Obama’s $500 Million Price Tag to Arm, Train Syrian Rebels, Raises Concerns

Free Syrian Army

Rebels in the Free Syrian Army prepare a locally made cannon for battle on the frontlines of Wadi Al-Dayf camp in the southern Idlib countryside in September of 2014. (PHOTO: REUTERS / KHALIL ASHAWI)

By Samuel Smith , Christian Post Contributor

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., raised doubts Tuesday about Obama’s $500 million dollar plan to support and train about 5,000 Syrian rebels.

In a Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing, Manchin told Defense Department officials that he can not justify the U.S. spending over $100,000 per rebel when U.S. military aid in the Middle East over the last decade has not helped to stabilize the region at all.

“I’m just saying our past performance for the last 13 years in that region hasn’t given us the results,” Manchin said. “We took out Saddam [Hussein], we thought that would change. Iraq is in worse shape. We took out [Muammar] Gaddafi. We thought that would change. It got so bad in Libya, we’ve had to pull out our own embassy and our own people in our embassy. These barbaric dictators are unbelievable. But, it seems like that’s what rules. If it’s not one. It will be another.”

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