Bihar government evacuates 20,000 people over threats of Kosi River flood; 1.5 lakh (lakh = one hundred thousand) people to be evacuated by today

(SOURCE)  The water level of Kosi River in Bihar might rise dangerously to cause flood as a 10-metre high water wall might sweep down it. The threat looms large after the Nepalese Army carried out low-intensity blasts to remove the landslide debris from a river in Nepal to free the huge quantity of water accumulated there.

Water Resources Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary said, “The Nepal Army has not been entirely successful in removing the landslide debris that has blocked Bhote Kosi river and turned it into a lake. The Army conducted a series of low-level intensity blasts yesterday evening, releasing a few thousand cusecs (cusec = one cubic foot per second) of water.”

The government has already evacuated 20,000 people from the areas that are apprehended to be under the flood threat; and 80,000 more people are expected to be rescued by evening today. 

The minister told PTI, “According to our information, the blockage on Bhote Kosi is around 1 kilometre in length and removing it to free the river is a tough task. Our teams of officials in Nepal are keeping a watch on the situation.”

On Saturday evening, after news came, The Crisis Management Committee (CMC), headed by Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth, held an emergency meeting in New Delhi and a decision was taken to rush some experts to Nepal besides 15 teams of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) to Bihar. Even narendra Modi said all support must be routed to both Bihar and Nepal to overcome the crisis.

Bihar sounded a high alert from today and began rescue operations preparing for the worst ordeal that the landslide debris cannot be removed properly. 

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