will be, That which is done IS what will be, And there is nothing new under the sun.” Eccl.1:9 How true these prophetic words are. Everything has its time and nothing is new…
    If only people would search the Scriptures they would be enlighten and strengthen to what is and what’s yet to come. History is repeating itself, my friend. Following JESUS Christ , following the truth, His instructions, living in obedience to Him and HIM alone while the world decays in front of our eyes, is our only safety net out of it. What you point out every time you post something to get people aware of, to wake them up to the realities of the end times. I pray for all of us to awaken to God’s calling to follow His path. Reaffirm our beliefs. Prayer is a powerful tool.
    ‘When times are tough and life seems hopeless, the Lord your God IS with you. He will guide you and lead you in the righteous path. When you feel alone and deserted, the Lord God is with you, knows your pain, is aware of your circumstances and wants nothing more then your happiness.’ “And the Lord, He IS the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; DO NOT fear nor dismayed.” Deu.31:8 Put your trust in God. God Bless. Come quickly Lord…
    (emphasis used)

  3. Looking for that blessed hope and glorious appearing of our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. When you see all these things begin to happen, look up lift up your heads for your redemption draws near. Day by day, we see the nations around Israel jockeying into place for the final fulfillment of Zech. 14, Isa. 38 and Psalm 83. And the fulfillment of Jesus words about wars, pestilence, famines, and earthquakes. These signs all place the born again believer in Jesus in a closer proximity to heaven than ever before. Soon and very soon we will hear the shout of the arc-angel and the trump of God and we wiil be caught up to be with Christ in the air. and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Hallalujah!!!!

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