The Fate of America

Crisis in AmericaCommentary By: Gordon King

What in the world is happening in America today?  We see the violence increasing, in both the civilian population as well as in those sworn to protect us, the police, the government!

We have recently heard about the shooting of a black teenager in Ferguson Missouri.  What caused the police officer to shot this young man?  I have heard that the teen was struggling with the officer, perhaps he was reaching for his gun?  Who knows for sure what really happened and what the reasoning of the police officer was.

It happened, and we cannot change that.  But why did it happen?  Why have so many black citizens in this community responded with violence and evil?  We see the militarized police force taking action, with fully armed swat units, canine dogs, tear gas.  They sure seem to be ready for such an incident to occur, almost as if they predicted it to happen!

In the past few years we have seen our government, both Federal and City, form military style police forces.  We have seen them acquire military vehicles, weapons, and armor.  Why?  For what reason, and why now? 

Why the massive build-up of the Department of Homeland Security?  Purchasing massive amounts of ammunition, military vehicles and weapons.  FEMA building hundreds of prison camps around the nation. 

President Obama enacting several invasive and oppressive laws against the American people, such as the right of the government to detain an American citizen indefinitely without cause (“Indefinite Detention Act,”); making it illegal for peaceful protests anywhere the secret service is present (HR 347); government memos approving the use of unmanned drones to kill Americans on American soil (President Barack Obama has the authority to use an unmanned drone strike to kill US citizens on American soil, his attorney general has said.  SOURCE).  Such laws give the government full power over the American people, oppressive power, taking away our rights and liberties given to us in the Constitution.

Think this government build-up just ahead of all the increased violence in America is just a coincidence?  Remember what many Democratic leaders have said over and over, “Never let a disaster go to waste!”.  Why in the world would they say that?  In order to make changes to the government and society that’s why!  With each disaster comes the opportunity for them to create new laws, to change the way society thinks and breathes.  This is exactly what is happening now in America, and it was planned ahead of time.  The beginning of a “New World Order”.

Do you think that the incident with the 18 year old black teen who was shot and killed by the police was just another incident?  Or do you think maybe it was planned?  I’m not sure, but I do know that the government was ready for the outcome!  I know that they have been preparing for such events just a few short years ago.  It seems like to much of a coincidence to me.

I believe that we will see many more incidents of this nature.  I believe that they will be much worse than this.  We will see martial law imposed, Americans held in detention camps, and the militarized police taking control.  It’s not a matter of if, but of when and how soon.

The world is an ugly place my friends.  America is turning into an ugly place.  The time for prayer is now!  Pray for America, for our leaders, for our protection, and for the salvation of the lost.  The time is now!

God Bless my friends, until next time!

5 thoughts on “The Fate of America

  1. The fate of America is in its people…But its people are not even realizing the full impact of what’s happening all around us, they’re too busy with other distractions. The elected officials are speaking for us in every capacity. Our freedoms has been eroding for awhile now. And very soon we won’t be able to speak at all. Already we can’t seem to speak our mind, we’re discredited, laugh at or worse. They’re working on a bill to curtail internet freedom. So even this will be counted as hatred for the establishment. Yes Gordan, everything you’ve written above is fact; if people only took the time to SEE (and read). In their hearts they must know something is wrong but are afraid to stand…for truth. Not too sure people know what truth is anymore, everything is so twisted. God’s blessing is on his people who keep his commandments and faith/believe in Jesus Christ. Everyone else will blame our faith for causing havoc. huh..?.. I believe the bowls are being pour out, the trumpets are blasting, the horsemen are running… We must put on the full armor of God, the time is quickly approaching to stand, be on the right side of righteousness. And constantly praying for fortitude, strength, guidance, protection, love for humanity, humility and above all wisdom to know not only the signs of the times, but know Our Creator. Pray that our plight is not in winter or on the Sabbath; For theses ARE the end times. I love my country, I pray for it, its governing body and its people to see the reality that we’re fighting against evil and principalities of hatred, enemies of LOVE and brotherhood. The world is ripe for a New World order and New World religion, as if this is the answer. Yet it is predicted and will come to be..Stand firm in your convictions no matter what, do not fear. ‘..Salvation is of the Lord’. He is always with us; fear Him not man. Always looking up, our redemption is near. Maranatha! God Bless.

  2. It is a sad thing to see Americans becoming pagans and not seeing that their salvation is in God .When are you going to repent?
    How on earth can you be used as mercenaries by your so called ‘elected leaders” to kill other nations in Vietnam,Iraq,Iran,Somalia,Libya.and countless other nations who done no wrong to you? Let us see how brave you are by fighting against your own leaders who are now oppressing you-
    The blood of all the nation you slaughtered throughout the world must be accounted for and this time it will be big time -it is time for recompense ,you shall be refugees in your own country whilst you still say America is great from behind FEMA camps -patriotism -the last refuge of a scoundrel
    You have been deceived and you will make me you enemy for telling you the truth-Galatians 4:16-you are of the world that is why Jesus said He does not pray for the world John 17:9 -your perilous ways have been made manifest .But you will not repent but seek to suppress the truth as always and if I was within your reach you would charge me with sedition.
    You will not stop Jesus from coming or prophecy from being fulfilled for my God has spoken it.You shall proceed to establish a mark of the beast under the control of the papacy your god,then your end will be certain as the word of God has said…….
    How then can you utter the words God bless America?

  3. What in the world are you talking about? You make no sense whatsoever! By the way, who is your God? Just curious.
    God bless you, and may the Lord guide your ways.

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