Why is the World Slow in Responding to Disaster?!

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Commentary By:  Gordon King

These times are filled with disaster after disaster.  The world is experiencing increased war, terrorism, hatred, evil, violence, disasters both man-made and natural.  Why does it feel as though the world does not respond to such calamities as they should be doing?  As if they are almost oblivious as to what is going on around us?

Why does the world let radical Islam kill and destroy innocent people?  Why don’t they at least attempt to stop this evil?  They talk about it, but what have they actually done?

Why does the world take what seems to be “forever”, to respond to this evil?  And when they do respond it seems to be too little, too late!

There are millions of people starving around the world, why does the world not respond in the way that it should?

California is experiencing the worst drought in recorded history, why isn’t the government stepping up to the plate to find a solution?  The government is always telling us to rely on them, well, where are they?

The Ebola virus is out of control and only getting worse.  Most of what we hear are world leaders talking about it more than they are doing anything about it.

The nuclear disaster in Japan isn’t getting any better, why is the world not coming to the aide of Japan?  Will this disaster not effect the rest of the world?

These are but a few of the disasters that we see happening right before our eyes each and every day!  Yet it seems as though the leaders of the world are almost oblivious to them.    As if they will just go away if we ignore them.  Well, my friends I tell you they will not.

The world is now engulfed in what seems to be a “whirlwind” of disasters.  As wind speed picks up, with each disaster comes two new disasters.  With two new disasters will come four new disasters, a vicious cycle of evil, destruction, and confusion.

The world is confused, baffled, deceived, and misled.  What we see before our eyes will not go away.  They are the signs of the times we are now living in.  The signs of the end times my friends.  The world and it’s leaders seeming almost apathetic to most of these crises, is another sign.  The increased confusion, chaos, and deception are all signs of the times, the end times!

These are warning signs from God Almighty that His judgement upon the world is coming soon!  That we need to turn from our sinful ways, repent of them, and bow down before Him.  Accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior while we still have the time.  For Christians it is a time to wake-up, and spread the “Good News”, the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world.

Until next time, God Bless!

4 thoughts on “Why is the World Slow in Responding to Disaster?!

  1. If only people would look at the pages, heed the words of Revelation’s, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, (all of Scripture), they would see that we indeed are in ‘the last days’. They all are prophesying the state of the world’s affairs and Daniel and Revelation tells the entering of the antichrist and his cohort the false prophet. The time is ripe for a world leader to step in and insist he has all the answers for peace and unity. He will be charismatic and be granted the powers to cause miracles; unfortunately the masses will follow this false savior, for lack of knowledge.
    Again Gordan, you have stated facts of the situation(s) the world finds itself and even world leaders are baffled. Amazing they can’t seem to figure it out… They are indeed blind to anything pertaining to God the Father, His son Jesus Christ – Our TRUE Savior. Now is the time for repentance, confession, acceptance, prayer, faith. There is HOPE in Jesus! He is truly the only way, truth, life. Keep doing what you’re doing Gordan, for YOU ‘do not labor in vain’. God be with you and all of us of faith to give us His strength to endure till the end. Do NOT loose faith, God will protect His own. He protects the little birds of the air, how much more us who believe in His saving grace. Lets continue to pray He opens the minds of the rest, that they too will choose to accept His, His free gift. God Bless.

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